stock list

  1. NickV34

    What other fish should be added?

    I have a 150 gallon 6 foot long tank that is a mixed reef with the current livestock… 2 Friendly maroon clownfish 1 One spot foxface 1 Tomini tang 1 Blue hippo tang 1 Flasher wrasse 1 fire fish Thinking about adding (deciding between) Blue throat trigger Any other tang Group of...
  2. W

    New to saltwater

    Building my first saltwater tank (coming from fresh water) really want a mixed tank heavy on fish and soft corals (with a few LPS) innovative marine 200 gallon tank Synergy SK-60 sump 74 gallons with Refugium Will have Dual Clarissa SK5000 roller filters tank is currently cycling and will be...
  3. Elijah F

    Stocking suggestions for 20 gallon macro tank?

    So I've been working on my 20 gallon macroalgae tank for about 2 months now, and it's gotten to the stage where I feel it's finially ready for some fish. I started researching several months ago, and already found a few species of fish that I'd like to keep. However, I've been doing more...
  4. Cuse89

    Stocking a 600 gallon tank (suppliers)

    Hey all I am looking at stocking a 600 gallon tank all at once looking to order over 30 fish. Looking at anyone(suppliers) who gives package deals. Let me know thanks! I will be price shopping between a couple companies Rough stock list Fish list Ocellaris clown (8) Carpenter flasher Wrasse...
  5. H

    new 90g reef stewardship, ideas?

    hello, I am in my high school's aquaculture program, and recently got assigned to revive the 90 gallon reef tank with a 20 gallon sump. I have a couple years of planted tank experience, and have been reading non-stop about reef tanks for about a week now, but it's still pretty alien to me. There...
  6. ScubaSnacks

    Stocking order for 40B?

    I'm narrowing down what I'd like in my 40B (to be mixed reef) and would like some recommendations on stocking order. I'm trying to go from least aggressive to most (but started my tank with a pair of mocha clowns ). Tank is about 2 months in, now on the GHA stage of the uglies but not terrible...
  7. Reef0holic

    Filler fish for a 125g

    I have a 125-gallon Red Sea reefer and need some stocking ideas for filler fish, I already have: Engineer gobie Clownfish x2 foxface rabbitfish Bangai cardinal Orange spot gobie Flasher+koi wrasse Cleaner wrasse Geometric Pygmy hawkfish Regal tang Chromis x2 Anthias x2
  8. R

    Stocking on a 12 gallon cube

    I am considering stocking a 12 gallon tank with a Goby and Pistol Shrimp pair, (Wheeler's Shrimp Goby or a similar Goby and Randall's Pistol Shrimp), Tail Spot Blenny, and a Clown Gobby. Is this overstocking? If so, what should I remove? Some people say on other threads that this is good, but...
  9. NickV34

    Stock list for 230 gallon

    Here is my potential stock list for a 230 gallon reef build. These are just fish that I want, so any input is appreciated and I will decide from there. It might be overstocked, but I cannot decide which to take out with input. Thanks!! 1 x lyretail anthias male 4 x lyretail anthias female 2 x...
  10. M

    Reef Aquarium Stocking

    How does this stocking order look and what would you change? I put together a list of the best order to add fish to a reef tank based on aggression levels and how established of a tank they would require for dietary reasons (ie pods). This is just a guideline I'm working on, obviously wouldn't...
  11. gatorcream

    Would a Midas blenny get along with a tailspot in a 40gal?

    I have a tailspot blenny in a 40 gal, I have a starry blenny in there that’s bullying him to no end and I’m removing him asap. Im absolutely in love with blennies and I’m very sad I’m having to rehome my starry blenny but I’m not going to tolerate fish bullies. Do you guys think he could be...
  12. Shibaken3

    60 gallon stocking list

    I have a 60-gallon tank 4 (L)* 1(W)* 2(H) As of right now, I have -Ocellaris clownfish. -Royal gramma Planning to add (in order) -Lawnmower blenny or tailspot blenny -Melanurus wrasse -Yellow Corris wrasse -Yasha goby and pistol shrimp -Naoko wrasse -Flame back angel fish The question is...
  13. S

    40g stock

    Hi I am looking to get some advice on a stock list for my 40 breeder have 2 clowns an algae blenny, snails, hermits and a cleaner shrimp Was looking to get royal gramma fire fish Type of wrasse Clown goby any cooler alternatives or advice with adding the fish ? Greatly appreciated
  14. S

    stocking advice 40g breeder please

    Hi, I am looking to get some advice on a stock list for my tank. I have a 40g breeder, with a 20 gallon sump. have 2 clowns, an algae blenny, some snails, a bunch of hermits and a cleaner shrimp looking to see if any others had some cool ideas or suggestions for me!
  15. J

    Stocking for biocube 32? Especially wrasses

    I’m looking for stock additions for my biocube 32, currently I have 2 juvenile clowns, 1 sapphire damsel, 1 neon dottyback. For filtration I have the intank media basket and fuge with chaeto. (and I’m looking to go for a nano skimmer if I can find a good one. If y out have any recommendations...
  16. nsauer3

    180 reef gallon tank stock list

    This is my list for my saltwater reef tank, 180 gallon 1. Clowns(2) 2. Algae Blenny and Canary blenny 3.Firefish, Engineer Goby, and Royal gramma 4. Pajama Cradinalfish(5) 5.Dispair Anthias(8) 6. Starry blenny and Blue dot Jaw-fish 7. Tang time! chevron tang, purple tang and mimic tang 8...
  17. apolsod

    Stocking a 15 gallon

    Have a 15 gallon Waterbox cycling and was thinking about what would be interesting to add. Currently have around 8 pounds of dry rock and 2 pounds of live rock, as well as 10 pounds of live sand. I will eventually be adding corals. Anyone have any suggestions for both corals and or fish. This...
  18. L

    Stocking ideas

    I have an 80 gallon tank, 3ftx2ftx2ft or 90cm x 60cm x 60cm (if ya nasty). I am looking for a few fish that will do certain things. I would like to have a small shoal of fish that could work as dithers (not anthias), a fish/invert that will eat aptasia(sp?) and a fish that will eat parasites...
  19. C

    Hello Is my fish list okay for 75 gal fowlr?

    Hey guys. I have a 75 gal fowlr with lots live rock, refuge with chaeto and skimmer. I currently have 2 clowns, one sand sifter goby, and one blue hippo tang. I want to also add 3 anthias, 1 scopas tang and 1 flame angel. Will this be okay?
  20. ToastedRatSandwich

    Build Thread 90 gallon peaceful reef

    Hello all, been enjoying the site since joining Love all the tips, tricks and ideas from this community. Im wondering today how my stocking is going, and if i have much further i can go, or am i about maxed out. A little background, my tank is a 90 gallon with 30 gallon sump, set up since...
  21. jlayne503

    Help with 90g stocking list

    Hello reefers, I am looking for some help regarding a potential 90g tank. The dimensions are 48''x18''x24''. I know I would like to have a foxface and a pair of clowns, but other than that I'm not sure what else to add. I also would like the fish to be reef friendly. Any help would be greatly...
  22. CalsReef2020

    30 Gallon Species Specific Tank.

    Looking for some ideas!! I have a 30 gallon reef aquarium that crashed a few months ago, lost everything except 2 clowns that I have since moved to another tank. The tank is much better and I am now considering stocking it again, but I want to do a species specific tank. Any Suggestions??
  23. W

    Daunting Stock List 109 gallon Peninsula tank - Clownfish Harem, Gem Tank, Blue Spot Jawfish, and so much more! Help me out

    Hello! I am pretty new when it comes to fish and how they get along with each other in saltwater. I am most likely going to get the waterbox 4820 which is a 109 gallon peninsula tank. I have the following fish and inverts that Id like to get and want to know how the temperament would be and if...
  24. W

    Daunting Stock List for a 109 gallon peninsula tank - Clownfish harem, BS Jawfish, Gem tang, so much more | Help me out!

    Hello! I am pretty new when it comes to fish and how they get along with each other in saltwater. I am most likely going to get the waterbox 4820 which is a 109 gallon peninsula tank. I have the following fish and inverts that Id like to get and want to know how the temperament would be and if...
  25. Croccoligator

    20g long stocking idea advice

    hey y’all! pretty new to saltwater but I’ve been keeping freshwater for a couple years and have a 20g sitting around that I wanna use. I’ve been doing a bit of research but I’m still stumped on how many is too many My stocking idea: - 2 ocellaris clowns - 1 banggai cardinalfish - 1 longnose...
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