1. Gioyang

    Lepto Spawning for a half hour

    I’m just caught my lepto spawning for half hour. This is the weirdest thing I have seen on my tank.
  2. BeardedDragon21

    Reproductive habits and first feeding of the marine ornamental, Orchid Dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani)

    Reproductive habits and first feeding of the marine ornamental, Orchid Dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani) Master's Thesis by Josh Borland Supervisors: Chaoshu Zeng, Bill Chen Abstract Marine ornamental aquaculture is a young and growing field in which efforts to captively rear and breed...
  3. ssunthar

    Question on mashroom coral reproduction.

    Hi Experts, I know anemones reproduce by splitting and always thought mashrooms reproduce by having babies at the foot. But a few days ago my green mashroom actually split. Is this common on is this not a mashroom?
  4. LeoTanure

    Black Storm Clownfish offspring

    Hi guys, to get most storm babies, should I pair my male black storm with a female Darwin or another black storm, pls help me guys, thx
  5. dzolot

    Cleaner shrimp spawn

    I apologize for the horrible video and picture quality, but i think my cleaner shrimp spawned tonight!!?? These are pictures of the pregnant mamma moments before. Video is of the spawn, but not sure it’s loaded correctly anyway, my question is - how can i harvest some of these babies so that...
  6. ThunderGoose

    Shrimp reproduction questions

    1) My lone peppermint shrimp (from Florida so it should be Lysmata wurdemanni) looks to be holding eggs. She's never done this before. So I used my Google-fu and found that they are proandrous hermaphrodites. They all start out as male and them become hermaphrodites (and maybe then become...
  7. ThunderGoose

    Blue sponge brag!

    I have a bright blue sponge. It hasn't grown much but it looks healthy. Today I spotted a small, bright blue mass with what looks like a typical sponge opening. There are a few more blue spots that might turn out to be sponge babies, too but they're harder to photograph. Anyone have sponges...
  8. alexytman

    Mushroom coral growth rate?

    I have wondered whether I should cut my mushroom corals, I got to this conclusion as I have a friend that has a colony that has mushroom that just barely covered a rock in a year. I just want some advice in growing them faster!
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