1. Ditto

    Programing/Features Differences(Heater Setup – Part 2) – Neptune Systems and GHL Systems Controller

    This video is part two of a two-part video showing the Programing and Feature differences in programming and features for a heater for for both the APEX controller and a ProfiLux Controller. The first part of the video can be located here...
  2. salty_chimp

    Profilux display stuck on “loading”

    I am running a profilux- kh director- slave doser daisy chain. Here is my issue: 1. All units have blue blinking light. 2. Profilux displaying that it is reading temp and ph 3. I watched the kh director take an alk reading at it’s pretty oh programmed time 4. I manually tried to make sure...
  3. M

    Red Sea Reefer 450 and Equipment

    Red Sea Reefer 450 & Equipment Location - Columbus Ohio area Will consider shipping items unless otherwise noted. Have original boxes for most of the equipment Tank and sump (stock sump new condition, never used) - $1500 pick up only Elite Aquatics custom sump and plumbing with gate valves...
  4. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] GHL stuff (profilux, expansion box w/ A LOT of extra, powerbar, kh director, dosers)

    ALL SOLD Near the end of 2019 I went crazy on purchasing gadgets for a big upgrade. But then 2020 was... well... 2020. So the big upgrade never happened and these items have sat unused ever since. Many of which were NEVER used. It's time to find these items a proper home! :) PRICES ARE FIRM...
  5. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Build Thread Beginnings of the GHL reef --- The home office build

    The time has come to begin the journey with my next tank. I'm calling it the GHL home office build... Why? Well because it's in the GHL home office, of course! Here is where I will be running all GHL products. That includes the controller, lights, dosing pumps, automated test stations...
  6. Tristren

    1-10v control not working

    Hi there, Ive opened this as a ticket with GHL, but hopefully you might be able to shed light on what I’m doing wrong. I have been controlling two Tunze 6040 pumps with my Profilux 4 using illumination channels and it has worked fine. Today I added two more 6040s as well as two Stream 3s. I...
  7. esther

    GHL for Dummies // How to Create a Feed Pause and Maintenance Pause with a Skimmer Delay & More!

    I decided to start making some helpful processes in layman's terms for other fellow reefers. I decided to complete this process through GHL Connect vs. Control Center (I'm a Mac user and prefer to do things without having to touch Windows if I can help it). I hope that you guys find this useful...
  8. esther

    Dual Heater Setup

    Need your help... I have two 300w heaters in my sump. I want to keep the temp fluctuation in the tank between 77.5º and 79.5º. I'm using the Cobalt Neotherm heaters. I can set them to 78º or 80º (nothing in between). My questions are as follows: How should I set up my P4? Should I tell it to...
  9. esther

    Using Reef Octopus VarioS-8 with Profilux 4

    So, I want to connect my return pump to my Profilux 4 and am going through this thread: Howto: 0-10v Control Return Pump. I have some questions, though. This link is no longer available: GHL LBF-AP module and it says I need it to connect my pump. Can anyone out there point me in the right...
  10. esther

    Issues with GHL Logbook

    Hey there everyone. Trying to access the Logbook on the GHL app via iOS. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.
  11. AquariumSpecialty

    have you heard about the new GHL Ion Director? Monitor & Control KH, ALK, MG, K, NO3 & NA

    We have a pre-order special running from now until Jan 31st. Learn more by clicking one of the images below.
  12. smartwater101

    California Broken/Parts Only Profilux 4 brain (I'm going to gut it, so I just need the shell)

    I'm building a little dosing container/line runner and want to use a Profilux 4 brain to run line through. Its a little hard to explain the overall design, but I'm basically just looking for a cheap brain. It doesn't have to work, of course, because I'll be gutting it for the project anyway...
  13. Fred’s REEF

    How use the ozone, power ? Time ?

    Hi all, I want to know how use the ozone. I Have a 200 Mg/H generator for 475 gallons of water. I will try to use at half power. I have a tunze 9430DC skimmer for the moment. My question was how many time I must use per day ? I can control It by profilux and redox. I have pulse 10 min and...
  14. Lylelovett

    Help replicating gentle ebb/flow wave pattern...

    Hi all, I have a 5'x2'x2' tank with two Tunze 6105s that are connected independently and correctly to my Profilux 4. Up until now I've just been sort of blasting water flow all over and am now looking to fine tune my flow and start to lock in my coral placements. I'd like to create a gentle...
  15. Ditto

    GHL ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Quick Tutorial – How to Configure Power Cut

    That time of the week again!! This video shows how to configure Power Cut (Power Outage Detection) for your ProfiLux Controller using the GHL Connect App on an Apple or Android Device. You are going to need a # GHL Power Cut Monitor Adapter -...
  16. Tristren

    Variable Illumination

    Ok, so under Illumination in the GCC, and in the app, there is a Variable Illumination tab. It has 16 channels. You can set different channels to run on different days of the week. That's about the extent of the information that I can find on Variable Illumination. Nothing when I search here...
  17. Ditto

    GHL Connect - LogBook

    GHL just released Log Book, which can be used on the GHL connect or the myGHL cloud service. It works on devices that use the GHL connect App, and the myghl cloud service. I did a Overview Video of the features within, enjoy.
  18. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Explore the new Logbook from GHL!

    GHL News Discover the new Logbook What is the GHL Logbook? The Logbook is our newest feature release for GHL cloud-enabled devices. Here you can keep track of all your aquarium-related events, set reminders, record past and current water parameters and more. Customizable categories and...
  19. AquaNerd

    GHL Presents an all new 6E-PAB Powerbars

    Learn more about the new GHL 6E-PAB here.
  20. AquaNerd

    GHL Announces the Affordable 4e Aquarium Controller

    Learn more about the GHL Profilux 4e on the AquaNerd blog.
  21. MaddyP

    GHL Profilux Temperature Control 2

    Hi Vinny, Currently I'm sketching up a new build utilizing GHL and wanted to know if any additional information can be released about the size of this new product? I don't see any more information online than the buzz page...
  22. Lylelovett

    Email when ATO triggers and shuts off?

    Hi all, I'm still learning the ins and outs of my Profilux 4. I'm wanting to setup up an email notification when my ATO min level sensor turns on and when my ATO max level sensor turns off. I have my email server info set up - the P4 will email me, I just don't know how to specify the ATO...
  23. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Need help setting up your ProfiLux 4? *** PC edition ***

    If you're a new GHL ProfiLux 4 owner or need a guide to show you how functions are setup, we have just the thing for you! In our ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide, we show you how to setup your ProfiLux from the moment you take it out of the box. We've also included an easy to follow TO-DO list which...
  24. AquaNerd

    New From GHL – ProfiLux 4 Power Loss Monitor
  25. AquaNerd

    Read about the new GHL ProfiLux Temperature Control 2 Available in multiple sizes. Read more on our blog...and please join us in welcoming Austin Lankford to our writing staff!