quarantine tank

  1. A

    Am I Cycling My Quarantine Tank Correctly

    I just started cycling my 10 Gallon quarantine tank two days ago. My plan was to start up my display tank in two to three weeks. This way I can purchase my fish (once the qt is ready) and have them in my quarantine tank while my display tank is cycling. My quarantine tank consists of the...
  2. A

    Info on cycling a quarantine tank prior to display tank

    My tank is on back order, so I may not get it for another two months. I’m looking to set up my QT now and buy two clown fish. All these videos I’m watching showing to get bacteria from the display tank but I don’t have it yet. Anyone have any good videos, guides, or recommendations on cycling...
  3. P

    QT setup question - basic

    are there certain types of PVC I should avoid? I am starting a QT this week, like the look of red or orange pvc and wanted to know if there where chemicals in the various types of pvc I should look out for
  4. J

    Yellow tang, please help

    Hello, My yellow tang (I've had for 7 months or more) has recently stopped eating, scratching, and has been hiding under rocks in the shadow areas. I caught it tonight, and put it into qt in 1.00 copper power. I am attaching a video of it in QT, and I'm wondering what the red is in its bottom...
  5. NanoReefer2025

    Ich Treatment

    A few days ago, I noticed minuscule white spots on some of my fish, and assuming it’s ich, I’ve been trying to gather all the supplies for a quarantine/ hospital tank to treat them. I simply have a 10 gallon, a cheap HOB filter, a 50w heater, a thermometer, and some old aquarium decorations. Is...
  6. T

    Quarantine Tank Lesson Learn

    Valuable lessons often come at high prices. Unfortunately, today was one such day... Today, I leaned a Blue Spot Jawfish will indeed jump out of a 1.5” x 1.5” square section of an uncovered QT tank top. I should’ve known better after I saw the Flamehawk awhile back, in the pictured corner...
  7. Sakosreef

    Soft Coral Qt Question

    Hi everyone, I have a frag rack running where I qt corals, new coral always comes in and out of that tank. I have a few mushrooms in a little plastic bin floating in the frag without a base, they're just attached to the bin. Would I have to qt corals that don't have a hard base like rock or and...
  8. ajtomase

    Quarantine medication process questions

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to organize my first quarantine setup and with my research, I think I've come up with the following process: Part 1: run API General Cure go by the directions on the bottle, but do the 20-25% water change after 4 days Repeat dosage then 4 days later do another 20%...
  9. HoldensReef

    Bio cube an ok QT tank?

    So I would like to get a quarantine tank, something smaller. I know filters and everything tend to add up quickly. we are able to get a free 50gal to use as a QT tank temporarily then eventually probably a normal tank when we get a smaller QT tank, BUT would it be cheaper to just get a biocube...
  10. Alegeo_dragonette

    EMERGENCY Ich after copper treatment?

    Hello guys! Need some more specific guidance if is possible to get ich in QT after treatment,since the topics I found are not clear on what to do in such occasion. First of all let me briefly explain how, when and what happened. Up on my excitement I did the most common newbie mistake.. Too many...
  11. Davar93

    Treating with copper & quarantine

    Hey guys just to make sure I am doing this right and got my mass right as I do not want to kill any fish. I am using this for a quarantine tank that I have set up for some new fish that I got who look good but Wanna qt still. I am looking to treat 7 gallons and want to read 2ppm? So 70 drops...
  12. 99problemsandatankisone

    Keeping life in a quarantine tank

    so you have a quarantine/hospital tank on standby, just empty waiting for fish new or old what keeps it cycled? You are now not adding ammonia (unless you just dose the whole time?) do you do water changes at regular intervals even with no fish? What is the process here? And how do you maintain...
  13. T

    Is this ICH in my DT?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on my new tank and 2 clowns. The fish have been added 5 days ago. For a little while all was looking well but now i'm worried for the small clown. Both off the clowns had white stringy poo in the first days and didn't eat much. The larger clown is now eating...
  14. SD_Reefer_Madness

    Quarantine tank questions

    I recently upgraded from a 20 gallon IM nuvo to a 65 gallon JBJ AIO. I’ve moved the majority of live stock to the 65 gallon DT and I eventually want to use the old 20 gallon tank for a quarantine tank. I’ve found the humble fish articles, but it covers setting up a QT from scratch. I’m wondering...
  15. J

    Lyretail Anthias question

    Hello, I picked 3 lyretail anthias yesterday, and they are in QT currently with some copper power (1ppm currently). Yesterday after adding one of them, I noticed this small bruise like mark near the gill, and was thinking maybe it happened with the guy caught the fish in the net up against the...
  16. Victor Guyton

    Quarantine problems

    I keep losing my fish in qt. Treatment is Cupramine and sometimes PraziPro. I don't use Prazi but once a week if I use it. My fish will be fine for a week and then they just crash. Ammonia not 0 but .05-.25. Ph is 8.2. Salt 1.026
  17. J

    Copper Power and Prazipro

    Hi Everyone, I currently have my fish in QT, in Copper Power at 2.38ppm. They have been at a 1.5ppm or higher since 9/14, and on 9/21 due to me having now idea how to QT a fish (this is literally the first time I've ever done this), I lowered the PPM to 1.19. It was about 6 hours at this level...
  18. T

    First time quarantine advice for 3 species..

    Hi I have recently set up a 55 gallon tank with two clownfish and they are doing great. The tank has sg of 1.024, and 5ppm Nitrate. It has a protein skimmer and a refugium. I now want to add a bicolor angel, a goby, and 2 firefish to a quarantine tank. The tank has been cycled with Seachem...
  19. SkyDoodles

    New saltwater tank

    Lol, this was out of necessity... Fast and furious! I needed a quaratine tank... Got some fish and they came on the brink of death (I think it got too cold )... 2 died and I salvaged one, he was literally doing death spirals... But now my pigmy angel is beating the snot out of him... Hope this...
  20. new2reefing123

    Copper dose/copper level and time

    Hi all, I am doing a fallow to rid my DT of ich, have all my fish in QT and am dosing Seachem copper cupramine. It is pretty hard to differentiate the shades of blue on my Salifert copper test kit. I believe it is showing .5. I am going to compare with an API copper test I remember I have, and I...
  21. new2reefing123

    Hospital tank questions.

    Forst time with ich. Please let me know if I should do anything besides what I am doing. Removed all fish from DT to a 40g hospital tank. Added a hob filter with filter floss only(no carbon media), added a sponge filter and air pump to increase O2, added some PVC and other areas for fish to...
  22. Jennydinh143

    QT tank

    Hi! Im new to saltwater fish keeping. My 2 clownfish have ich so im thinking about setting up a 5.5 gallon QT and dosing it with Cooper. Im just wondering what kind of cheap filter and filter media i would need for it. I heard that carbon is not a good idea while using Cooper, but most cheaper...
  23. InCodWeTrust

    QT Treatments

    I’m new to qt tanks and need some pointers. So I got two clownfish and some pajama cardinals and acclimated and freshwater dipped them. I didn’t detect flukes but I’m probably wrong. Is there a way to prevent ich, flukes, or parasites? I’m not really into looking for treatments as of now and...
  24. AshenEmberose

    Beginner Needs Help

    Intro to my Setup So I’ve been researching this hobby for months, and I’ve decided to start cycling my quarantine tank first as a mini test before I fill up my 100 gallon aquarium. It’s a 10 gallon tank with a hang on the back filter that came with a piece of a black sponge type sheet that I’ve...
  25. nickkohrn

    Quarantining Snails and Corals

    I’m setting up a frag system that I intend to populate with Trochus snails, a wrasse, a current stock of corals, and , eventually, new corals. So, I have been researching an appropriate way to quarantine them. I have read about hobbyists putting snails and corals into a 76-day quarantine...
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