1. R

    Testing Package Deal Drygoods Test Combo ! Hanna / Milwaukee / Redsea

    Hi guys .. i have a combo of hanna checkers and Milwaukee checker all eletronic also a red sea test kid foundation .. Everything has been used for like 1 month .. have also extra reagents included in the package . Im asking 225$ for the combo .. pick up in brooklyn or Manhattan … i also can...
  2. F

    Can I fill my new tank with hose water just to test for leaks??

    Hello, I just finished all the plumbing on my new 40 gal reef tank. I wanted to test and make sure there are no leaks and since I'm not ready because I'm still searching for rock, etc.. I wanted to run a test with just water from the hose and then drain it out when done testing. Once all my...
  3. B

    Oklahoma Testing Drygoods PRICE Drop--Hanna Master Test kit HI97105

    SOLD Price dropped to $175 We've switch our system over to Trident test and since then the Hanna is no longer being used. Works perfectly. You will need to order a few of the reagents since they are mostly gone although it still has the Nitrates reagents. Asking $215 shipped

    California Package Deal Drygoods NEPTUNE GEAR

    Hello, I had a catastrophic failure and we have decided to wait to rebuild so I'm selling everything off. Price includes shipping. To lower 48 2 reefbreeder photon v2 50 pro lights $ 1350 pair or $700 each Apex controller temp, salinity, ph, and orp probs. $400------ sold 1 PMK...
  5. chadfish

    Hanna Phosphate ULR blinking 0.00

    Hi all, Does anyone know what it means when the ULR Phosphate checker blinks 0.00? I’ve had a zero reading before, but never blinking.
  6. polyppal

    Lets talk real world value of ICP Testing / MicroBiome Testing, etc...

    How do you all feel about ICP testing (and now other types of lab aquarium testing, like microbiome testing and tank DNA tests)? While I could see the results as interesting, I don't really see the overall benefit/value in these types of expensive mail-away tests. Ive never bothered with one, I...
  7. reefsaver

    Is Anyone's Hanna Magnesium Checker Not Reading High?

    I've heard about the problem of Hanna's Magnesium colorimeter reading high and recently learned that you can fill out a form on the Hanna website to get them to send out a new Reagent to correct the issue. But has anyone not had to do this and is getting similar results to other tests they do? I...
  8. B

    Aquarium Controller Testing Drygoods Brand New GHL Profilix 4e Starter Set (White)

    Brand new in box, sealed. Asking 600. Will consider trades for new or lightly used G5/G6 XR 15 with Mount + some cash.
  9. SWherrey

    Testing Miscellaneous Drygoods Neptune Apex Trident (SOLD)

    Looking to sell my extra Neptune Trident. Only used for 3 months. Asking 450 with overnight shipping included. It’s just missing the 1Link cable which you can order online. I’ll include a 2-Month Reagent kit to make up for the cable
  10. B

    California Testing Drygoods Brand New Hanna ULR Phosphate Checker w/ Extra Reagent

    Brand new never used Hanna ULR Phosphate checker with a brand new box of reagent. Asking 65 shipped
  11. B

    California Testing Drygoods Brand New Hanna Phosphate ULR + Extra Reagent

    Brand new never used Hanna ULR Phosphate checker with a brand new box of reagent. Asking 65 shipped
  12. N

    Aquaculture asterina starfishh experiment

    I want more than anything to have a Harlequin Shrimp.. BUT I also don't want to feed it chocolate chip starfish every other week, that could get expensive and my partner thinks chocolate chip starfish are cute, so that eliminates that option. I have been looking into other ways to feed the...
  13. JonahDeMarco

    Which hanna phosphate checker should I get?

    Ok, so I know this is a highly debated topic, and ultimately most people recommend both ultra low range checkers, but my question is for a newly set up tank where phosphate could easily be above the maximum range of the ultra low range checkers (0.9ppm i believe). Would it be better to get the...
  14. Mostly Brand New Controllers, Lights, Test Kits and More

    For sale Mostly Brand New Controllers, Lights, Test Kits and More

    • Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White 5 0 0 • Brand New GHL Breeze 3 4 Fan Cooling Fan 10 0 • Apex Classic Bundle (display needs repair and new PH/ORP probes). 4 5 0 OBO • Brand New Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber (up to 180 gallons) 3 2 0 • Brand New Hanna Phosphate ULR + Extra...
    $10.00 to $500.00
  15. Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White and Apex Classic Bundle

    For sale Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White and Apex Classic Bundle

    Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White. Asking $600 shipped Brand New GHL Breeze 3 4 fan cooling fan, $120 shipped. Also have an Apex Classic comes with everything in the pic. Pm me with an offer
  16. Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Stater Set - White

    For sale Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Stater Set - White

    Brand new sealed in box GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White. Will ship at buyer’s expense.
  17. reefsaver

    Testing and adjusting PH before adding Salt?

    If I test my freshwater bucket for PH before adding salt to raise salinity and adjust to a desired PH, then add my salt. Would I be doing the wrong thing? like how much would salinity change my PH?
  18. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    What lighting for Salifert Test?

    The Salifert Ammonia Test is really hard to read for me between 0, <0.15, and 0.25. the readings look different in all types of lighting. Near the window it has a brownish hue to it, not deep brown, but you know... In a white lit room it can be white, yellow or brown depending which way I am...
  19. reefsaver

    The best/easiest to use Nitrate tester

    Hi all I was just looking for a tester, one that was better than the Hanna ULR Nitrate tester and found this. Does anyone have any experience with these or anything similar? Compact Nitrate Ion Meter LAQUA Twin - NO3-11 Product code: NO3-11 Compact Nitrate Ion Meter LAQUA Twin, compact meter...
  20. Muffin87

    How reliable are cheap TDS pens to test RO/DI in the 0 - 3 TDS range? Hanna Pure Water Tester?

    What is everyone here using to test the TDS of their RO/DI? Any tips or experiences concerning the reliability of cheap TDS pens? Would you trust a cheap HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter? Plenty of positive reviews, but a reviewer pointed out: The Hanna Pure Water Tester looks like a better...
  21. Courtney & David

    Test issues

    Anyone have their LFS tell them that their Alkalinity and Magnesium are low and should be dosed but your own test kits are telling you otherwise? Both LFS and myself are using Salifert test kits and testing the same water sample. Alkalinity: LFS 7.85 Me 8.3 Magnesium: LFS 1290 Me 1500+
  22. Ej Chavex

    Texas Testing IceCap Salanity Pen New

    Brand new never used ended up going with a Milwaukee instead. Asking 40.00
  23. M

    NT Labs test kits any good?

    Hey guys, i hope ive posted to the correct place, im new to the forum so thanks for having me :) im looking forward to getting to talk to others who have the same interest as me! im about to be setting up a little fluval evo mixed reef after being out of the hobby for a couple years and some...
  24. Louiemiller9


    So long story short I have been having some algae issues including red (cyno) and this new hair algae (will include photos). I know my tank is never going to be clean but this is starting to take over some of my frag plugs as well as my rockscape and has started to effect my corals and their...
  25. K

    Alabama Hannah Checker 3 Pack

    Hannah Checkers (just the checkers) Alk Calc w New Box of Titrates Phosphorus ULR These do not have titrates, except for the calcium which has a new one (others are expired and trash). $130 shipped in contiguous USA. Thanks!
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