1. 2manyideas

    Build Thread 75 gal. stocking help

    I am helping my friend decide on a stocking list for his new tank. He is upgrading from a 36 gallon bowfront to a 75 gallon. The 75 is equipped with a sump. The fish he is moving from the 36 to the 75 once it is cycled are a 8-10 inch snowflake eel and a rust angel. The tank was just filled and...
  2. J

    Help with lighting

    Right now I have a bio cube 32 with a AI prime 16 but I'm upgrading the tank to a waterbox merine x 60.2, right now I mainly have zoas, lps and a few sps but would the one prime 16 be enough light when I want to add some acro? Or be better off adding a 2ed 16 prime Or used the one 16hd...
  3. mshonk

    Large Build SPS Dominant Upgrade to 180g

    I am fortunate enough to have been given a 180g tank. It was a fresh and is older but I haven't ever focused on having top notch equipment. Free its for me! The game plan is to take my current set up which is a 40g breeder, 60g frag tank, 10g satellite tank, and a 2 long sump and put it into the...
  4. MoKan Reefer

    Missouri WTB WANTED: Orphek Internals

    I'm looking for any and all parts from the full size Atlantik or Compact fixtures people have no use for, working or not! Led boards whether all of the diodes work or not, control boards, pc cards, fans, antennas, etc... With the new Orphek Icon fixtures hitting the market, I know a lot of...
  5. P

    Upgrading to a larger tank! 300 litres+

    Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone! I currently have a Waterbox 25, and a Red Sea Max nano (running two nanos it looks like I am a sucker for punishment!). I am looking to replace the Max Nano with a larger, and hopefully more stable tank. I am considering a few options, and would...
  6. Sureshot

    Build Thread Tank Upgrade

    New here wanted to go ahead and introduce myself and my tank. I live in South Florida I’ve had a saltwater aquarium for about 15 years it was a 94gal corner tank. It was used when I got it and it lasted 15 years and then it unfortunately sprung a leak. So it was time for a full upgrade. Upgraded...
  7. Bankertanker

    Tank Upgrading from 10 GL to a 20 long

    Hey everyone, I started reefing about 2 months ago, i currently have a 10GL in my office with a pair of clowns one damsel and a goby, and some soft coral and we are looking to upgrade to a 20GL, (That is the max capacity allowed), My goal is to get more in the tank and give the fish more...
  8. P

    Build Thread Will's 100 Gallon Reef Tank

    Posting my 100 gallon mixed reef tank here. I have been at it for years but recently figured out that good lighting means I can grow more corals. Now its time to move the tank to replace the flooring in the house. Maybe I can get some tips on how to improve upon the tank. I have some great ideas.
  9. jRatanak

    Build Thread ELOS 100 Upgrade

    Hey all! I am currently in the middle of piecing together an upgrade and figured I'd document the process and share my experiences along the way! A Little Background: My current system is an Innovative Marine Fusion 40 AIO tank. I've had it running for a bit over 2 years, and as well as it's...
  10. Lemons

    Tank Upgrading!

    howdy, folks! I'm thinking of upgrading my reef because I'm apparently never happy with what I have lol. My current tank is a 90 gal 4' x2 'x18" with a 30-gallon sump. I was browsing on my local classified and saw a whole bunch of great deals for tanks that are 200Gal+ for under 1000$...
  11. LxHowler

    Tank upgrade. Will I need to cycle again?

    I currently have a 30gallon cube tank with a pair of clown fish, bunch of clean up crew and coral. I am currently in the planning stage of upgrading it to an 80 gallon tank and had a few questions about upgrading. The tank has about 10kg of live rock and about 4kg of bio media (ceramic rings...
  12. Sakudo4

    Tank upgrade

    So I'm upgrading from a 60g to a 120g Obviously I will be needing more water to fill it up and I plan to use most of my old water and of course my rocks, coral, and fish and new sand . My only debate is I have to make water but I can't make it all at once and it is a slow process. My plan is...
  13. Waterbox Aquariums

    How To: Transfer an Existing AIO Aquarium to a Sump System | Upgrading the ORA Build - JOIN US TO WIN A WATERBOX SWAG BAG!

    Hello, R2R! We've got a new mini series airing this week, featuring our friends at ORA. For our first episode, we will be discussing the benefits of choosing a system with a sump! Learn more about aquaculture and the future of the hobby with Waterbox and ORA on Wednesdays (6:00 PM EST) as...
  14. BirdGuy21

    Build Thread SCA 150 - The Biggest Upgrade Yet

    My JBJ 45 had been running well for what will be three years come November. It’s been a great first saltwater tank but I had the urge to upgrade fairly soon after setting it up. I started seriously researching tank manufacturers and equipment around this time last year and sat down to create a...
  15. kittenbritches

    Build Thread kittenbritches' Reefing Journey

    Update: Once I added a HOB refugium to my sumpless 40B, it was game over. The tank started leaking within a week because the extra weight pulled the tank too far out of level. As such, I upgraded to a Red Sea Reefer 250. If you'd like to start there, click here. If you'd like to read through my...
  16. N

    fluval spec 60 light upgrades ?!

    Not too sure if I have put this in the right forum but here goes: I own a fluval spec 60, similar to the fluval sea evo however it is slightly taller therefore has a more (and I mean about 8 lol) litres. Also the evo has a much better light. it is newly setup, and I’m already scratching my...
  17. Drew P. Wiener

    Calling All AIO Dudes

    Hello everyone, It's been a hot minute since I've really been active on here but I come back today with a question, or rather, I'm seeking some advice. I've been in the hobby for a little while now and by no means consider myself anything but a beginner. I've had my Current setup since last...
  18. K

    Switching tanks

    Currently I have a 55 gal with a 20 or so gal sump running. I’m about to get a used 90 gal display with 30 gal sump. My home is quite small so it would need to be right where my current one is. I’ve read up on some old threads about using buckets and such which I will for the fish and live rock...
  19. jeg2105

    Upgrading to the Red Sea Max E260 - Same day tank transfer

    Hey Reefers! 2020 started with me taking a new job where I thought taking a paycut would pay off in the end, lockdown started a few weeks later. 2020 ended like it did for many of you, with a lot of downs and some ups. 2021 started with me getting laid off - rough patch was turning darker. I...
  20. Gonj

    CaribSea Arag-Alive Hawaiian Black Sand

    I’m upgrading my tank from a 37g to an 85g system my 37g hasn’t been running for long I started with black sand per recommendation at a lfs. However now that I have this new tank I was looking at sand options and I’m seeing a lot of hate on black sand and how it’s known for messing with water...
  21. Erik-Reefer

    Red Sea 900 3 XL Build

    Getting read to do a pretty big upgrade. I currently have a 90 gallon leather dominated reef tank that I will be upgrading to a Red Sea 900 3XL. Going to be a fun project!!!
  22. adamlodge14

    Upgrade pump for Fluval evo?

    What pumps are good for a Fluval evo (to upgrade)?
  23. S

    Red Sea Max 130D - Hoodless and Upgrading to LED

    Hi Everyone! I am starting to this hobby with my friend's red sea max 130d. I am trying to put everything together for the aquarium before I start. I upgraded circulation pump to 340 gph high efficiency pump. I bought InTank media for filter. I got the Tunze 9001 protein skimmer. After I put...
  24. LVReef

    Large Build LVReef's CDA 225 gal 72x30x24 tank upgrade!

    I finally got the OK to upgrade from a 40B tank to my dream 225G 72x30x24 tank. I've had my 40B for 2.5 years now and since I'm still hooked to this hobby, I'm going to take it to the next level. Please take a look at my proposed build and make suggestions. It will be a mixed tank with SPS, LPS...
  25. lrp693

    Will This Work? (Fluval Evo 13.5 Filtration Upgrade)

    Hello all, I am looking into upgrading the stock filtration on my Fluval Evo 13.5. I have been running the stock system for around 1.5 years and I am not seeing the kind of results I would like to. I believe there are too many nutrients building up in the stock sponge. Here is the diagram of...