reefi uno

  1. P

    New York WTB Looking for 1 Reefi uno

    Looking for 1 reefi uno. I am in Toronto Canada but I have a shipping address in Buffalo NY.
  2. L

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 75 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank (First one)

    First saltwater tank, I lurked around the forums early 2010s but never really got to setting one up. Months ago I saw a pico reef and was amazed by it. That inspired me to start reading about saltwater tanks again. After university, I'm finally be able to start to set one up! I got my tank...
  3. Wtyson254

    Build Thread William's Fiji cube 108 ext

    I moved in may of 2021 and upgraded my Waterbox 70:2 to a Fijicube 108 EXT. After quite a few mishaps the tank was finally transferred in early June. In the first two weeks I lost my Mombassa lionfish and and flame angelfish due to an Ich outbreak. As things started to settle in with the tank...
  4. TheWB

    AIO Build TheWB’s IM Lagoon 50

    Hello everyone, I joined the forum about a year ago and so far I’ve just been following a bunch of different threads, chiming in here and there, reading everything I can and just generally lurking. I’m finally ready after about 18 months of planning and accumulating equipment to start my...
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