radion g4 30w pro

  1. MikeYasin

    Mike’s Reefer 425XL build

    Hi all, Excited to finally share my upgrade! I’ve been in the hobby for 15 years and have maintained a beautiful 92 bowfront for 9 years. About a year ago, our construction crew killed the power to our house for 3 days over a holiday weekend while we were on vacation, and I lost all my fish...
  2. AQUAM

    New York Radion XR30w G4 Pro ($720)

    Ecotech Radion XR30w G4 Pro The light is in like new condition. It was used only ONCE. All original packaging. I'll ship it on May 6th, only to the continental US. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. alexjoha

    210 Gallon SPS dominante system.

    Hi, I have a system that`s 210 gallons, the main tank is a pensula style custom made tank. It has Opti white glass on all sides and is viewable from 3 sides. The tank is placed between my Livingroom and the hallway. Aquarium Custom ordered pensula 610Liters With full Opti white glass at...
  4. M

    New lightning

    hey friends i am setting a red sea reefer 750 xxl i always used t5 hybrid but i hearing good results with led only for full sps tank any help what brank should i go i was thinking 4 radions 30 gen 4 or 3 orphtek Atlantic 4. any one have experience and what is the best i go ?
  5. AiKkz

    300 Gallon In-Wall + Fish Room / 650 Gallon Pred Build

    Been in the hobby for a little while and looking to upgrade to a large tank that will be SPS dominant. Several years ago I started with a 40g breeder, then went to a 90 bow front, and recently tore down my 220 because I had to move so now i'm taking advantage of the new house and the wife let...
  6. jordimex

    Red sea Reefer 350 full SPS

    Hello, guys I just bought a one-month-old used red sea 350 from a friend here in Florida. I decided to have an SPS dominant tank I will be posting pictures here as I go on, but for now I have a quick question about lighting, almost everywhere I read the desired LED for SPS is Radions, but I...
  7. g5flier

    G5Flier's WATERBOX 75.2 Build

    Order and Delivery I had been thinking about adding a 2nd tank and definitely wanted a “cube shape” system just for SPS. I was thinking about a Red Sea Reefer (RSR) 170, as I already own the RSR 525XL and had great luck and success with that. But the total system size of only 43 gallons was...
  8. Wrasse-cal

    Black Friday: “best” SPS lighting for 24 inch cube

    All, I know “best” is highly subjective, but I want to see what you all would do if you were me. Parameters: I’m setting up a new tank, a waterbox 75.2 “cube.” (24x24x20) Stimulating max coral growth is the most important factor for the light Connectivity is nice, but I don’t need to be able...
  9. Bunster

    Bunster's Reef - 5x2.5x1.5 shallow sps dominated

    Greetings from Singapore.... Allow me to start my tank thread here. This tank was started in November 2016. Equipment list is as follows... 1. Tank: 5 feet long 2.5 feet wide and 18 inches tall 3-sided crystal 15mm glass. Rimless with bottom bracing. Black oyama back and bottom with black...
  10. Niterunner77

    Brandon's DIY 75G Mixed Reef Build

    Hello to all! I've been wanting to start this thread to document my progress on my new tank and also receive some constructive criticism. I have been wanting to build a larger mixed reef tank for awhile and have now started to put my plans into actions. I currently have a Biocube 14 and just...
  11. Robg719

    LED Lighting Reco for 125G

    Looking for LED lights for a 125 Gallon mixed reef (60"x24"x24"). Interested in opinions from people who have experience with AI Hydra 52's, Radion G4 Pro or KessilAP700. Thinking 3 Hydra's or 2 Radions or 2 AP700's. May supplement with T5 down the road, if needed. I know this question has...
  12. underdog493

    My New Reefer 350

    So this new tank project started after my Craigslist special blew a seal right as i was waking up. It couldn't have happened at a better time, as I was there to bail the water and get everything out of the tank into buckets. Also my parents jumped out of bed and came over to help, and brought...
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