trigger fish

  1. J

    I don’t know what’s on my redtoothed trigger fish

    I just got a red tooth niger trigger fish about 5 days ago and added it to my 125gal tank with my porcupine puffer and snowflake eel. They are all juvenile still so that’s why they are in a “smaller” tank. Anyway I noticed over the past few days that my trigger will randomly twitch very fast to...
  2. Leo95

    Can i add MALE Bluethroat trigger with established Female?

    So the description basically says it all. I have a 150 gallon FOWLR system at the moment. Fish are: 2Clowns, 1 Onespot Foxface, 1 Smith's Blenny, 1 Powder Brown Tang, 1 Blue eyed kole tang,1 Adorned Wrasse, 1 Female Bluethroat Triggerfish. The triggerfish BEAUTIFUL but hides anytime she...
  3. Sahan Serendib Marine

    Is this a Trigger Hybrid?

    Can the experienced aquarist here shed some light on this variation or the species of this trigger? Please tag anyone who might have some knowledge on it. Thanks
  4. F

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish Pair

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 3" male and female Blue Jaw Triggerfish. I want to make sure my tank is big enough to house both as they get bigger. Display tank is 160g (71" L x 25.6" W x 23.6" H) . Looking for some feedback.
  5. Reefer5640

    Help Choosing Stock Please

    so I’m just finishing up a new 120 gal “consolidation” build. I took all 7 of my tanks down and consolidated bits of each into one tank. It was getting to be too much and overtaking my life. The problem with consolidating everything into one tank is that I can’t decide on which fish to keep. My...
  6. stevepaynr84

    Let's see them triggers!

    So having just got a blue throat (blue jaw) trigger I'm instantly obsessed! So let's see what everyone else has got (and any interesting tank mates) I'll start the ball rolling with "Bluey McBlueface" (thank my 4 year old son for the name!)
  7. Reef2zach

    Build Thread Zachs 220 "In Wall" Display

    I have a 220 gallon display with 75 gallon sump. this is my 2nd reef tank and and its taken me almost a year to get it up and running. It has pretty much sat empty in my basement untill i had enough funds to get it fixed and in my wall. Finally have it up and running and in the past few months...
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