1. eggplantparrot

    Eggplants Desktop Garden

    As my 14G Not a Cube is nearing 9th month since it has been up, I feel like I am needing to mess with the tank less and less, to the point where it is almost on autopilot. it is quite filled up with growing corals, and only needs daily feeding and weekly water change. this makes me feel an...
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  6. Lotus Reef

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    2 Mushrooms on a rock 3.5" Jawbreaker
  7. Lotus Reef

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    Get your final bids in now! Ending at 8pm!
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  11. Lotus Reef

    Neptune Bounce Mushroom with at least 2 babies Starting bid $300
  12. Lotus Reef

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  13. eggplantparrot

    14G Not a Cube (Lots'a Pics)

    Hello reefing peeps, i have been wanting to do a build thread since i started working on my 75, but that project is on hiatus for various reasons. i have however, got a 14G running to get my feet wet in reefing. Before getting the 14G, i took a spare 10G and started learning the ways of the...
  14. ChaosAquaculture

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    Use Promo code "softie15" on any product from our Softies, Mushroom, or Zoas categories to save 15%!
  15. CenlaReefer

    Best food for toadstool leathers?

    I LOVE toadstool leathers (sarcophytons) and have a 20 gallon softie-only DT that has about 7 different sarcophytons. The tank has 3 fish which I feed daily with a generous amount of some thawed San Francisco Bay Brand Emerald Entree. The corals seem to do well yet are not growing as fast as I...
  16. Narzyzz_12

    Fragging Leathers

    What's the best method for fragging leathers?Using rubber bands or just cutting? #reefsquad
  17. aKlevans

    LED light for 20 long tank?

    Hey all, Kinda new to the hobby...If i'm doing something completely wrong please tell me:D So I'm looking for a good LED light for my 20 gallon long tank (12 x 12 x 30) with mostly low-light soft or LPS corals. The coral that would require the most light would be a toadstool leather coral...
  18. lvdimino

    Growth in sump

    What are these? They are all over the wall of my sump in the return section. The pic outside the sump is one I took out. They are soft and don't appear to be moving.