1. F

    Salt Brand

    I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon and I have been trying different salts to see which one I like the best. I currently am about to try tropic marin which is what the local shop uses and a lot of people like it. A lot of people also like reef crystals and say it works great. I just want something...
  2. reefsaver

    Australian Victorian Live Rock

    In Victoria, Australia we don't really have vibrant Coral Reefs, although I was wondering if the rock under the tide line would be as good as say rock in Queensland where there're Coral Reefs. My best guess would be no they're not definitively the same, like Victorian Live Rock would probably...
  3. Troyer15

    Plastic Aquarium Trim

    I am resealing a perfecto aquarium and when I removed the top plastic frame of course I broke it. Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement? The dimensions I'm looking for is 36x18. Thanks!
  4. M

    Palytoxin in corals

    I’m new to this hobby, I’ve been searching about corals and I have found that palys and zoas have a deadly toxin called palytoxin, my question is that if all corals have this toxin or only that type of corals?
  5. ThatFishEnjoyer

    Lighting settings for 29gallon Anemone tank

    I have a 29 gallon bio cube that I wish to put bubble tip anemones in and I had some questions about the light settings. I have a 100 Watt Hipargero Aquarium Light. Does anyone have any experience with this light and nems? If so what settings do you have on your light? Or any advise would be...
  6. Macsreefs

    Wave maker decision help

    So I had the “current USA” 660 gph wave maker for my 22 gallon reef tank … of course a month after the warranty ended it burned out like all the reviews said online… shoulda took there word for it. There’s so many options ranging from little 20$ ones all the way to 100$ ones with a complete...
  7. NoAhoysLeft

    To clown or not to clown?

    So around a year ago I saw some awesome clownfish videos where the clowns were bouncing around in anemones and even Euphyllia. Those videos were a pretty big motivator for me to want my own clowns. Those bright orange fish bouncing up and down in the beautiful flowing corals or anemone was...
  8. SaltyCabbage

    60g breeder or 125g for a mixed reef?

    I’ve been wanting to setup my 125g for a while and I just finished moving so it’s finally time to start planning everything. My issue is that I only plan on staying in this house for 3 years before I move into a more permanent home, I hate moving tanks and moving my 125g the first time made me...
  9. Baugan

    Kinda new to the SPS world so I’ve got a question..

    I often find myself looking online for inspiration for my reef tank that I’m gonna be setting up. I see a lot of tanks that are super mature and grown in and the corals are just absolutely packed into the tank. I’m talking like 15 corals on a rock. How is this possible? Are coral stings not as...
  10. PuffParty

    Valentini Puffer trying to breed with other species...?

    Hi, all! I'm new here as I just made an account, but I've been creeping for quite some time since starting to keep marine fish 8 years ago. Thank you all for everything I've learned! This may not be exactly the correct forum to post this, but I figured if anyone knows if this is breeding...
  11. NoAhoysLeft

    Got corals yesterday. When is it safe to feed them?

    Someone on another site was telling me I shouldn't feed my new corals because it stresses them out. How true is this? I fed them 1-2 tiny pieces of brine shrimp just to see what would happen, figuring there was no harm in it. Can I ask what the reasoning behind this is, or better yet, why...
  12. lostmojo

    PVC end cap options to seal around equipment tubing

    I am looking at making a 2" hole in my wall to run a piece of PVC through the wall and into my garage. In the garage i want to keep stuff like my ATO, automation tools, and some other items for my tank. The temp in there fluxuates a fair bit but it never freezes or gets much above 80-90F. It...
  13. I

    Blunt spine brittle star reef safe?

    Hello! My LFS had a black blunt spine brittle star on sale and I made an impulse purchase because I love the way they look. I know most brittle stars are reef safe but I’ve read that some may eat fish. Does anyone have experience with this type of brittle star?
  14. A

    Juvenile Vlamingi Tang darting, flashing, hiding, and changing colors

    Hi, I’ve had this Vlamingi Tang for a couple months now and he has been a family favorite. He is super friendly, eats aggressively, gets along with tank mates (Invited my Vampire Tang to school with him and other fish after a day), and overall a super great fish. He has never shown any negative...
  15. MB_Corals

    Bta question

    Can I spot feed Red Sea AB plus to my bta?
  16. TheSheff

    LocLine Leaking

    Hello, I am having an issue that I cannot find the fix to. My return line is connected by tubing to a bulkhead, then loc line connectors in the tank in an arc to prevent siphoning, which works. but, When I turn my tank off, water continues to drain into the sump very slowly , what could this be...
  17. K

    What type of algae?

    what type of green algae is this?
  18. ThatFishEnjoyer

    Light for 29gallon Anemone tank

    So Ive been wanting to turn my 29 gallon tank into an anemone tank for a while but I don't have the money to afford an API light which is the only light I’ve been able to find that’s recommended. Are there any good amazon lights or multiple smaller lights that wont break my bank. I’d be willing...
  19. B

    Parameter question

    Hey all, it's been a few years since I kept a saltwater tank - my expertise is definitely in freshwater and turtles. In the past I had 2 thriving reef tanks with fish & LPS but once my ex and I broke up I kept the freshwater and he took the salt tanks (he was definitely the salt expert!) So...
  20. TheSheff

    X Aqua In Out

    For anyone that uses the X aqua overflow kit - what return pump do y'all use? I have the sicce syncra 3.0, and I have to cover up the overflow in order to keep the water level in the tank, or it will just drain to the bottom of the overflow pipe.
  21. Mandarin the first

    Professional tank not safe?

    I got a tank custom made by a guy who has been making aquariums for decades and is highly recommended by local reefers. People have allegedly had tanks running from him for decades with no leaks. However I’m not sure if I should be concerned with the structural integrity of the tank? I was quite...
  22. C

    What kind of torch is this.

    got it as a gift for doing a favor and want to know if it’s a good deal or not.
  23. U

    Leptastrea and Micromussa Acan

    Hi, I have recently started up my reef tank again, had a total tank shut down one of my fish got velvet and it all went down hill from there. I got everything back up and running though, recently started with some softies doing okay and my LPS (hammer and Frogspawn) are doing amazing. I was...
  24. SpicySunda

    150Gal Reef Stocking Suggestions

    Hello I've recently just setup a 150gallon tank that I'm looking to make primarily an SPS Reef. I do already have a few fish for it that have been in my 40g macro tank for the last 2 months. Those fish are a pair of SixLine Wrasse and two Aiptasia eating Filefish. The one fish that I really...
  25. A

    Candycane Coral… crack…?

    Hey again Reef2Reef! Today I noticed something I’ve never seen before on my candycane coral. It appeared to have a grey crack on one of the heads. It looks weird in comparison to the rest of the coral. I don’t know if it’s starting to bleach or if it’s just a sign of growing like stretch marks...