1. NatReef

    Salinity level

    What level do you keep your salinity at
  2. T

    Salt Testing Drygoods Hanna salinity checker

    Like new Hanna salinity tester less then half a year old . Works great 50 shipped
  3. jgabbsxx

    My Salinity Wont Go Down!!

    Hi Reefers! I have a 40 gallon breeder tank that has constantly been at 1.025 specific gravity for my salinity and now I am at 1.030. I usually get my pre-mix from a specific LFS, but I was not in the area at the time I needed water so I went to another store that I never used their water. My...
  4. Tobin VP

    Neptune Apex Salinity Probe Drift After Cleaning

    I conducted a 20% water change (on a 10 gal Fiji cube) and removed all of my Neptune Apex probes and cleaned/scrubbed them with a dilute citric acid bath. They then remained in RODI water for a couple of days while I did some other work on my tank. Upon putting them back into service the ORP...
  5. reefsaver

    Free Salt Water

    I was thinking of buying a 1000L water tank that could fit on my trailer. I've been doing a lot of fishing with friends recently and have started to notice that as the tide is coming to its highest point, the water is much clearer, especially the closer I get to open Sea as opposed to a Bay. I...
  6. C

    Testing Package Deal SOLD Hanna Checkers Bundle

    I have a bundle of Hanna Checkers for sale. It includes the Alkalinity (DkH version), Phosphate ULR, Nitrate High Range, Salinity/Temp Pen Tester, Magnesium (new version), and an Auto Aqua Spin Stir. This would all cost $350+ retail. I am asking $200 SHIPPED. There is a brand new box of...
  7. P

    Salinity Differences

    Hi all, I'm currently in the midst of a bit of confusion in relation to salinity within my tank. I use the Hanna salinity tester and of late, after much neglect, readings in my tank were a little low, around 32.5 ppt. I turned off my ATO in order to bring the salinity back up slowly to give...
  8. M

    Increased my salinity and now gsp polyp doesn't come out. please help

    Hello All! my tank salinity was low 1.020 and over the period of two days i increased the salinity from 1.020 to 1.022 and then from 1.022 to 1.025. The first change was done by adding extra water and salt but for the second change, i took out water from the aquarium, mixed salt and poured it...
  9. karamreef117

    Pennsylvania Virginia Drygoods Milwaukee MA887 Digital Salinity

    Hello everyone! Got a used Milwaukee Salinity tester. Works and can send a video of it working. Will ship or local pick up at 23116. Please if any questions reach out! Shipped: $85 Local pick up $75 ** I do travel to PA (Philly) in two weeks I can bring with me** payment will have to be...
  10. R

    New Jersey New York Drygoods Brand new Hanna Salinity tester, willing to trade

    Brand new salinity tester. Opened but never turned on or touched the water. The battery strip is still attached. The box is slightly damaged from shipping otherwise all good. Asking $60, willing to trade for coral Pickup on 11214 or midtown Manhattan during the week
  11. rene9898

    California Testing Drygoods Hanna Salinity Tester HI98319 - $50 shipped to lower 48 states, no PO or APO.

    Hanna Salinity Tester HI98319 - comes with 2 packa of calibrations packets. - $50 shipped to lower 48 states, no PO or APO.
  12. B

    Minnesota Testing Drygoods SOLD Neptune Apex System WiFI - Apex, Trident, DOS, energy bar, probes, and tons of extra trident test reagents $1000 shipped or buy individually

    SOLD Purchased in May of 2022 This Full Apex Trident DOS Package with Energy Bar and years worth of testing is perfect for aquarium enthusiasts. The package includes a Test Kit with parameters for alkalinity/KH, salinity, calcium, magnesium, temperature, ORP, and pH level, suitable for marine...
  13. His Coral Highness

    Hammer coral looking bad after water change

    So I did a water change but had a little mishap with my ATO staying siphoned on and adding too much freshwater to the system (about another 3 gallons to my 90-ish gallon system). I thought it wouldn’t be a really big deal if I just gave it a few days to evaporate out and get back to the correct...
  14. R

    Water change and salinity help

    Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and the hobby. I have two sons who are absolutely obsessed with corals and saltwater fish so finally decided to get one and once looking into the hobby I have fallen in love with it aswell! I just wanted to confirm the weekly water changes are done with salt...
  15. J

    Whats the salinity at your LFS?

    So i have never tested the salinity of the coral tanks at my lfs for over 10 years now thinking the corals will be kept at 1.025-1.026. I would sometimes just drop them in the tank pro problems. Sometimes drip for 30 mins. I know the fish are kept at a low salinity to save money on salt but i...
  16. LxHowler

    Should I trust hanna salinity checker

    So I just bought a Hanna salinity checker for my tank. A little reason why I bought the checker. I travel a lot for work and so a lot of the time I’m not home to look after the tank. My family do a good job of the basics and then I do the water changes when I’m home. Recently they needed to do a...
  17. vb_reefs

    Chasing Salinity

    Hello everyone, I really tried to figure this out before making this thread. I also read a few similar threads from other members with similar problems. But decided to make my own thread in the end (hopefully this is in the correct area). I apologize in advance for the long read. Tank is a...
  18. S

    Which salinity reading is more trustworthy?

    So I have been using the hanna digital salinity checker for my salinity readings for the past year or so and have consistently gotten a reading of 1.023 with an occasional jump to 1.024. I just bought a refractometer and tried it today and got a reading of 1.026. This is a day after getting a...
  19. Daved4

    What is the lowest salinity you've had in your reef tank?

    Hey everyone. I'm curious to see what anyone has to say about the lowest they've seen their salinity in their tank with corals still thriving? I recently realized my tank was running at 1.020 for quite a long period of time. Verified by 2 separate digital Milwaukee checkers. I've since brought...
  20. Kelly Hutto

    Mississippi Testing Drygoods Hanna Testers

    Selling everything pictured for $140 add $20 for shipping for a faster response text me at (251) 599-8227
  21. J

    Alkalinity problem

    Hello everyone!! Is it possible to lower alkalinity and raise salinity with Red Sea coral pro that’s known for high ALK. I just bought the bucket and I'm trying to use it all lol before switching. I’m trying to raise my salinity for my torches because I think that might be the problems to why...
  22. Cole_Voeller

    Refractometer Issue

    Hello all, Weird question. So basically, I’ve always used a bottle of Fritz Refractometer fluid to calibrate my refractometer. I had a bottle of BRS fluid, and also just got another brand new one. Well today I tried all of them, to find there was a difference of 5ppt between the Fritz and a BRS...
  23. Djtonton

    Ohio Testing Drygoods BRAND NEW: Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe + Fluids

    I have a Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe with 3 calibration fluids. Brand new has not been used or taken out of the box. Can ship out as soon as payment is made. Any questions please let me know!
  24. th365thli

    Shipped fish salinity mismatch. Ramp up time?

    So I received some fish online. This vendor ships their fish low, around 1.18-1.19 is advertised. I tested the bag water and it was 1.16-1.17. No biggie, adjusted my 10 gallon acclimation tank and after a 30 minute temperature acclimation and dumped just the fish in. Longnose butterfly and...
  25. J

    Calibration Confusion, What’s Going On?

    So I just purchased the new Hanna Marine Monitor that has a PH probe and a Salinity/Temp probe. The unit continuously displays the above and uses temp to accurately calculate it’s readings. I hooked the unit up and followed the instructions on how to use the included 7.1 ph solution satchets and...