1. Bruno Sette

    Ugly sandbed - HELP!

    I got this reef for 18 months. Never cleaned the sand. The sandbed is Aragonite 2mm with 1'' height. I thought it was coralline algae in the sand, but i'm not sure anymore, it looks really ugly! Nitrates and phosphates 0 I showed this picture to a LRS owner and he think it might be a...
  2. CoralStop

    Cheapest Reef Safe Bulk sand

    Hello all, I am wondering what is the cheapest bulk sand that is reef safe? This will not be used as a sand bed but instead will be used to create some cement sand molds. I’m looking for something very fine like CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand but cheaper. CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium...
  3. Justin Williams

    Substrate or bare bottom

    Hi to all I am new to the saltwater aquarium hobby I am going with a 40 gallon breeder and currently making decisions on what I whant as far as equipment. My question is should I start with a substrate or bare bottom. Is one easier to keep stable over time then the other or dose it just take...
  4. Perpetual Novice

    Is shale rock not reef safe? Did it crash my friends tank?

    I was helping a friend of mine get into the hobby after he told me he wanted to keep a mantis shrimp. I built him a plan for his build and explained how everything works and all the “rigorous” processes and procedures he’d have to follow to set it up properly and maintain it. It’s a 13.5 gallon...
  5. AquaNerd

    How to Pick the Right Substrate for your Marine Aquarium

    If you are new to the hobby or you want to learn a little more about choosing the right substrate for your aquarium then take a look at this article from guest contributor, Robert Woods.
  6. Robert's Reef

    Anyone want some substrate?

    I'm replacing my current 4 year old sand bed with a larger sized grain. I've removed half. It's about 2 gal of sand. If you want it let me know. If you want to pay for it even better. I'm planning on replacing the other half next week, Tuesday 09/18. It's wet sand. I switched over to the...
  7. toybox22

    Which substrate size do you prefer?

    I've seen lots of debates on the type of substrates people use. I've personally always gone with a little bit bigger sized sand(middle pic) so I can have my powerheads going stronger. My local reef store however has changed all there display tanks to coral rubble as substrate(right pic) and they...
  8. BangedUp

    Don’t feel like it

    Only if you’ve done it .... how bad is it to use dry pink Fiji without rinsing ? It’s cold here in nj and I really don’t feel like doing it
  9. Brogratz

    Shroom box substrate

    I know I am not going crazy, but I can't think of the name for the life of me. I have a shroom box inc because I am tired of shrooms detaching. But I saw some stuff I really liked as substrate. Broken rock can work and I may go that route eventually. But there is some stuff that looks a bit like...
  10. Jim Harrison

    Not much on Caribsea Life Rock - what's your take?

    I've scoured this forum and read up on Caribsea Life Rock and that seems disproportionately little information compared to other topics here on R2R. Is that because not many people here use it? And if so, why not? Is it just not appealing to a large portion of reefers? Or is it just good...
  11. R

    Need Help Picking The Best Sand/Substrate!

    Hello, I'll be setting up my first tank and I need help picking a substrate. I have caribsea fiji pink and special grade in mind but I really dont know what is best. I will have two jabeo pp4's and my return pump does 400-800 gph. I will mainly have LPS and softies with maybe a couple SPS. I...
  12. Agraves77

    Is Live Sand Necessary?

    Do you have to use live sand? or can it be just a regular substrate? Thanks in advance
  13. Valkyrie


    I have live sand in all 3 DTs. I need to provide some "variety" for a few fish and so I've gotten some fine sand that is for SW and made a few piles of it. They like it. But I would like to add 2 other things but I'm not sure if it's ok. 1. I bought a canister of shell pieces. It appears to be...