1. P

    White worm?

    I have these white worms that appear recently and have no clue that they could be. They appear right after I introduced tiger copopods and feed the zooplankton. I have a hammer coral, 2 clownfish and 2 hermits. I have a 13 galon tank and I'm worried they are a pest... I have clean and dip the...
  2. P

    Beautiful system giveaway

    What an amazing system you are giving away! Love all things Red Sea. The sump set up on this one is so easy to work with and maintain. My current one ( much smaller) is real pain to work with. I have maintaining reef tanks and systems for over 25 years and they just keep getting better and...
  3. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Promos and Website updates. Get the best deals on R2R first!

  4. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Halloween Special!

  5. Koral King


    Hybrid Yellow x Purple Tangs have arrived here at Koral King. We have two available!!! VERY RARE. These beautiful Tangs are bred by the World Famous Bali Aquarich. They are ready for a new home… Are you ready to own one of the rarest fish in the hobby? Only about 24 specimens are in existence...
  6. Sean Clark

    Ozone: How do you use it? What is stopping you?

    Please share your Ozone experience. Good or bad. How do you feel about it? What is your experience with Ozone? Have you had any issues? If you run Ozone please share your design and implementation or your system. After running Ozone, what would you do different. If you do not run Ozone, what is...
  7. Roatan Reef

    Build Thread Roatan Reefs Build Thread

    Sooooo after 15+ years in the Freshwater Hobby, I finally decided to do a Mixed Reef Tank. Yes, I have Snorkel and Dived all over the Caribbean.. Roatan, Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Belize, Bahamas etc...and not just on a cruise ...we typically rent a house for 1.5 weeks in said locations...so I...
  8. taha89

    New build Lagoon Tank

    Hello gang!!!! So far I have these things: 2 AI 26 hydraHD 1 AI 16 primeHD 2 AI Nero 5 with fish guard Simplicity DC protein skimmer Simplicity DC return pump Duetto ATO 50LB dry rock 40LB of Caribsea dry sand I bought a brand new neptunian cube lagoon tank and want to know how to set it up...
  9. J

    Build Thread Justreefinit's 1st Reef Tank (20G)

    Hello fellow reefers, I'm new to the reefing community. I posted for the first time last week about the start to my reefing journey. With the help of my friend (Honestly couldn't have done this without him) I finished cycling my tank and just added clownfish and 3 corals. My tank is 20 gallons...
  10. violetjones

    Build Thread Breaking rules on a 55g Petco reef tank

    Hi guys! This is my build thread for my 55 gallon tank from Petco. The space I am putting the tank is very narrow so the 55 actually works perfect. A little nervous for the rockscape as I have heard several people complain about rockscaping narrow tanks but here we go!
  11. J

    Hello New Reefer and Loving it

    Hey, I'm brand new to reefing. My buddy got me hooked and I recently started a reef tank. I'm a medical student so I love learning new topics and I've enjoyed all of the chemistry I've learned so far. This hobby can be super overwhelming as I can see. There are so many factors in play and there...
  12. RiptideAquaculture

    Riptide Aquaculture- Insaine 4k video teasers plus exclusive promocode and Freebies!

    This is our first week on Reef2reef and we have really enjoyed the warm welcomes we have received and we wanna give back to the community by offering 10% off our already low prices and we will also be throwing in a Freebie with each shipment in the next 48 hours! in order to get the freebie and...
  13. Essert07

    Hello Taking the Dive

    After a lifetime of chasing the thrill of the oceans through everything from working as a professional diver to selecting a college based purely on their marine biology program, I finally decided to bring a piece of the ocean into my own home. I have always wanted a tank but knew it would be...
  14. WinniesWaterWorld

    Build Thread WinniesWaterWorld - Reefer 250

    So reefers here is the story of my little reef. I had previous tanks for years but due to moving for work we had a few years out of the hobby. I got back in with a Red Sea Reefer 250 with dry rock and and sand in June 2020. 2 x Hydra 32HD @aquaillumination Aqua Excel AE-CSYI Nero 5...
  15. MacFishBabies

    Hello New to the Salt World

    Hi there! I am going on three years of running my saltwater tank. I had been so use to fresh water tanks I wasn’t sure I could handle this, but after a couple years, a new tank, a sump set up and tons and tons of reading on Reef2Reef forums I think I’m getting the hang of it. I need some...
  16. Wayofthereef


    Hello everyone, just had to throw this out there. Has anyone else gotten obsessed with stickers with this whole reefing hobbie... I'm so obsessed that the companies that dont make them I had my wife make them lol. Including reef2reef!
  17. NanoReefDenmark

    AIO Build 34x34x19" AIO 3/4" (19mm) custom tank! (Reef Savvy copy)

    Hi guys and girls Thought i would join the reef2reef all the way from Denmark - EU I have been dreaming about a reef savvy tank, but to be able to pay to get that build and shipped to Denmark is not for my wallet ! So what to do? I bought allmost 4meters (13.2feet) of 19mm optiwhite glass (low...
  18. 325B070E-0155-4606-B953-AD2C2A780434.jpeg


    32g with ai prime and custom lid and back chamber cover from octoaquatics
  19. 48445C99-C112-477D-9686-4C24D9AD563D.jpeg


    32g Biocube with LPS and Some Rock Anemone’s
  20. 32g BioCube

    32g BioCube

    Just some lps corals hammers acans and flower rock anemones
  21. BIOCUBE 32

    BIOCUBE 32

    32g biocube with some hammers , frogspawn rock nem acans and softies
  22. Reefing_Engineer

    Build Thread First Reef

    I’m starting a reef tank soon in my college apartment, it’s an old tank I had set up as a kid but now I’m coming at it with much more experience, here’s the old tank Salinity - 0 Alk - 0 Cal - 0 PO4 - 0
  23. YandyRiv

    Coralline Algea identification

    Good afternoon From Spain, Can some one help and tell me if this is coralline algea. I have a 32 gallon biocube 6 months old live stock i have 2 clowns 1 red fire firefish 1 cleaner shrimp 1 fire shrimp and 3 emerald crabs. tank parameters are Amonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - .10 phosphates...
  24. getomar2003

    Build Thread Hanna Instruments Promotion

    Just started my 30g Nano reef and was looking for the best ways to test my water (i heard that was the most important thing -- and what you do the most) So i researched all the brands -- Hanna was the winner because I don't have to read color charts, i can just look at numbers Can't wait for...
  25. G

    Build Thread My tank