1. T

    No sump ATO

    Hello! I am starting a a simple 20 gallon long reef tank (dimension are 30x12x12) and I would like to have an ATO. I have looked at quite a few ATO systems, but with no sump I'm wondering if I could add one? If I add the sensor to the tank will surface agitation mess with the sensor causing it...
  2. FishAreCool55

    Is aquarium fish sale a legit, good place to buy fish?

    Hello! I’m new to the world of fish and I recently got 2 betta fish. My grandma recently bought me a new 10 gallon tank so I decided I’d also put some fish in there. Problem is, I don’t have any pet store near me so my only option is online shopping. I’m thinking of getting fish from...
  3. S

    Sea cucumbers

    I’m looking into sea cucumbers, the pink spiney and black and pink cucumbers. The issue is some websites say their care level is easy and others say expert only, so which is true? Anyone have either variety and have any insight?
  4. Bigrig67

    45 gallon fish suggestion

    I currently have a 45 gallon saltwater tank I took over and is a rescue tank.. all my levels are steady and have live sand and dry rocks that have been in the tank over 3-4 months now.. The rescue tank came with 2 clown fish and I have recently added a royal gramma basslet.. what fish should I...
  5. beehive124

    Corals shrinking at night

    Every night when my lights are off, my corals look god awful at night. Melted, small, closed, just terrible, but then during the day everything looks fabulous. Is there any science or reasoning behind this? Does this happen to anyone else?
  6. R

    How many Display Tank Aquariums can you plumb to one sump?

    Can 2 or 3 Display tanks plumbed to the same sump technically making them an all in one system. I guess a big concern for anyone doing this is flooding in a power outage but I suppose then you do your research on what kind of sump you need or are going to make. so when the water drains it...
  7. N

    Changing from fresh water to salt water

    This is probably a silly question but I’m going to ask anyway. I have a tank that I’ve had up for a few weeks of fresh water fish and a snail. I kept going back and forth if I wanted to do salt or fresh started with fresh now I’m gonna go to salt since that’s what I really want. My question is...
  8. Djordan719

    Neptune Conductivity Probe MFG Date

    Relatively newer reefer enthusiast here :) I was searching for a replacement Neptune Conductivity Probe recently and I actually found one! Apparently, it's mfg date is 2016, however, it's new with still capped solution attached (according to the supplier, The probe is...
  9. L

    Is this normal for a torch?

    Bought this torch couple days ago and noticed that it’s arms had branching arms or multiple heads along with other deformities. It’s healthy and looks the same as when I bought it, was just wondering if it was normal.
  10. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Can someone ID this worm?

    Does anyone know what this is? I found this worm just sitting out on the open on a frag tile in the frag tank. Their is now sand and zero live rock. It could have been introduced on a frag plug but I dip everything before it enters this tank. I’m just confused on how I’m just now seeing this...
  11. LAA

    What are these on my hammer coral?

    Hello everyone! just thought I’d start with water parameters…. They are all good. I have noticed these little lumps on my hammer coral and over the last week they have grown bigger and began to grow what look like small tentacles. Are these new heads growing?!
  12. Drew P. Wiener

    How Does a Duncan Grow?

    So I’ve had my Duncan for quite some time now and can say that it is by far my favourite coral I own. It’s grown 4 new heads since the time I originally purchased the single polyp frag and looks absolutely fantastic! With this I can’t help but wonder why the base/skeleton hasn’t grown at all...
  13. B

    Trying to breed beta fish for the first time, they are fighting quite fiercely is this normal.

    I just put them in the same tank after putting them in small tank adjacent to each other they did not seem to be aggressive so I put them isn’t the same tank. I’ve had the blue one for a couple months now and 4 day ago I bought him a mate. I read the wiki how page about breeding beta fish and...
  14. beehive124

    AI Prime Settings For LPS, Softies, and Possible Anemone?

    Hey folks! I recently upgraded my lighting on my standard 29 gallon from a Orbit Marine LED to and AI Prime. The light is sitting about 10" above the tank, and I'm getting a good spread of light all around the tank, except on the right hand side because of my two massive 15 lb rocks sitting...
  15. F

    Blasto tips and placement help

    Hey guys, so a little backstory: I’m a newer reefer but I’ve been a freshwater keeper a few years, and I work at my LFS. I have a 13.5 gallon fluval evo that’s been setup since mid January this year (so about 3 1/2 months). Rn I do weekly water changes and I don’t have a skimmer or fuge but I...
  16. G

    Holy grail question

    My friend just gave this to me. How come my holy grail is so skinny? Unlike my other torches it is the skinniest? Lol please help? I dipped it and all my parameter is ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0-5 PPm
  17. C

    Is it safe to have my WB P25 bridge the plumbing cut out in their 2418 stand?

    I picked up a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 and saw they had some of their 2418 stands on clearance and went ahead and picked one up as well. The stand was made for their aquariums meant to be ran with a sump so they have a U shape cut out in the back for the overflow and return piping. So my...
  18. C

    Growth on hammer coral?

    Just noticed this growth on my hammer coral a couple of days ago it also retracts slightly when I shine light on it. Anyone experience something similar?
  19. Phantom7

    Horseshoe crab question

    Hello! Yesterday I went to my lfs with the intentions of grabbing an anenome and 3 peppermint (hoping they’re true) to deal with my very mild aptasia issue I’ve had for the past year in my 120. Knowing myself, I walked out with 6 peppermint, a urchin, and a horseshoe crab. i purchased the...
  20. Nate Chalk

    Sump Plumbing (extension of my build thread for quicker feedback)

    Okay we have put the tank on the stand, Very Heavy, had a buddy help. Plumbing is dry fit currently. Would like feedback if everything looks good or if I need to change anything (means ordering more parts, so hope not) It's my first time running a sump so.... My main drain has the gate...
  21. A

    60 gallon stocking

    How many fish can I get in my 60 gallon tank? I have already have a yellow tang, blue damsel, royal gramma, 3 cromis, 2 clownfish, a clown goby , fire fish, chalk bass, and a diamond goby (I have a protein skimmer btw) I was hoping to add a longnose hawk fish and a six line wrasse
  22. O

    2 weeks into cycling tank

    Two weeks into cycling my tank, it’s never been uglier lol. Brown algae everywhere with hair algae sprinkled in. But my ammonia is below 0.02ppm and these are my current parameters tested with api salt/fresh 5 in 1 test strips. Question is, does it look like so good so far? I’m used to...
  23. 99problemsandatankisone

    Fish ID

    What kind of fish is this? Looks kind of like a puffer with blue lines and dots but also kind of has horns like those you would see on a small cowfish.
  24. ThatPhillyReefer

    Myth or Fact?

    Is it a Myth or Fact that corals grow faster when glued to your rock work? Please tell what you think.
  25. K

    How to get the most out of this sump space? (Photo attached)

    Hello, I have been reading some negative reviews on the current trickle down carbon pad and bio ball system that I am running. I know this isn't an ideal sump setup, but it's the only one I can fit underneath my corner tank. I'm just looking to get the absolute most out of this space. So I was...
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