1. Envisionist22

    Cube Build My Work in progress. 65G Cube

    Work in progress, 65 gallon 24x24x24 Cube. Painted stand to match my house, ordered a new LED Fixture Was using my biocube for comparison. A bunch of anthias and some coral this week along with a couple smaller powerheads. The end product is going to be a completely euphyllia dominant tank...
  2. Esquire805

    29 gallon tank with stand $70

    over time i have up graded a lot so i have this tank sitting in my house its a bit sandy inside but a good tank only was used for 9 months i also have a 20 gallon tall for sale for 15 dollars. this will be local pick up only zip is 90025 california
  3. MrReefBuster

    Build Thread 40 Breeder Reef

    Hey guys, here's my first post. I Have a 40 Breeder softie reef. I my channel in YouTube where I'm documenting my progression. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tKKyFqTLPszbBHLjfCQ-Q
  4. 1

    Check out the tanks

    Hey guys I'm just a kid lovin the hobby check out my Instagram 180_reef_beast I post my 180 reef often also starting a 75 gallon anemone tank should be fun and could also use some pointers ! Instagram ... 180_reef_beast
  5. jsbull

    Build Thread jsbull’s parent’s 500+ gallon L shaped monster build

    My parents have been long time saltwater fans and we had a tank throughout my childhood back in the early 90’s. They haven’t had one in a many years, while I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into the hobby. They’ve finally gotten the chance to build their dream home, and they wanted to put a massive...
  6. A

    Moving sale

    I have an entire salt water and fresh water aquarium set up for sale. I know I'm new here but I'm hoping to find a good home for this stuff. I'm in Mesa, but work in Phoenix. Two 110 gallon tanks with stands: $450 Reef Octopus BH2000 HOB protein skimmer: $140 2 Orbit Marine LED lights 48-60"...
  7. Seahorsekelly69

    Algae scrubbers are awesome for seahorse tanks!

    I need to learn how to blog here directly, but for anyone interested.....here's my scrubber set up and the reasons I love it! https://seahorsewhisperer.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/mother-nature-knows-best-seahorses-and-algae-go-hand-in-hand-algae-scrubbers-for-the-win/
  8. Justgottadiy

    Fun and easy project anyone can do

    Floating dropoff aquarium
  9. Angelo Fatica

    Aquarium Overhang?

    I just bought a 40 gallon br tank and have a stand that says it can support it. I measured the stand at 35.5 inches and the tank is 36 exactly. Is it ok to have the aquarium overhang .25 inches on each side? Width is perfectly fine, plenty of room. I had a 56 gallon column tank on it for about a...
  10. RickG

    Frag tank cycling

    hey guys! So I'm going to set up a 50 gal low boy as a frag tank and I was wondering when I'd be able to start putting in frags. I'm going to cycle it with live rock in the sump and leave it bare bottom to make it easier for maintence. My main concern is if i can put sps frags after it cycles...
  11. Luigi M. Scollo

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Luigi, from San Clemente, CA. I just set up a nano cube for my kids and I'm looking for the best price and most reliable frags supplier; your suggestions are much appreciated.
  12. TXReefer89

    Starting my reef life

    I'll start this off by saying I'm about a year into this hobby and I'm...hooked. First time poster to R2R. I need recommendations for a 220 gallon aquarium, see bottom for details. About a year ago I took an old 29 gallon tank off my dad's hands he had in some warehouse along with a few...
  13. Coral Hygiene

    Fish for 90 gallon reef tank?

    I'm setting up a new 90 gallon reef tank with a 30 gallon sump (protein skimmer, carbon and gfo reactors, refugium with chaetomorpha). Mixed reef, thinking mostly sps and lps and not sure what kind of reef safe fish to put in it. Here's what I m thinking so far: - Kole yellow eye tang -...
  14. Dalton Hunter


    So I have two dragonettes and they are both very fat and happy and eating live brine when I stock the tank every week. I want to stock the fuge with pods just they so they have a constant supply of something they like ( I like to spoil my babies ). Hooked on reefs has a free shipping sale on...
  15. Aaron Davis

    Cupramine got into display tank! Help!

    I'm at work. My wife called and said that the sump water level has gotten too low, so she put water into the sump to raise the level. The only one of my buckets that had water in it was the one that I've been using for the cupramine treatment for my quarantine tank. It had approx 2 gallons of...
  16. DipSpit

    Short Video from my 180g tank.

    I shot this on an extremely beat up and dirty Nikon D3S with a 24-70mm f2.8 - not mine but borrowed from work. I am a photographer professionally but capturing images and video in a tank is very challenging. I will post some images in the images thread in a little bit.
  17. Reef2zach

    Build Thread Zachs 220 "In Wall" Display

    I have a 220 gallon display with 75 gallon sump. this is my 2nd reef tank and and its taken me almost a year to get it up and running. It has pretty much sat empty in my basement untill i had enough funds to get it fixed and in my wall. Finally have it up and running and in the past few months...
  18. me2sweetie

    Need help plumbing tank

    We recently bought a 120 gallon tank that is drilled. It is our first drilled tank but have had saltwater tank in the past. My husband has epilepsy and Parkinson's and cannot plumb it but we are able to take care of it once it is plumbed. We live in Streator, IL if you can help it would be...
  19. kyleflahardy

    Dead tank

    I have two tanks. One that's a 5 gallon and one that's a 22 gallon. Yesterday I did water changed on both using the same water from one big batch. Anyways, about 4 hours after the water change the fish in the 5 gallon were struggleing. They could hardly breath and 2 fish died. The third (a...
  20. LiveWire

    Tank Breakdown. 180 Reef Ready with custom stand.

    I will be downsizing and breaking down my 180 gallon reef system. Eventually I will sell everything off beside a small tank that I will continue the hobby with. I have an all glass 180 72x24x24 with a custom stand. I will help the buyer load up the tank and stand. I will sell off my livestock...
  21. Aaron Davis

    Build Thread 55 gallon bowed front Reef build

    New to the hobby, so not too much to show. Working on my first reef tank. It's a 55 gallon bowed acrylic tank. The tank sits on a cherry stained wood stand. I bought the tank used which came with some equipment, 1 clown, and approximately 50 lbs. of live rock. Since receiving this tank in Nov...
  22. Aaron Davis

    Sump setup help!

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to this hobby so I am learning as I go. I purchased my tank setup used. It's a 55 gallon bowed front acrylic tank. It's on a solid wood stand with a 20 gallon sump tank below. So here's my question. My sump tank has baffles and all that were pre-placed by...
  23. theblackpearl

    Transfering my fish & coral to my new build....what should I do?

    I will be moving my fish/coral from my 125 to my 93 cube. 93 cube has been up and running for over a month. I used 50% old water from the 125 and 50% new water. 93 cube has new lighting , dead rock, & sand. What is the safest way to transfer fish and coral? What is the best way to keep cyano...
  24. Mpkid911

    Getting out of hobby sale high end equipment!

    This is my getting out of hobby sale so everything must go. I have everything needed for atleast 2 maybe 3 setups. I have a 55 gallon, 40 breeder bottom drilled and a 29 gallon side drilled. All have stands. I have 2 protein skimmers, a reef octopus 150sss nrand new, and a euro reef rs80 used...
  25. N

    220 gallon saltwater tank for sale

    220 gallon saltwater fish tank Comes with 1 shark and 1 eel and all accessories you could need! Comes with lights, and filters. Email for more information. [email protected]