1. CoralNerd

    My experience with Radion Gen5 and Mobius

    I changed my schedule from 65% to 100% as I finally understood the schedule function today vs set points. I left my setpoint at 65%. I then put the lights on acclimation with the start at 65%. Later in the day I thought the tank looks blue where's the cool whites, UV and other leds. I look...
  2. BeachBum239

    Bubble Magnus TS1

    What time is the Bubble Magnus TS1 set to dose? There is no option for time of dosage, the pump is preprogramed and they don't specify what time? I need to hear it work!
  3. ajtomase

    AI Prime lighting schedule help

    Hello everyone, I'm getting a 56 gallon tank (Reefer 250) and adding 2 AI Primes to it. I plan on it having both fish and LPS corals in it. Below is my fish/coral list Fish Lawnmower blenny Blue reef chromes Ocellaris clownfish (2) Blue mandarin (once tank is fully established) Tricolor Fairy...
  4. D

    Setting up my first LED's. No idea what im doing! Lol

    Hey everyone! (Sorry this turned into such a long post) So I just recently returned to the hobby after about a 3 year break. Previously I had about 6 years under my belt. However, I never had LEDs before. I always used fluorescent type tube lights and only ever had to set an on/off timer...
  5. Daveouthere

    Biocube 32 led light schedule?

    Hey guys any fellow Biocubers out there that can help me set up a schedule, I don’t think mine are correct even though to each is own but I need a better schedule. Please and thank you hopefully this was the correct place to post this thread, hope to hear from y’all
  6. N11morales

    32G biocube light upgrade

    I just got myself AI Prime 16HD lighting for my biocube What are some good starter settings for my biocube. I have mainly Euphyllia corals and an anemone, some other LPS.
  7. Stu_Tanks

    Question about upgrading lights

    Hello all! I finally decided to upgrade from 2 Kessil A160wes to 2 A360wes. I have these on a standard size Marineland 75gallon. My A160s light schedule would only peak to 55% intensity for a 6 hour period then ramp down. I was wondering if I should run my new A360wes on the same schedule or...
  8. Daveouthere

    Biocube 32 light schedule!help!

    Hey guys I need a good schedule for my Biocube tank if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Please include channel 1,2,3etc
  9. TShump14

    Lighting for 25 Nuvo Lagoon

    I have a 25 gallon lagoon from innovative marine, I had 2 Kessil lights and recently upgraded to 2 32 hydra HDs. I was wondering if anyone had a good lighting schedule already set for this type of tank or recommendation. I am not good with throwing sliders around and just wanted to see what...
  10. Z

    Ai prime HD Settings?

    Hey Guys! Hope you Are all safe and well! I was wondering if any of you guys can share the settings you use or the preset file you use for the AI Prime 16HD LIght? I'm trying to figure out what would work best. I have two Clowns, one mandarin Goby, a shrimp, some snails, Zoas, birdsnests, and...
  11. friendlyguy

    Red Sea ReefLed 90 - Can you help me to tune them properly? (Maybe in a way Dinos dont like it too much?)

    Hi there! I run two Red Sea ReefLed 90 on my Reefer 350. I use the Mounting arms from red sea as well. I was wondering if somebody could help me to get a good lighting plan for my reef. Currently they run at 100% (with clouds) following the attached schedule. I am struggeling with Dinos at the...
  12. L

    What is your lighting schedule?

    Personally I'm still fairly new to the hobby. I have a good few tanks I'm proud of. I was wondering what amount of time people light their tank for, and the same question for a refugium. Because of algae I personally only light my tanks for 6 hours, for the one tank I have with a refugium, the...
  13. Kessil

    Share Your Schedules!

    Share your schedule for your Spectral Controller or WiFi Dongle below! We want to know what schedules work best for you. Please share your timepoints with corresponding color and intensity. As well as the number of lights, the model of light, tank dimensions, and type of livestock (Mixed reef...
  14. M

    Lighting Schedule/Spectrum Help!

    Hi, Ive got my first nano reef tank and am planning on having mainly softies with a few LPS. The tank is 40cm deep nano cube and I bought the new Spectra Aqua Knight v2 LED. It comes with three time settings each of which I can set the intensity of the three spectrums (Blue & Purple, White...
  15. Steven91

    AI 26s

    Hey everyone, I've been looking at the AI Hydra 26s for my 120 (4ft) tank as I like the features and cost. I came across a person who is selling a pair of lights to upgrade to the reefled 90s for his tank and selling them at 350 for the pair plus mounting brackets (which is a great deal). I am...
  16. Danh Ngo

    Radion Schedule ?

    Stocking up my tank with Bta, anyone in here use CORALLAB AB+ for anemones ? If not, can you post your Radions schedule? I'm also running hybrid with 4bulb T5 (B+,C+,B+,P+)
  17. Danh Ngo

    BTAs vs radion lighting schedule

    I’m setting up a radion, what is a good lighting schedule for BTA. It is a hybrid T5 aquaticlife fixture. Can you share your schedule? Anyone experienced?
  18. Berlibee

    Mitras LX7 - Radium 20k Bulb Spectrum Match.

    Hi guys, anyone is running a 20K programm on Mitras, please? I'd like to set a Radium 20k Bulb Spectrum is it possible? If someone has it, can you share please. Thanks. :)
  19. sotsreef

    Lighting Schedule Help!

    can people recommend a lighting schedule for an 8 gallon cube with an a80 tuna blue. Please share anything you know, thx!
  20. Crabs McJones

    Disregard. Please close thread.

    Disregard. Mods please close thread.
  21. Fr4nkthet4nk

    I got new Kessil lights. I need advice

    I am new with this light. Could someone give me a good color, intensity and schedule advice? I have a mix tank but majority sps. They are kessil 360we tunablue