1. MarineDepot

    TOP 6 TIPS For Aggressive FISH In Your Reef Tank | How to Assemble a Tranquil Saltwater Aquarium

    Are you looking for the best way to curb aggression in your Reef Tank? Marine Depot's very own Manny is here to share some tips! Check out this video and the rest of our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on the newest tips, tricks, and trends in the aquarium keeping hobby. Be sure to subscribe...
  2. M

    EMERGENCY Red flame mushroom

    Hey guys. I can’t get my red flame mushroom to open up all the way. At first it was doing really great but the past week or so it hasn’t really expanded at all. Any tips?
  3. W

    First saltwater reef tank

    This is my first saltwater reef tank that I’ve ever done I would like some opinions on it or some suggestions and tips
  4. lazycouch

    fish suggestions??

    hello! i own a 30 gallon tank (about 1 month in after cycle) and currently have an oscellaris clown + banggai cardinal , 2 small hermits, and one cleaner shrimp as well as some leathers and zoas. i’m ready to start researching another fish and thought it might be cool to get inspiration from...
  5. palbert_95

    First reef tank tips

    Hello, I just got my first reef tank all set up a month and a half ago, yesterday I added my first load of lifestock Hubert-Royal Gramma Julio Seizure chavez- firefish goby Mr. Whisker - banded coral shrimp And am waiting for a snowflake ocellaris that I had to special order from my local fish...
  6. N

    Anemone advice

    so I bought a green bubble tip anemone for my tank. I’ve never had an anemone before and I just wanted to know if people have any tips for keeping a healthy anemone. At the moment it is currently in a good spot , it hasn’t been moving around . I keep the flow low just enough for the corals I...
  7. MontanaReefer406

    Tell me about your tank...

    Yesterday my first reef tank turned a year old. It's a 20 gal hex, low tech tank. Had some road bumps but I figured a huge success for a newbie. Over the year, I learned when to intervene and when to leave the tank alone. How old are your tanks? And what valuable lessons have you learned over...
  8. MontanaReefer406

    Hello New to R2R. Asking for tips?

    Hi! My name is Sam and I have been in the hobby for a year now. I have a low tech nano tank, that started out a little rough but now i would say has been a success. Its a 20 gal hex and custom stand and light mount done myself. Ive successfully kept some easy SPS and am trying out montipora now...
  9. Jerry Ebner

    Working on new build

    Hello, I am working on a new build my system is similar to what BRS is doing for the Low maintenance tanks. The tank is a 60 gallon Marineland cube with the Marineland stand( DIY isnt my thing so I will live with the stand. It has one drain and one return line drilled in to the bottom of the...
  10. Nico Ellis

    Overcrowded my 20 gallon long? (Don't judge me to hard.)

    *For starters i would like to say that there is no fighting in my tank, they all actually have a good amount of space im more concerned about the bioload in the 20 gallon, so give me tips, please. So, Basically to put it simply i fear that i have over populated my 20 gallon long tank. These are...
  11. Aaron Davis

    Golden Dwarf Moray Eel Quarantine

    Hey all, I got super lucky and will be purchasing a Golden Dwarf Moray Eel from a LFS here and was wondering about quarantine methods. I reviewed some quarantine threads and have done so before for fish, but never for eels. I want to make sure that I do this right the first time around...
  12. kyleflahardy

    Mandarin Goby fish diet

    I ordered a mandarin goby fish that will be in this Friday. I was doing some reading and I have discovered that they have a quite complicated diet. Apparently they're very pickey fish and will only eat certain things on certain diets. Please let me know what and how you feed your mandarin gobys...