quarantine tank

  1. Muffin87

    Hyposalinity for seahorses

    The LFS in Italy apparently don't believe in keeping captive bred fish and wild caught fish in separate systems. So, if I get seahorses, I'm gonna have to quarantine them. Seahorse expert Pete Giwojna claims hyposalinity at 1.010 - 1.012 SG (13.3 - 16 ppt) is a good treatment for seahorses...
  2. Muffin87

    Kessil A80 enough for SPS quarantine tank in the 5-10G range?

    I'm getting either the Eshopps Deskmate 5G or the Waterbox 10 G as a coral quarantine for easy SPS: Pocillopora (Cauliflower) Seriatopora (Bird's nest) Stylophora (Cat's Paw) Montipora Digitata (Finger) Acropora Yongei (Bali Green Slimer) Do I need a a Kessil A160WE 40w, or can I get away with...
  3. C

    Dark Green/Black spot on Green Chromis

    Have had this guy in QT for 3 weeks. From day one it has had this dark spot on its head. Not sure if it has an infection or just dark scales? It has not gotten any smaller or bigger over time. Eating very well and not breathing hard. Should I be trying to treat or does it just have a dark mark?
  4. C

    How to treat fish in QT

    I have had my cleaner wrasse and 12 green chromis in my QT for about a week and a half. They are all eating well and not breathing heavily. Today I noticed a brown spot on one side of the chromis. It looks like a cut but some forms say it could be Uronema. Also I spotted the cleaner wrasse...
  5. taylormaximus

    Help with setting up Copper Power QT plan

    Hi! So I'm researching trying to do a copper QT for new fish moving forward (using copper power). I had a couple questions to get clarifications on, and then after that I'll probably make a post sharing my QT plan, just to run it by some pros on here and check for flaws. 1. Could you go 14...
  6. J

    Taking advantange of the automatic water change system to set up a frag tank

    I've seen some people set up coral quarantine tanks by having the AWC pumps send tank water to a separate tank and having the overflow on this tank go to the drain. I'm curious whether this system could grow corals long-term and be used as a frag tank providing adequate lighting and flow is...
  7. W

    How to treat, quarantine and start a fallow period

    After a hard learned lesson I’m hoping this thread not only helps me but hopefully helps anyone else who may end up in this situation or help others avoid making the same mistakes. Never think you can be the exception and that it won’t happen to you if you skip the proper and NECESSARY steps and...
  8. Muffin87

    Sterilising tank/biomedia/plastic parts/silicone tubing after death in QT?

    If a fish has died in a QT from disease, how do I sterilise everything for future use with "Presumed healthy" fish? I'm talking about sterilising biomedia plastic bits from the filter and the seneye Silicone tubing Airstone heater I'm worried about leaving pathogenic bacteria dormant within...
  9. C

    Do you keep quarantine tanks running?

    Long story short, I finished quarantining all of the fish that I wanted for my tank and have no use of my quarantine tank anymore. I kinda want to take it down to make more space, but I feel like it's such a waste to take down a tank that's already cycled, but I don't really have any use of it...
  10. L

    quarantine tank question

    Is 11 gallons big enough for a quarantine tank? And how could i quarantine Anthias?
  11. Muffin87

    Using 5.5G plastic container to quarantine nano fish

    Can I use a 5.5G plastic container to quarantine 1 or 2 gobies and similar nano fish for the standard 1.5 month quarantine period with copper? Are there plastics that aren't compatible with copper tretaments? Thanks!
  12. D

    Introduction, My Setup, and pH/dKH Question

    Hey all... New to the reefing world. I wanted to post a brief intro, some photos of my setup, along with a question... I started my build in October and took it pretty slowly this has allowed me to tweak things and get them (mostly) just how I want them before adding livestock. I decided on...
  13. Muffin87

    Two 10G for quarantining up 3 tangs together

    I'm quite restricted in terms of space, so I'm planning to buy two 10G tanks (20" long x 10" wide x 12” high) to quarantine up to 3 tangs at the same time. Would this work for quarantine, or am I just asking for big stress/aggression issues? Thanks! P.S. My DT is a 5 ft 100G. I want to...
  14. iFunnny

    Diving into QT for the first time!

    QUARANTINE! I've really dove into the rabbithole of QT. It's not really something that people in my reefing community do on this side of the world and gratefully having the space I thought i'd attempt to do so as best I can. I would appreciate any and all help to improve or remind me of what I...
  15. thekoralqueen

    Help setting up emergency QT system

    Hey everyone. So I have a 135g Mixed reef. I believe that my Blue Hippo Tang (newest addition- added 1.5 months ago) got Brooklynella and gave it to my yellow tang. The hippo is looking in very rough shape. Discolored patchy face, jagged fins, not eating and hiding (2 -3 days now). I hadn’t...
  16. Brendanb5

    Adding fish to quarantine

    I’m currently quarantining all of my fish and figured while I have the QT up and running it would be a good time to add a new fish. My LFS offered me a great deal on a Yellow Tang, he’s had them in the shop now for over a month, they’re all just under 2 inches, great color and eat well. My QT...
  17. TweakyReef

    Any tips for my emergency quarantine?

    Hey peeps, So, only have myself to blame but I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. From what I believe, the hard part is done but now for the patience. It had been a while since I've had my QT set up, the gear was all packed away. Anyway, the tank needed some new fish so I decided to get...
  18. F

    Best siphon/vacuum to physically remove sand from tank?

    I set up a 29G quarantine tank and didn't realize I wasn't supposed to put substrate in. I have 3-4 inches of Arag-Alive I need to siphon out. What should I use? I can't use my normal siphon connected to the sink because the sand might destroy the plumbing. I have 5 gallon buckets.
  19. underthereef

    Quarantine Tank Cycling Problems

    HI, So I'm having problems cycling my quarantine tank. I know some people don't cycle their quarantine tanks but since I had time while building the display tank I wanted to cycle it and thought it would be better overall to have it cycled. That was several months ago now and my quarantine tank...
  20. NeedAReef

    Uv sterilizer in quarantine

    Just curious if anyone runs a uv sterilizer in their quarantine tank? Clearly you turn it off if dosing some meds but if your specimens don't need dosing or you do not dose or my statement was wrong....does anyone run one in theirs? If so which one and why that one?
  21. NeedAReef

    AIO Build Thinking about coming back to the hobby after about a dozen or so years away.

    So while I look around at the LFS in my area and get to see how they keep their systems etc. I found a tank size I like, its about 75 gal but low profile call it 36x24x16 ish... with a sump etc. Not an AIO, but thinking about what I was going to do in the living room etc...I starting thinking I...
  22. A

    Am I Cycling My Quarantine Tank Correctly

    I just started cycling my 10 Gallon quarantine tank two days ago. My plan was to start up my display tank in two to three weeks. This way I can purchase my fish (once the qt is ready) and have them in my quarantine tank while my display tank is cycling. My quarantine tank consists of the...
  23. A

    Info on cycling a quarantine tank prior to display tank

    My tank is on back order, so I may not get it for another two months. I’m looking to set up my QT now and buy two clown fish. All these videos I’m watching showing to get bacteria from the display tank but I don’t have it yet. Anyone have any good videos, guides, or recommendations on cycling...
  24. P

    QT setup question - basic

    are there certain types of PVC I should avoid? I am starting a QT this week, like the look of red or orange pvc and wanted to know if there where chemicals in the various types of pvc I should look out for
  25. J

    Yellow tang, please help

    Hello, My yellow tang (I've had for 7 months or more) has recently stopped eating, scratching, and has been hiding under rocks in the shadow areas. I caught it tonight, and put it into qt in 1.00 copper power. I am attaching a video of it in QT, and I'm wondering what the red is in its bottom...