1. C


    Has anyone used Eelgrass in a refugium? It seems to grow much more rapidly at the LFS. Any experience? Thanks.
  2. Steven91

    Snails in Fuge

    Hey fellow reefers, I have a sump with a refuge on my 120 with Chato in it but i have some unwanted algae in my refuge currently. I was wondering if I could put any type of snail in to eat the unwanted algae instead of me scraping it and cleaning it. Thoughts?
  3. WhiskeyCoffee

    Sump growing algae like crazy

    So a while back I was growing beautiful chaeto in my sump but I was also getting insane amounts of other types of nasty algae that was getting out of control. I was using a LED bulb, 5000k that was 1150 lumens. I have a skimmer going now but I'd like to do chaeto again because I'm getting GHA...
  4. C

    Take Refugium offline due to nuisance algae?

    Hey all, I'll try to make this short and simple and appreciate your input. Problem: I've noticed cotton candy algae growing on my chaeto and in my fuge. I've manually removed it a few times, but it keeps coming back and seems to be spreading. It only grows under my refuge light, and has not...
  5. MarineDepot

    NEW @ MD: Tunze, Kessil, & LET Lighting + HOT Deals Ending Soon!

    NEW @ MD: Tunze, Kessil, & LET Lighting + HOT Deals Ending Soon! Frag Racks & Planters, Skimmers & Filters, Retrofit & 'Fuge Lights!
  6. geo


    Hello everyone we are very excited to release our new line of sumps at the Reef-A-Palooza Orlando show. Make sure to stop by our booth and let us know what you think. GEO R SERIES PRO and PRO PLUS New Features: *Post filtration 5 gallon Refugium that is fed off the built in manifold. Dwell...
  7. leepink23

    Need help finding a sump

    After losing my sump to an exploding heater I have had a hard time finding a new sump that meets my needs. I had an eshopps gen2 but it's discontinued. I have a skimmer and algae turf scrubber so I need the dimensions to be 30 inch total length with skimmer chamber being 10x, refugium section...
  8. AlexChef


    need some help just added my fuge sump and I have a full spec 24" led on top. It was a left over from another tank, will this suffice for chaeto growth or should I purchase a new fixture, and if so any suggestions
  9. AlexChef

    EShoppes PSK-150 help

    Bought it off eBay had no manual so I'm not quite sure where the optimal water level to set it at. This is my first in sump skimmer and it is working quite well foaming and producing waste I would just like to know what the optimal level is
  10. MarineDepot

    The Complete Guide to Hang-On Equipment for Your Reef Tank

    The Complete Guide to Hang-On Equipment for Your Reef Tank High-Performance and Space-Saving Equipment Options!
  11. AlexChef

    Looking for advice after building DiY Refugium/sump

    So I've been "aquariuming" for awhile however, I did not gain good experience due to rash teenage decisions and mostly blew my money on equipment/fish I didn't know how to use/care for. Now after college I'm back and have the money/patience to do it right. ANYWAYS I have a 55g display tank and...
  12. Esquire805

    macro algae packs red gracilaria, ulva, chaeto, codium, branching coraline

    so I have more small macro packs ready mermaids fan, shaving brush, halimeda incrassate 40 shipped (choose 3) just want one 16 shipped codium- 3inch piece 17 shipped red razor 4 inch piece 18 shipped red gracilaria hayi 4 inch piece 18 shipped want both hayi and razor combo 30 shipped ulva one...
  13. B

    Trigger Sump Ruby 30 vs. Emerald 26

    Hi, All - I'm upgrading and tossing my Aqueon ProFlex, apparently too much flex as it has begun bowing over the years and swear the stand is damp on colder days, but can't find the leak. Having a hard time deciding which Trigger Sump I'd like to go with, Emerald 26 or Ruby 30. Here is my...
  14. RickG

    Deep sand bed in refugium

    Hello, was just wondering the pros and cons of having a deep sand bed in the refugium
  15. Susan Edwards

    Starting a display refugium

    Decided it’s time to do a refugium. Reasons: Help control nitrates, pod population, possible other critters that I can’t use in dt like sea horses, have a nice planted aquarium with some rock. Much of what I find out on the net is for sump refugiums. I picked up a 29 gal complete aquarium kit...
  16. pmaddox

    Green Hair Algae in Refugium with Mangroves, etc.

    I setup a new refugium a couple months ago. New, store bought substrate. Heavily rinsed. Used Tupperware to protect glass from mangrove roots. Added power head to increase flow because I noticed chaeto was dying. Chaeto nearly gone now. Today: green hair algae over growing dragon's...
  17. Finatik

    Anybody using the CPR AquaFuge2 HOB Refugium ?

    I'm thinking about getting two of these so that I can put one in both my 40 breeder and 75 gallon sumpless tanks. For those of you who are using it, do you use them alone or do you also use another form of filtration with it ? Please post pics of your set-up using this fuge.
  18. ThunderGoose

    Refugium ideas for Red Sea Reefer?

    I got a Red Sea Reefer 250 for Christmas and I've already figured out the sump is too small to include a refugium (which I'd like to have). I was thinking of adding one to the side of the sump. Anyone have any experience doing this? Pictures? Ideas? I was thinking of making a custom glass tank...
  19. F

    LED lighting for an Algae Scrubber Questiin

    I will soon be building a DIY algae scrubber for my refugium. All the research I've done suggests the light cycle for it should be similar to the light cycle for my refugium, which I get. My question is, do I still need to run a light cycle on my refugium, or only on the scrubber? The light from...
  20. R

    My 125 gal mixed reef with 40 gal refugium

    I've been growing corals and been addicted to the reef aquarium life for a decade but due to having a child I had to take a break but I'm rebuilding my 125 gal to be epic one day soon.
  21. C

    Refugium question

    Hey all, I have a question that I am going to try to articulate, so please bear with me. I have been noticing elevated nitrates in my tank, although the corals all seem to be doing pretty well. In addition to decreasing feedings, I have added Chaeto to an area of my sump. (As an aside, I have...
  22. Chelsie

    Show off your stand and sump combo!

    Hey everyone, I'm really interested to see some stands that incorporate showing off the 'guts' of your tanks. If you have those neon sumps or baffles or just plain beautiful plumbing let's see it! I'm looking to get a stand built and need some ideas on how to show the sump while having it be...
  23. Jordan_G

    Question about Sump and Refugiums!

    Hello! I have had my tank for about a year now. It is somewhere between 40-50 gallons. The only thing I'm not to familiar with is my sump because I bought the tank already set up from someone, I just transported it to my house. I am interested in having a refugium. I am considering just getting...
  24. Esquire805

    macroalgae packs available tisbe pods phytoplankton

    Ok mermaids fan 3 for 35 or one 15 1/2 refugium pack dollars 80 cheato caulerpa variety grape red razor halimeda etc 1/4 bag 45. 1/4 or 1/2 chaetomorpha tisbe Pod pack 45 shipped 1/2 60 shipped any thing else ask me I have many different varieties also phytoplankton for sale 15 for 20 oz bottle...
  25. F

    Refugium rejuvenation - Should chaeto be changed out?

    Dear R2R Members, Should the cheat in my refugium be replaced with new cheato and miracle mud? Basically revamping it. Thanks! Tanner
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