1. SeabassG

    Caulerpa Prolifera rhizomes, or going sexual?

    I put some caulerpa prolifera in my fuge about two weeks ago, and some of leaves started going translucent and decaying. I don't know if it was exclamation stress or if it went sexual, but now there's a bunch of these little white whiskery growths. From Reading some articles I think that is...
  2. SeabassG

    Help with Kessil 360we Tuna Sun on Fuge

    Hello Evereyone, I need a little help with settings for my 360 tuna sun that I have on my refugium. Not my fist choice for refugium light, but I basically got it for peanuts, and since it's a kick *** light, I want to make it work. Here are the facts...
  3. G

    How to set up a Refugium

    I am new to the hobby and have a few questions with regards to the setup. I am setting up a reef aquarium (220 gallons) from scratch. It is set up as an island where you see three sides. The reef aquarium is on the first floor of my house. The basement houses the Sump (150 gallons) which is...
  4. radiata

    Varying the Zooplankton?

    My LFS sells grass shrimp as feeders ($.25@). They are pretty hardy, and I expect that they will spawn in a marine setup. I don't want to raise them - they probably go through a half dozen different larval stages, each one with their own specific food requirement. BUT, if I were to put a few...
  5. g5flier

    Refugium help...I'm killing my Chaeto!

    I added a 20 gallon refugium to my 139 gallon system 3 weeks ago. Installed a Kessil H380 and a softball size of Chaeto. The Chaeto has been getting quite lose and turning brown, it easily falls apart. Diatoms are growing on the floor and walls of the refugium like crazy, much less diatoms in...
  6. isaacalves

    White "slime-coat" marks on Clown. Treated with Furan-2. Need help with ID.

    I need some help identifying if something is off with my little clown. He's in my second system and the display refugium now. I put him through a full duration of Furan-2 to address if the white skin mark was a slime coat issue or an infection from a wound. I just put him back after being in...
  7. Justin84

    Basement set-ups! Show and tell time!!!!

    For those that have the luxury of setting up their filtration (refugiums, sumps, and equipment) in their basement, what does it look like? How do you accomplish your water changes? What type of equipment or methods do you use to make your reefing experience more enjoyable? Ive scoured youtube a...
  8. A

    Dwarf Seahorse Idea

    I am in the process of making a dwarf seahorse tank out of a Marineland either 3 or 5 gallons. The problem I'm running into is feeding the little guys. I understand that the norm is to feed bbs and crap, however, I also understand that in their natural habitat they eat mostly copepods and mysid...
  9. C

    Need help with possible refugium!

    Hello everyone! I have an aio reef tank that I want to add a small refugium too, not necessarily for the benefits, more for just a challenge and aesthetics. I have 2 options, I could use one of the unused back chambers and put a light in it which I think I could grow chaeto and a mangrove. Would...
  10. Rob77

    Plumbing A Fuge From DT Drain

    I have a synergy reef overflow ..... I plan on adding a remote fuge, more like 10 gallon cheato what drain line should I tee off to run off into the fuge ???? my thoughts were the secondary ....but I planned on using a gate valve to control the flow... I started thinking is...
  11. Reckotch

    Juwel filterbox into small refugium?

    I am looking through other options for the Juwel filterbox. I have up until now used it with the original sponges but am now considering removing the entire unit upon learning the sponges may become nitrate traps. The pros for removing would be: more space in the tank, less unsightly tech. The...
  12. G

    How much flow are you running through your sump?

    Hello all im wondering how much flow everyone is running to their sump and if you have a refugium or not. I'm trying to plan a 90 with a fuge so I'm looking for any and all input. My 44 runs 5x per hour but i have been told that's too low as well as just right for my fuge. I compensate for flow...
  13. S

    40B Mixed Reef Build

    Hey Everyone, I'm starting a 40 breeder reef tank build as an early birthday present to myself (Birthday is September, but it counts right?). I'm going to be posting constant updates with pictures as I have nothing else to do while I wait for my tank to cycle. This will be my first tank, so...
  14. R

    BRSTV investigates, Chaeto/refugium idea

    Now that you guys have established that the Kessil H380 is the king of the refugium. I would like to see nutrient uptake data in relation to lighting schedule. Some recommend using a 24 hr, some 18 and some reverse daylight. Any clear winner? Then as an expansion of that study I would love to...
  15. Niterunner77

    Miracle Mud???

    Hello everybody! I have to say that I am newer to the reef world. I have a biocube 14 that I have had running for 2 years but I'm now setting up a larger system and when researching for my refugium I'm setting up, I heard about this product. I am intrigued about some post being way against...
  16. Peter Hand

    Kessil H380 Halo II LED Algae Grow Light Used $180 Shipped

    Title says it all. $180 shipped anywhere. Going with a frag section in sump instead of refugium.
  17. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Elite Sumps

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Elite Sumps Be sure to watch this episode all the way until the end! ;)
  18. Chirag Marwaha

    My 24 Gallon(90 Litres) Sump Design

    Hi! I've created a sump design and would like some feedback on it. Pardon me for cramping the drawing a bit. Hope it's readable enough and not an eyesore. It has following 4 chambers: 1) Protein Skimmer 2) Ceramic Rings, Pot Scrubbers(Scrubbies Affectionately) and maybe Activated Carbon 3)...
  19. J

    Making a sump /refugium

    I'm looking to turn my 20L into a temporary sump w/refugium for my 110 gallon. ( I plan on upgrading). I'm confused on how I should position the baffles, what materials to make the baffles out of and how talls should the baffles be? if anyone can post examples of theirs i'd truly appreciate it.
  20. Renelope

    90 gallon newbie- build thread

    Hello everyone! I live in Denver CO, and am brand new to the aquarium world, and while I've been wanting to get into it for years, finally got our tank up and running a few weeks ago! My BIL lives across the country (FL) and does tank maintenance / builds for a living- came out on vacation and...
  21. pboutin

    Sump & Refugium Insulation

    I was thinking to save energy to use a type of styrofoam to insulate my custom sump and refugium. My filtration is located in my garage where I see huge temp swings from summer to winter. In the winter I have a huge inline pond heater and in the summer I run a chiller. The room temperature is...
  22. Roggio

    How I dropped nitrates on a large system without water changes

    Backstory _______________________________ Let me start by saying I had a 600 gallon system with 100+ fish that ran well for years. I hardly attended to it because I was on the road for two, almost three years straight. Due to a large mangrove population and some rocks that had been cycled 15+...
  23. C


    Has anyone used Eelgrass in a refugium? It seems to grow much more rapidly at the LFS. Any experience? Thanks.
  24. Steven91

    Snails in Fuge

    Hey fellow reefers, I have a sump with a refuge on my 120 with Chato in it but i have some unwanted algae in my refuge currently. I was wondering if I could put any type of snail in to eat the unwanted algae instead of me scraping it and cleaning it. Thoughts?
  25. WhiskeyCoffee

    Sump growing algae like crazy

    So a while back I was growing beautiful chaeto in my sump but I was also getting insane amounts of other types of nasty algae that was getting out of control. I was using a LED bulb, 5000k that was 1150 lumens. I have a skimmer going now but I'd like to do chaeto again because I'm getting GHA...