reef chemistry

  1. Reefer37

    Suspecting Metals/Chlorine in LFS Water. Should I Use Contitioner?

    So I'm having a suspicion that my LFS might have metals or chlorine in their water. I finally decided to order an RODI unit, but it's going to take about a week until it gets here and I can make new water. Should I use water conditioner or wait it out? I've never used it before, but corals...
  2. Reefer37

    I need some help...

    Alright guys, I'm getting a little frustrated over dosing and what is going on in my tank. I'm still pretty new to this as this is my first saltwater tank so bear with me. So I'll give you all the info I can: JBJ 45 Lighting: Hydra 52 HD (ran around 30%) Filtration: Stock media baskets...


    USING HANNA CHECKER HI-707 TO TEST FOR IODINE In my quest to improve my testing accuracy and precision I found the standard colorimetric tests for Iodine difficult to get any kind of accurate reading and the repeatability (precision) was not very good. Being that I dosed Iodine this made me...
  4. Chewbacca

    Pro And Con to Diatom Filters

    Hi All I am in search for the pro effects and con effects to a mixed reef with a diatom filter used intermittently every month or so? Thanks in advanced
  5. cwb_reeftank

    High Alk?

    I just tested my Alk and it came up 12.2 dKH, I normally run it at 8.0 and it stayed there up until the middle of November. I did a water change with red sea salt and I turned my doser to 2ml every other day and that was about two weeks ago but now like I said before 12.2, before the water...
  6. cwb_reeftank

    It's that time of year again: Christmas

    this might be a little early but it is coming up fast. what are some good Christmas ideas and also what are some good places to get gift certificates from?
  7. rockstarta78

    pH won't go over 7.7

    I am hoping to get some help with pH level on my tank. My pH is always stuck around 7.6 - 7.7. My house has AC running almost 24/7, the tank is in the basement and there is only one door leading outside that's always closed since no one is in the basement besides me when I go down there after...
  8. cwb_reeftank

    keeping levels stable?

    ok I feel like I'm not sure how to maintain my levels at a stable point. I did a water change on May 26 and checked my alk and it read at 9.5 dKH(Hanna) I checked it today and it showed 7.6 dKH(Hanna). I want to keep my levels between 7-8. how would I one keep them stable and how would I dose or...
  9. cwb_reeftank

    Nitrate or Phosphate?

    should I get a good nitrate test kit or a good phosphate test kit first? I would like to get both but I can only get one for right now.
  10. cwb_reeftank

    Strawberry Shrotcake

    ok I got a piece of strawberry shortcake from Jason Fox at a frag swap awhile back. I also got other sps frags. all of the are doing fine but the strawberry shortcake, its actually white now. I don't understand what happened because the of acros I have by it are doing great. I thought it might...
  11. TDTA1181

    Alk climbed/precipitation in dosing container

    I had alkanity spike pretty high recently in my tank. I'm thinking maybe I didn't rinse my dosing container the last time I added new soda ash/calcium chloride? There was a good amount of residue in the btm of both containers and in both dosing tubes. I test Alk usually every other day and try...
  12. Kyle Rinker

    Calcium Chloride question

    I've been starting to use Randy's recipe #1 for my mixed reef tank. Like many other folks, I have been unable to find Dow Flake anywhere around me. However, Lowes carries SafeStep Extreme 7300, which the company fact sheet lists as "pure CaCl2". I mixed my first batch today and all dissolved...
  13. cwb_reeftank

    Alk question

    I try to keep my tanks alk between 7-9 but when I use my red sea salt(not the pro) it brings my alk back up to 11. I was wondering if I had a bad batch of salt or something else.
  14. cwb_reeftank

    advice on how to keep a sand bed clean?

    how do you keep your sand bed look clean. I feel like after a day or two after a water change my sand looks like it did before I cleaned it. any tips or anything would be appreciated.
  15. cwb_reeftank

    calcium level

    ok I tested my calcium on Monday and it was at 390. I tested it today and it was at 410 and I have not put anything in my tank to raise it. I was wondering what would cause it to do that?
  16. AndysReef

    distilled water for my nano startup?

    Hi, I was wondering since i don't have an RODI system, could i use distilled? I heard that i shouldn't because some components aren't broken down all the way. but i would love to know your guys opinion on it! :p:p
  17. C

    Reef Supplements - Dosing

    Hi People, I'm trying to get the latest update on Brands/Type of Reef Supplements used by fellow reefers for auto-dosing in a SPS/LPS combo tanks. For this discussion, please exclude the normal Calcium, Alk and Mg liquids, and 10% to 20% water changes. Read a lot of discussions and on...
  18. F

    No water change reef tank?

    I recently have been spending time learning more about no water change systems that I have known about for years. Does anyone have any information on these or feedback? I am planning a HUGE reef tank and a no water change system like this is very appealing. One company I came across was this...
  19. cwb_reeftank

    night mode?

    What does the night mode do on a pump and what is its effects on the tank. Also what is the purpose of it and is it good to use?
  20. cwb_reeftank

    Red Sea Salt

    why can't I find any reviews on red sea salt. all I can find is red sea salt pro. does anyone on here use it? I just got some because my alk is to high for my system and I don't like doing a water change and it bring it back up. i'd rather keep it low at like 7-8 and not at 12.
  21. Refractometers And Salinity Measurement

    Refractometers And Salinity Measurement

    Salinity is one of the most important parameters measured in reef aquaria. It controls not only the salt balance between an organism and its surrounding environment, but also the levels of a host of ions in seawater that aquarists neither measure nor control independently. Consequently...
  22. pH And The Reef Aquarium

    pH And The Reef Aquarium

    For many aquarists, pH is not something that they have much experience with aside from their aquarium. For many, pH is almost a black box measurement: something to be considered, but whose physical meaning makes little sense to them. This article will describe pH in an intuitive way (as...
  23. What is Alkalinity?

    What is Alkalinity?

    Most reefkeepers know they need to measure alkalinity, and most know it has something to do with carbonate. But what is alkalinity exactly? Why is it important? How is it measured? This article will answer those questions and give you all of the information that you need to fully understand one...
  24. Phosphate in the Reef Aquarium

    Phosphate in the Reef Aquarium

    The phosphorus atom is one of living matter’s basic building blocks. It is present in every living creature and in the water of every reef aquarium. Unfortunately, it is often present in excess in reef aquaria and that excess has the potential to cause at least two substantial problems for...
  25. Nitrate in the Reef Aquarium

    Nitrate in the Reef Aquarium

    Introduction Nitrate is an ion that has long dogged aquarists. It is typically formed in aquaria through the digestion of foods, and in many aquaria it builds up and can be difficult to keep at natural levels. In the past, many aquarists performed water changes with nitrate reduction as one of...