1. Hurricane Aquatics

    Red Sea REEFER 300 Skimmer Like New in Box

    Selling a like new Red Sea RSK 300 Reefer Internal Protein Skimmer. I purchased this for my new build at the end of 2022. I ran this in a brand new tank for about 3 weeks. It was a bit large for my small sump so I took it out, cleaned it, and put it back in the box. Super clean and like new...
  2. J

    Red Sea G2 Series Build Quality

    Hi, Looking at buying one of the Red Sea G2 tanks shortly. 625 is a perfect fit in terms of size and water volume for what I’m looking for however.. Any reviews on how the build quality is? Is there a noticeable improvement in the silicone? It’s the tank I’m leaning towards but I have that...
  3. iwnltom

    Help! Phosphates won’t go down!

    My tank is 350 litre and about a year old. I’ve never had problems with phosphates in the past, but as of recently in the last month they just won’t seem to go down. I bought a TDS meter for my RODI and it’s at 0, and even then I switched them all out to be sure. I’m dosing rowa in a reactor and...
  4. T

    Orange eggs inside a neon green Kenya tree coral?

    The other night I noticed these orange dots inside of the coral. It’s a neon green kenya tree super big super healthy. Can’t find anything about it online. Has anybody seen this before? Looks like hundreds of eggs can only see it if you shine a light on it. Thanks!
  5. iwnltom

    Leopard Wrasse disappeared!

    So I bought a leopard wrasse from another local reefer who had him for quite a while along with a couple other fish such as yellow tile and more. The first 2 days the leopard was the only of the ones I bought that was up and about, je was swimming around perfectly, eating, and was overall the...
  6. TomerF

    HELP- frogspawn acting weird?

    Hi i am worried for my frogspawn. I have four of them and almost daily they are releasing this brown string. After some doing some research I was told it’s either releasing waste or expelling zooxanthellae. I’m sure it’s normal to happen ever so often but it happens very often. I had a bad...
  7. C

    Build Thread Cammy’s SPS Dominant Reefer 250

  8. C

    Build Thread Cammy’s NPS (Reefer) Nano

    Hiya again, Figured that as I begin to close my Reefer nano down in its current form (majority sps) that I’d begin this thread. I’ll *hopefully* be running this tank as a slightly cooler NPS majority but still mixed reef featuring some deep water species… This isn’t my first NPS tank, my...
  9. iwnltom

    Red Sea G2 Deluxe 350 build Light recommendations!

    Hi, as posted in the title I have purchased and received my 350 litre Red Sea Deluxe. I have purchased everything except for the lights and was wondering if all you experts could give me your opinion on the best reefer light considering my size and the abundance of corals that will soon be in my...
  10. P

    Florida Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods *SOLD* G1 Red Sea Reefer 525XL V3

    Selling a G1 RSR 525XL with the V3 sump already modified for use with the included ReefMat 500 in great condition. This tank was purchased new from in October of 2021, so it’s less than 2 years old and was only broken down 7/1 of this year. The tank has been cleaned and...
  11. Tuna Melt

    New York Skimmers Drygoods Red Sea Reefer Skimmer 300 (RSK - 300) - $225 plus shipping - great condition - Used for three weeks

    Hey there, I have a new RedSea REEFER SKIMMER 300 I'm looking to sell. I’ve been running it for about 3 weeks but I just think it’s too oversized for my ~30 gallon tank. I recently bought a RedSea REEFER G2 170 and it came in a bundle with the tank so I assumed it is appropriately sized but...
  12. AKLiving

    Red Sea Air in Drain and Noisy

    I’ve searched for other posts but never saw resolution to the problem. With both ends submerged the only thing I can think of is that there is a leak in one of the fittings for air to enter. Here is a YouTube link to a video of it: Noisy Drain - Reefer 350 G2
  13. mrtmsmith89

    Red Sea Tank Bracing

    Good Morning everyone. So I've recently picked up a Red Sea Reefer 425XL. The silicone seals all look fine, but the horror stories I've heard have made me want to bulk things up a bit. I've reinforced each corner seam, but I'm thinking of adding a brace to sit on the top of each side of the...
  14. ScubaSteve'sSeadog

    Hello Hi from TN!

    Just saying hi! I started using this forum when my husband and I got into this amazing hobby a couple of years ago. I honestly don't know what we would have done without this magnificent resource! Together we maintain a 360g and a 50g reef tank. Most expensive and best decision we've ever made
  15. W

    Redsea coral pro mixing

    Hi I’m new to mixing my own salt water. I use redsea coral pro. I do a 10L water change every week. I follow the recommended 38.2g per litre of RO water, so for my 10L water change I would require 382g. I test salinity around 1.5 hours after adding the salt to find I have a specific gravity of...
  16. Zerodameaon

    Aquascape in Reefer 200 XL G2

    Hi all, I am looking for some opinions on the aquascape for my Reefer 200 build. I am looking to do a mixed reef. Currently I have a Biocube 32 with the following setup. I have been considering moving that over to the new tank and building off of it as I like the cave aspect of this. It is...
  17. thedraque

    Build Thread Reefer 250 seam failure...

    A little over 3 year old Reefer 250 front seam about to fail. we noticed a few days before Christmas that sand was seeping into the front seam, honestly ignored it for a few days. it rapidly got worse with more and more sand pouring into the seam, did some searching in this forum and was...
  18. ReefStash

    Complete the sentence; “You might be a reefer if ____”

  19. O

    Build Thread Reefer 525G2 Build

    Hi guys I just wanted to share my Reefer 525G2 build, it's around 1.5 months old!! Equipment is: Lighting: 2 XR30 G5 Power heads: 2 ReefWave 45 Return pump: APEX COR-20 Skimmer: Deltac 1000i Heater: Eheim 300w Thanks guys!
  20. chipchipbro

    Build Thread Swiss Red Sea Reefer 200XL Reef

    Hello from Switzerland everyone! I recently took down my Red Sea Max Nano which was running for some time. It was kinda SPS heavy. Well, I saw a pretty nice opportunity to buy a used Red Sea Reefer 200XL which was in a very good shape. My plan is to create a mixed reef which is mostly SPS...
  21. Robg139

    Build Thread Coral show tank destroyed. Starting over plus new tank!

    Hello, I’ve been reefing for about 4 years. My nano tank (fluval 13.5) was about as perfect a coral landscape and tank can be. 3 years of collecting corlas, growing and maintaining. Was featured on reef2reef tank of the month and a magazine. Considering it was my very first tank I was thrilled...
  22. N

    Hi all! New reefer from Tasmania Australia!

    Tank is a 4ft 60g (215l) Been running for 13 weeks of stress free minimal ugly stage, loving it
  23. O

    Lighting for Reefer 525 G2

    Hey so I was going to buy a Reefer 350 G2 but I have decided on getting a 525 G2 ,I'm conflicted on what light to get for the 525. I've seen people use 2 xr30, RedSea lights, etc. What would you guys recommend? Also I am looking to grow LPS and SPS
  24. S

    Large Build My Blue Heaven - Reefer-S 850 Build - First Saltwater Tank

    "Oh lord what have I done" - is the primary thought going through my head as I sit here waiting for what feels like half of the entire BRS inventory to arrive at my door. Am I excited? yep! nervous? yep! feeling impatient? absolutely!! Ladies and gentleman, I must say this is a huge day for me...
  25. W

    Large Build Rookie dream build Reefer s1000

    Hello all, This is going to be a very fun build and probably not the best idea I have ever had. ;) I have not been around fish tanks in over 15+ years I have owned a few but nothing to crazy. The most advanced tank I had was the first RSM250 haha and that was a good time. So this will be a...