1. Bleakborn

    Using Vibrant in a newly set up Frag Tank?

    So my question is simple, would you use Vibrant in a newly set up Frag Tank? Would/Could you even add it before there is a sign of Algae? Some background; I am in the process of setting up a 20 gallon long quarantine/frag tank to hold my monti frags while I deal with the dreaded montipora...
  2. H

    Montipora is this normal?

    Is is this normal for a montipora? Is place on top par 240 Alk 9.5 Calcium 476 Salinity 35ppm Magnesium 1500 Temp 78 0 nitrates 10 phosphates Tank 6 months old Thanks
  3. Sleeping Giant

    Chromis baby

    So, just noticed this swimming behind rock, looks like 3-4 of them. Look like baby fish, I have 2 Chromis and no other pairs of fish. It's not swimming like a Shrimp or crab Any thoughts?
  4. W

    Need help hammer won’t open

    Need help don’t know why hammer is closed
  5. KJones90s

    Tang Identification

    Had a tang sold to me as a Atlantic Blue...but upon closer inspection I’m thinking it might be a purple. What do you guys think? I’ll try to get better pictures later as I just did a water change.
  6. Sleeping Giant

    Need help

    With how my aquarium is laid out, should it be a problem to add frogspawn, GSP, and hammer coral frags? Frag sizes will be roughly a beer can diameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 13" toadstool, mint chocolate chip zoas, RBTA, frag button of blue zoas.
  7. El_Guapo13

    Aiptasi x left in mailbox for 2 days in Texas heat, is it still good to use?

    As title says. I ordered Aiptasia X off of Amazon last week. It got delayed. It finally got delivered on June 30. Problem is, Amazon never sent me a notification of delivery. And since I don't drive down the street to get my mail from the mailbox every day, I of course did not get it until I...
  8. Sleeping Giant

    Fluval products

    Just wondering if anyone uses Fluval products in their reef tank(s). I currently use: CP1, CP2, CP4 powerheads Fx4 canister filter (used a 306 canister filter prior, but wanted more water volume) Fluval LED marine 3.0 Bluetooth (48-60") Fluval LED marine 1.0 white/blue switch (48-60"), will...
  9. Sleeping Giant

    Contests not for any Canadians

    What gives with all the contests available to the continental US, and none for your Canadian cousins? It's really not hard to send stuff across the border, there's no just goes in a truck or plane and crosses the border in the same amount of time to send stuff from 1 state to another.
  10. KJones90s

    How’s my cycle going? (Shrimp method)

    Been cycling for 2 weeks, went with the shrimp method. I put one in and left it for 3 days until it began to swell, then I siphoned it out as I didn’t want it to burst and get crap all over the tank (wasn’t aware of the mesh bag method). not seeing much in the way of nitrate but my ammonia...
  11. B

    Screaming Green Birdsnest Coral

    What is the difference between the screaming green birdnest coral ( Vivid aquariums ) and the regular ORA green birdnest coral?? Does anyone have the screaming green one? It costs a little more, just wanted to know a bit more about it before I purchase it. Thank you in advance.
  12. newave

    Newbie with ID Question - Marine "Ant Trap"?

    Hey, folks! This is my first time posting, so I hope I'm in the appropriate space for help with ID'ing. This morning, as I was inspecting my tank I noticed a sort of "ant trap" in my fine sand. I tried to do relevant Google searches but couldn't find any info. I have noticed no feelers or...
  13. galantra

    Why doesn’t my calcium drop?

    So currently right now I have a mix reef with probably more sps currently in my tank. Towards the start I had to add both calcium and alkalinity to get to the levels I needed before adding any corals into the tank. Since adding only thing that’s been dropping is Alk. So currently my Calcium...
  14. Carebearsss.x

    75 Gallon Tank. Any Suggestions?

    hellloooo everybody! im looking to buy some lighting for my 75 gallon tank! which brand would you recommend I should get?
  15. S

    Hammer Coral Question

    Hey guys what’s my hammer coral doing?
  16. gavinb612

    Upgrading tank question

    I unfortunately made the mistake of settling for a lesser than because it was cheaper, and now I am switching to what I wanted, but my question is, will me moving all my rock, ceramic, marine pure, and possibly some of the water cause a cycle in the new tank? I’m moving from a 24g Aquatop that’s...
  17. imarino326

    Debate/Question- What makes certain corals so expensive/rare? (such as certain zoa color morphs, ie.)

    I've been wondering about this for sometime now, but what makes certain patterns and colors so rare/expensive? In the terms of zoanthids and palythoas, what makes a certain color morph so special? Or when it comes to acroporas and anacroporas; they look alike but you can find some really pricey...
  18. O

    Friend for my Foxface

    A buddy gave me his one-spot foxface and now I'd like to get a friend for him. I understand that multiple foxfaces can pair up, but will it work if the other fish isn't exactly the one-spot variety? Such as a foxface lo or a magnificent foxface? I don't want to introduce any aggression to this...
  19. McJaeger

    Question about patching holes in glass

    I got a really good deal on a deep blue 57g reef ready rimless tank, but the center overflow takes up way too much space in the display. I'd like to remove the overflow, patch the holes in the bottom, and drill new holes in the back to plumb a low profile overflow and return. Has anyone done...
  20. Requiemiero

    Hello Lurker finally saying hi! New to aquariums and have questions!

    Hi, I've been reading stuff on this forum for a couple weeks now but I want to ask a lot of questions since I never had an aquarium before. Fresh or salt. Well, I never had my own aquarium before. Technically I do have some saltwater experience since back in high school I took a marine...
  21. T

    Best sand for sand sifting fish?

    I want sand for sand sifting fish.
  22. P

    First Tank with no skimmer? Possible?

    So hello! I wanna get into the hobby for over half a year now, but I know i am gonna move to a new apartment in probably july, there i wanna get a "real" tank, like a redsea Xl425 or so. For now i am thinking about a small build, I have seen some budget builds, some canister filter builds and...
  23. William Spak

    Purple Tang HLLE

    Hey all, So a few moths ago, I posted a thread about my tangs HLLE getting worse, and people told me to change my power outlet (as stray voltage was in the tank), and also to dose my seaweed with vitamins, and I now do that with a product called VitaChem. I also feed my tang spirulina, and...
  24. C

    What equipment upgrades should I buy to have success keeping beginner corals?

    I have a Fluval EVO 13.5 gallon. My current equipment/media filtration is as follows: Stock lighting, stock return pump, and the Chamber 1 InTank Media Basket upgrade (I run Filter Floss, Chemipure elite, and PhosBan in this chamber). My 2nd chamber only has a heater, which I am willing to move...
  25. Colenew1

    Lighting Upgrade Questions

    Hi all! I am fairly new to reefing and have a 12.5 gallon Fluval Evo Tank stocked with mostly softies and LPS plus 2 Montis and a BTA! I just upgraded from the stock light to an AI prime and am very curious as to how I should set up my light settings! I was advised to run 35% for blues and... shop rare & farmed corls