1. E

    Fragging toadstool ,is this aiptasia?

    Is this aiptasia? I've never fragged a coral before. Am I right in thinking I can cut the base of this leather toadstool to remove the plug area where the aiptasia is n discard. And then super glue the toadstool to a rock fragment. I want to check before I accidentally kill the toadstool. Thanks...
  2. Smirkish

    Toadstool recovery following Rapa Rapa removal

    Does anyone have experience with Rapa Rapa snails and Sarcophyton? I have a toadstool coral that I added to my tank back in the middle of March. I purchased it from a LFS I was unfamiliar with so I did dip it prior to adding it to my tank with Seachem Reef Dip. It went through a fairly rapid...
  3. D

    What’s wrong with my toadstool?

  4. V

    Leather dying after dragging it

    Is my leather dying and if it is what can I do I dragged it for the first time and this is the next day it is defenetly shedding and it is completely lumped of never seen him like this
  5. N

    Toadstool leather help

    Hello, it’s my first time posting a thread so if I miss anything please say, I have been a bit worried about my new toadstool since it has been closed ever since I got it which was three days ago, my only conclusion is that when I was trying to get the leather out of the bag into the dipping...
  6. Sleeping Giant

    Big toadstool fragging

    I'm contemplating fragging my toadstool, it's 18" across and has been trying to self frag for months, but has not been successful. All it has done is make holes in itself. I would like to know what and how to do it? I've watched the video from @Tidal Gardens and others on YouTube. I would like...
  7. Tiwo

    California North Carolina Livestock Trade Tank Cracked looking for help

    Im not sure where to put this thread so apologies if its in the wrong place. This morning I woke up to my 40g tank leaking drip by drip. Im in the El Dorado Hills Area and are in need of a tank to house my coral and fish. If you want to buy them I'm also open to that. I currently have 2 clowns...
  8. J

    Clownfish Hosting Toadstool

    Are there any good tips on how I can get my clownfish pair (ocellaris) to host my toadstool leather? It’s massive I would say about 7 inches across, and was wondering if there’s anyway I could get them to do it. Thank you!
  9. NickV34

    Green toadstool leather not coming out

    Ever since I added another light onto my reef tank, my toadstool leather has not come out. I slowly introduced the light to the reef but it still didn’t come out. Help!
  10. CaliDanhReef

    California Leathers and softies coral

    Selling my finger leather $20 toadstool $10 green sinularis $30 Cabbage leather $30 pickup only no shipping at 94087, pm for more detail Bay Area
  11. S

    Leather Coral Scabs

    Hello, I have a toadstool leather that has developed these gross looking "scabs". Out of curiosity I took it out of the tank and was able to peel some of them off with a knife. The coral seems pretty much undamaged underneath (so far at least). My question is what is this and what is the...
  12. keb10d

    Dead Toadstool?

    Hi! I’ve had this toadstool leather for maybe six months now.. it started out tall and upright but over the past couple month it’s super slumped over and not opening. It looks like his base is starting to shrivel too, it used to stick perfectly in the hole. I’ve tried moving him and nothings...
  13. J

    Leather not looking good for some reason

    My leather isn't looking good. It has been hiding for a week, and today it looks shrunken. Not sure what the deal is. Salt 34 Ammonia, nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Phosphate 0.1 Calcium 480 Magnesium 1450
  14. N

    Leather Toadstool peeling?

    Hi all, I have had this leather coral for a couple of months now. It is on the bottom of the tank so I dont think it is bleaching... All polyps are out during the day as you can see from the pics but at night the polyps withdraw and the skin seems to be shedding/receding. Is anything wrong with...
  15. wvfeefkeeper80

    Toadstool Troubleshooting

    I’ve had “Toadstool” for almost six months and he’s done beautifully. Normal behavior of droop and shed. This shed though, I saw some darkness around his cap. Is Toad getting sick? Dying? There are sponges at the base, but they’ve delved deeper into the rock, not up his stalk. Thoughts...
  16. LaraLouM

    Toadstool not standing straight

    My toadstool used to stand up tall, but now it’s stalk is almost horizontal. We haven’t made any changes to the tank, and have had the toadstool since it’s head was about the size of an egg. Is it too top heavy? Not enough light? Too close to the xenia?
  17. B

    Leatherback Toadstool Browning Out, Algae after moving to tank.

    I have recently set up a new tank with cycled water and have moved all livestock into it. My leatherback toadstool is not looking too good, and has seemed to crumple up, brown out, and have algae grow on it for the past four days or so (see pics attached). The tissue seems to be shrunken about...
  18. Ocean_dreamer89

    Toadstool not opening up all the way

    Hello! I’ve had this toadstool leather for about 5 months. It looks like it’s doing well and has grown considerably, however the polyps are not opening up all the way. They are extended but the green part has never been visible since I brought it home. When I picked it out at the LFS it had the...
  19. N11morales

    Green weeping willow toadstool

    A local reefer is selling frags of this weeping willow toadstool. I was wondering if this is a good price or overpriced. He is selling them for 200$ a frag.
  20. Mtrimble7

    I need help please.

    Been having so many issues. I've read and read and watched videos but something isn't right. Here's my parameters followed by my issues and pictures. Any help and advice would help. Thanks in advance. MG 1440 Alk 9.8 Ca 490 Nitrate 0-5 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Salinity 35 Red sea reefer max 260...
  21. lazycouch


    hey guys i have a 30 gallon nano with 3 zoas colonies, 2 finger leathers, a toadstool, and a mushroom. i was wondering what anyone has used and experienced beautiful growth color and overall health with? i just purchased reefroids and am considering searching for other supplements etcetera...
  22. Sleeping Giant

    My Enormous Toadstool Leather Coral

    I love this Coral, it's roughly 12-14" across Camera: Huawei P20 Pro, no filter Lights: Fluval 3.0 & 1.0
  23. KustomAquarium

    USA WTB Solomon island weeping toadstool

    Looking for a Solomon island weeping toadstool, preferably the white coloration.
  24. Sleeping Giant

    Hello Greetings

    Hello everyone Been a saltwater Aquarium enthusiast since 2012, had ups and downs a plenty, restarted this February with my 1 year old established 75 gallon tank. Here is what I have currently, and what equipment I am using. I know, I sump or refugium, that will be added whenever I...
  25. The_Barrs_Reef

    Toadstool coral help.

    Hi everyone I'm having 2 issues with my toadstool. Last night it was looking healthy and stong and this moring its not extending polyps at all.. on top of this issue i just noticed 3 lumps on the skin of it and a small needle hole. Nothing has changed in my tank and its been in the same spot...