rodi system

  1. Leon Gorani

    Should I replace my RO membranes? the blue ones on top.

    I have a 5 stage Rodi system with a 150 gpd ro membrane addition on the top of the 75 that came with the system. I only make about 60 gallons a month, so around 700 gallons a year. I have had this system running like this for 2 years now. should I change the top two blue ro membranes? I have...
  2. Reefahholic

    Do you clean your RODI system once a year?

    Do you clean your RODI system? If you do, what do you clean and how often do you clean it? What products do you use? For those that don’t clean, have you ever had experienced any harmful effects? Thanks for participating. :-)
  3. yourmom

    RODI - first timer looking for suggestions

    I’m new and have been buying water from my LFS. I’ve noticed sediment in both the salt and fresh water I have purchased from them, and it’s becoming more of an inconvenience to pick up water regularly. I’m in the market for an RODI system but I’m not sure what I need. I have a 40 gallon AIO and...
  4. R

    Aquatic Life RO/DI Buddie System

    Hi there! I’m new to this forum and I have just ordered a fluval evo 13.5 gallon all in one aquarium. I have not been able to find anywhere that sells RO/DI water but I did come across the aquatic life RO/DI buddie system! I just wanted to know if anyone here has used it before and recommends...
  5. Tristan

    How does an auto flush flow restrictor, booster pump, and pressure switch all work in conjunction?

    I’ve been looking to add all three to my RODI system and have been watching some of BRS’s videos to see how it all goes together, but I’m confused. From what I can tell, the pressure switch from Aquatec can only connect to the booster pump or auto flush flow restrictor, not both at the same...
  6. |Tom the Bomb|

    aquarium RO/DI system??

    -Do I need a RO/DI for a large soft corals tank? I heard it might be good - heard the flow rates through RO membranes are VERY VERY slow -I've never seen a separate DI system with no RO -Is it possible to use an only DI system cuz I heard they are faster with less wastewater -Where can I buy an...
  7. Lizzybxi


    Im 18 and still live at home right now. I use the bathroom to do water changes but the RODI system is too big to store in the bathroom. I wanted to set it up in the garage. Do i need to make new fresh water everytime i do a water change or can i make it ahead of time and store it in jugs. Sorry...
  8. Leon Gorani

    How do I replace my RODI filters?

    I have this 5 stage rodi system from bulk reef supply : I also have the water saver upgrade option but i think i need to replace my filtration because my tds meter is reading 3 or 4. I just need some help...
  9. Lucyintheseawithdiamonds

    Newbie 65 gallon saltwater filter questions

    So I am moving my eel and fish from my 40 gallon saltwater tank to a 65 gallon. My questions are if I should get a canister filter or an RODI filter or is it better to get both. I'm not 100% against having a sump tank but Would rather go with a canister or RODI filter or both. Also would i need...
  10. mrbryan809

    RODI Flow

    Hey guys i have a RODI system and i feel like the water flow is very weak, I also have a Booster pump currently at 80 PSI. Does anyone know what the water flow should be like? Took me about an 45 minutes to an hour to make 10 gallons of water, Is that normal?
  11. Z

    RODI vs Berkey Ceramic Filter

    Can anyone tell me the difference between an RODI filter and a Black Berkey Ceramic Filter (Click on Extended Description for test results)? We are on municipal water and have used it without filtering for about 8 years, but we want to step up our game a little bit. We don't have huge tanks and...
  12. WannaBSpaghetti

    Pennsylvania BRS 6 stage RO/DI Deluxe plus 100gpd

    Comes with all filters, meters, piping and tools as received from BRS. Run once for 2 hours to ensure no leakage (none), then set aside in preparation for reef project that never came. If local pickup, will include 2 30+ gallon Brut trashcans drilled and plumbed with lids and Float Valves -...
  13. Joe Batt

    RODI solenoid valve placement

    I have set up an Apex FMM with two optical sensors in my RODI water tank. One low sensor to turn on the RODI unit via a solenoid valve and one high sensor to turn off the RODI via a solenoid. The reasoning behind the plan is to try and prevent TDS creep by using the RODI water tank as a water...
  14. Alexreefer

    Mold in ro/di

    I just cleaned and changed my di resin in my brs 6 stage rodi. When I opened the di chamber it had mild spores on the top and had a slimy feeling. Will this effect anything? Could this be the cause of having silicates in my water?
  15. D_Reep1106

    North Carolina Equipment Cleanout Ecotech AI

    Consolidating all my for sale posts: Cleaning out some equipment. Decided not to set up some tanks and stick with just the one big grow out system so I have everything for my 25 IM lagoon for sale now along with a bunch of stuff I just had in boxes and that came off of clients tanks. Ecotech...
  16. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts RODI & HMS

    For Sale BRS 6-Stage RODI - BARE UNIT (NO FILTERS OR MEMBRANE) - All Connections & Float Valve Included - $80 shipped HMS Single Light Mounting Arm - $35 + Shipping or Trade For 36" Rail or Multi-light Mounts I am currently on vacation so items won't be shipped until Monday December 17th
  17. Super Fly

    New or Used RODI system? Which would u buy

    Looking to upgrade my RODI to higher capacity with less waste-to-clean-water ratio. I buy mostly used equipment to save $ in this hobby however I'm struggling about not knowing how much life may be left on a used RODI system's membrane/cartridges. Would hate to potentially spend more $ having to...
  18. Kyle Rinker

    RODI unit not making water

    I am building a new tank and moved my RODI unit from my laundry room to under my kitchen sink. My tank is directly on the other side of the wall of the kitchen that the sinks sits on, so I and plumbed the unit directly to the ATO reservoir. It has 2 Optical sensors, a solenoid valve, and a...
  19. Wonf

    RODI setup/installation questions

    (not sure if this is the right forum...) Hi guys, Finally getting around to getting a RODI system (had to wait until my RO water cooler/heater contract ended). Before I even get into which RODI system to get, I've got some questions about installation. Sorry in advance if some of these...
  20. BlueWorldJeff

    Plumb RO faucet into 5 stage RODI unit

    I purchased the RO drinking water add-on from BRS for my 5 stage RODI unit (also BRS). I was told to just T off between the RO membrane and DI chamber with a check and ball valve provided. I'm guessing I leave the supply line to the RODI filter on and it will fill up the RO pressurized tank...
  21. alexytman

    New rodi got 100 TDS

    I just got a new rodi unit and just installed it. It told me to run for 15 min to get all the gunk out first. However even after 20 minute to the TDS only reduced from 130 to around 100. (Fyi my tapwater is around 90to100)


  23. BRS 6 stage RODI & Booster

    BRS 6 stage RODI & Booster

    Plus a 2nd membrane upgrade!
  24. AquaFX

    Reverse Osmosis & Deionization Q & A

    The following is an answer to one of our customers who asked, How many gallons will my membranes last. So I thought I would post the answer. Ahh, There is no direct answer to your question. There are several factors that determine membrane life. Chlorine will destroy a membrane in no time...
  25. Atlantisdelux

    Ro/di unit

    The new house my wife and I are buying has a well and iv just learned that it's best to run rodi units up around 60-90 psi. I don't know the pressure but I would assume the well pump has a 30/50 switch. So I've looked into the Vertex Puratek deluxe 100 Or The BRS 4 stage with a booster pump...