1. The_Barrs_Reef

    Banded Cat Shark Hatched Advice.

    So we have had the banded cat shark egg a month or so watching it grow inside. Did a bunch of research prior and during the whole experience and think we can make this work. But one thing happened today and not 100% sure on the right action or if I take any action at all. It hatched Naturally...
  2. KilianSP

    Bamboo Shark iodine food additive

    Hello all, my first Thread here :) i got a bamboo shark. i know for the need for iodine. i feed raw frozen foods and dosing daily iodine to the tank, mostly for the macro algaes. i don´t know if this is enough iodine for a juvenille with 16inch. sadly i can´t get my hands on the mazuri shark...
  3. Firepony


    So I went to my reef store and picked up 2 Freshwater (brackish water) black tip sharks in Saltwater!! They were $8 a piece so of course I got both of them...what a trip to see tho lololol Also anyone know what this cool coral is? He looks like Kermit the frog lol
  4. LiverockRocks

    Shark Sighting Sale: Benefits Mote Marine Shark Conservation

    Shark sightings make our day! Seeing a hammer head shark en route to the lease site means it is going to be a good day harvesting live rock. With local news reporting heavy shark activity in our back yard and in honor of the vintage Tampa Bay Saltwater shark logo; we decided to celebrate this...
  5. agame2021

    Coral banded shark egg hatch

    Just going to keep people posted on what I am doing. My LFS got a coral banded shark eggs and I thought I would give it a whirl. I have been doing some research and think I will have a hatching in the next 3 or so weeks. Today the shark is moving and happy. Has a yolk about this same size as his...
  6. Ryanakers05

    Coral Cat Shark and SnowFlake Eel

    I have a 2 foot Coral Cat shark she is a little over 2 years old and I raised her from a egg. I bottle fed her and now I can hand feed her. She is currently in a 180 gallon tank and needs a bigger one so if yours is smaller don’t message me and I must have proof that your tank is adequate size...
  7. 365reefing

    Horn or port Jackson shark or even better shark egg!

    I am looking for a legitimate place to buy a horn or port Jackson shark egg or shark small size. Thanks in advance!
  8. ikeasuperfan

    Banded Cat Shark Help

    Hi all, I've had a banded cat shark egg a couple months and it finally hatched on its own a couple nights ago. I got ghost shrimp the next day to feed it with but it's gone into hiding and I haven't seen it since. Should I be concerned? How long can hatchlings go without eating? I'm starting to...
  9. J


    Ok so i have a shark egg i have hatched one in the past and got him eating after weeks of no eating i read that if you feed him before he has used up all of his yolk he will die and i waited for my first one now i am trying to decide after tbis one has no yolk sack do i eait for him to poop...
  10. FL Gator

    Hypo-salinity (1.009) with a horn shark. Bad or Okay?

    Hey I need to do hypo-salinity on the FOWLR and I wanted to know if my Horn Shark would be able to handle the lower salinity 1.009 for about a week. Some articles say it would be okay but some articles say it won't work for them based of there osmotic pressure inside and how they defuse the...
  11. morgan_jAq

    Baby Shark Refusing to eat

    Hey! I have a banded cat shark that hatched around three weeks ago. When she hatched she still had a bit of yolk so I wasn't concerned about her eating, but now her yolk has been dissolved for over two and a half weeks and she shows absolutely no interest in eating. Ive tried krill, silversides...
  12. tangsmyfav

    Marble cat shark please help

    Going to be moving a marbled cat shark 20” for a 3 hour Drive any advice aswell as will be acclimating him to a new system please help any advice is appreciated :) thank you everyone for having the time to read my post
  13. Sean's ExoticTropics

    Large Build 120g/240g low Shark tank

    This is my newest tank, I still haven't put all of my live rock in I just moved it in my room on Sunday.. and I need to add more sand on top of that. There's not too much more work on it but there is still work needed. My two sharks love it so far the only 3 live rock I have in there at the...
  14. Sean's ExoticTropics

    Mystery Shark Egg

    I bought this shark egg at a local fish store I go to and they had the usual Brown Banded Bamboo shark egg, but next to it was this egg and it's about double the size, same color, same transparency (so almost impossible to see through unless you have a light), so of course the type of person I...
  15. K

    Keeping Nitrates DOWN in Predator tank! Help!

    Hello everyone, I have a question that I might have already figured out but want others input as well. I have a predator tank with sharks, rays, puffers, and a eel. I've been battling with Nitrates for a while and the best I've managed to lower them to is 20ppm with 70% water changes every 4...
  16. esther

    Day at the Aquarium

    Spent the day yesterday at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA (we're members). Seeing as though our Waterbox isn't arriving now until end of January, we went to get our fix. Thought I'd share some photos. Enjoy!
  17. Bhor217

    Build Thread Starting my Saltwater tank build

    hey all, I wanted to start a build thread for my a new SW tank. I am hoping to get a reef ready glass tank that is either 90G or 120G (if I can find a 48” sized 120G tank, that is my preference. if anyone has knows where I can find one, please let me know, feedback I am getting is it is a newer...
  18. jlanger

    NRHS Shark Hatchery Lab Project

    Hi Reef2Reef community. This is going to be a thread documenting an independent study project of hatching and raising small sharks by my son at his high school. I've asked if I could bring this project over to Reef2Reef to share with this community and I was granted permission to do so. This...
  19. SDReefer

    Bamboo Shark Egg Hatching Progression

    Hello everyone, I would like to document my shark egg hatching experience as well as open it up to suggestions. The tank that I plan to keep it in is a 110 gallon stock tank. Although that may seem too small for a 30+ inch shark, the actual dimensions are around 5' x 2.5', which should be...
  20. AquaNerd

    Where in the world is ‘Mary Lee’? No pings from long-tagged shark
  21. MSB123

    Sharks, Rays? What?

    Hey everyone! I just got a custom tank- 5x5x1.5 I really want a shark or ray, I dont have to worry about when the get bigger- my local aquarium will take it. I really want something that will move around. I will either have a small layer of sand or a bare bottom- its a frag tank. (Yes i know, a...

    Shark tank substrate--bare or fine sand?!?!?

    At school in Aquatic Science we are setting up 12 tanks for different projects. One of them is to study a cat shark egg from hatching in a 55 gallon........ I know, I know. My question is should we consider sand and rocks in there or just leave it bare bottom? When the study is over in a few...