1. L

    Atlantik V2.1 with Gateway2

    Hello I have two Atlantik v4 Compact controlled by wifi and the gateway 2 but i bought a atlantik V2.1 on ebay and i am not sure if i can control it with the same app and gateway as the V4. I was reading about a upgrade of the V2.1 to V4 but i dont know if it is necessary to controll with the...
  2. MidwestReefer1989

    Nano Build 2 Month Update on my Build for my Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon

    Hello Everyone, So I am about 2 months into the hobby and it feels like its been an eternity since I started but I have learned so much and have tried things that some people have told me not to try and have been successful so I am going to share my recent photos of my build and hopefully you...
  3. Stang67

    How long did you wait?

    Also why did you choose that time frame and from what size to what size?
  4. ConorE

    Newbie! Upgrading my 140L to a 650L... any tips?

    The title says it all really! I'm moving from my current 200L non-sump using a HOB filter to a Cleair 650L sumped system. Current fish are Yellow Tang, Koran Angel, Fire Angel, Coral Beauty, Clown, Sand Sifting Goby and Blue Damsel. Any tips on CUC and best practices for the larger tank...
  5. Santiimari

    Are there any “Long” style rimless tanks over 40G

    Hi reef team! I really love the look of long tanks, but I only see them as being found rimless around 21~30 gallons. Is there any company or brand you know of where I can order or purchase a long style tank of around 40/50 gallons? Hoping for something around $700 or so. Even if it’s more please...
  6. RRTV-Cody

    Reasons to change lights?

    There are many reasons we keep or change out our lighting on our reefs, I'm curious as to why others out there might decide its the right time to swap out fixtures.
  7. alimac122

    Build Thread Ali's 90g Cube Build

    So. I purchased a 90g tank sumpstand and accessories for $400 from a guy that’s going an upgrade/downgrade from 5 tanks to 2. It was too good to be true. so everything is loaded up, and I’m taking it home. I’m super excited to move my 36 to a 90. well. We get the stand in the front door and...
  8. thejebster

    Going To Purchase The Fluval EVO 13.5gal

    Hi everyone! Happy that I found a form that I can talk with people with a similar interest! I am new with saltwater, although I do I have family that has saltwater tanks. I am set to do my first tank with little help as possible from them! :) So I am purchasing a Fluval EVO 13.5 and I was...
  9. Stu_Tanks

    55 to 75 upgrade. ADVICE NEEDED

    hey guys! So I recently built a new stand for my 55 gallon. I realized that if I want to upgrade my tank this would be the time. So I bought a new 75 aqueon at the PetCo sale. ive never done a big upgrade like this. But this is my plan so far. I’m going to have 30gallons of fresh salt water...
  10. ifunk

    Can I move rock from a tank with dinos to a new tank?

    Greetings! I have an established 37 gallon reef tank that recently had an outbreak of dinoflagellates (Ostreopsis). Unfortunately, the tank also has a seal that is going bad (developing some larger bubbles), and so I'm using these circumstances as an opportunity to upgrade to a larger 130.4...
  11. El_Guapo13

    Build Thread 29 gallon upgrade...sorta

    So this past Friday (January 31st), I came home from work to find some water on the floor around my 16 gallon Biocube. I looked, and sure enough there was a leak. The next day, I bought some aquarium silicone sealant and bought a 29 gallon tank from Petco along with a cheap 30 gallon HOB filter...
  12. Angelo Fatica

    Build Thread My 25 Gallon Build Thread

    Hello all! Recently I've noticed that my current tank has started to get air in the silicone seals and I figured that maybe a tank upgrade would be appropriate. I want to do things right this time. I am going to be upgrading from an IM Nuvo 20 to a Lagoon 25. Since I did not have enough pictures...
  13. Angelo Fatica

    AIO Build 20-30 Gallon AIO Upgrade Suggestions

    Hello all, I have a Nuvo Fusion 20 that has started to get air in the silicone seals in various spots around the tank. The tank itself is about 4 years old and has seen many different tank scapes and environment types. I was looking at switching it out with another tank, but I am unsure if I...
  14. Cque2222

    Looking for lights on my 13.5 nano

    Hey all I’m looking for a led light for my 13.5, right now I’m debating between the ai prime with a gooseneck and the kessil tuna blue, but without buying a controller. Are these my best options? I’m growing pretty easy corals from Duncan favia zoas hammer and may eventually want to grab an...
  15. R

    Tank Upgrade Cycle - Please Help!! Need Advice!

    Hi guys. 4 days ago I upgraded from a 50 litre tank to a 96 litre. New sand bed, old rock + a new piece of live rock, 25 L of old water and the rest new water. I transferred my clownfish and coral over. I have lost a xenia and possibly losing my GSP frag. My clownfish are acting normal and...
  16. TrevorHorn19

    Red Sea MaxE-260 skimmer upgrade?

    Has anyone upgraded from their default skimmer in the Red Sea MaxE-260? Mine just isn’t consistent. The tank has a behind the back sump so the skimmer would have to have a small foot print.
  17. Stang67

    IM Nuvo upgrade?

    Hello everyone. I am planning to upgrade my 29g to a larger system in the next 6 months. I started small to make sure that I had time enough to devote to the hobby and to make sure I enjoyed it. I am looking at either the IM Nuvo Int or Ext series (50 or 75). I see one has an external overflow...
  18. Fisker

    Upgrading from a 10 to a 20 long...

    Hello! So, I've actually got a 10 gallon set up with a single false perc, a few coral, an RFA, and a few inverts. I enjoy the tank, but I'd actually like to introduce a second clown, and I feel as if a pair of false percs deserves a bit more space than a 10 can provide (long-term). So, even...
  19. Mal11224

    Mike’s 171 gallon Waterbox Peninsula

    So, I ventured into that wonderful world of tank upgrades. I upgraded from my 70g cadlights II tank to a Waterbox 5226 peninsula. I'll be the first to say that it was quite challenging and took me nearly all day to do it. I found myself worrying and stressing during the whole process. But...
  20. Steven91

    Reef Octopus vs Sicce

    I am upgrading my whole sump area with a new sump, compact theiling rollermat, might do a uv sterilizer, and a new pump. I pretty much have everything picked out other than the pump. I do love the idea of a DC pump to where I can turn up or down the flow based on what I am seeing and they use...
  21. A_Poythress

    Nano Build Recife Eco 24G AIO - Adding a sump?

    Hey, I have had this Recife Eco AIO for about a year now and am growing more and more frustrated with the small sump in the back. Is there a way for me to incorporate a sump on this tank (without breaking it down) rather easy? Money isn't really an issue, and the only reason I am not simply...
  22. M

    AIO tanks for advanced hobbyst

    Hi all Been meaning to start this pool for a while... So I have a 90 gallon system with sump running for a couple of years, and my wife and I really enjoy it. The only problem is that I would love to spend much more time on it but I just can't. That can be noticed by how the rocks are not...
  23. Narzyzz_12

    AIO Build Nuvo 10g Continuation of a Z&P Garden

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BnwsnLGBXE5/?taken-by=narzyzz_12 Tank:IM Nuvo 10 Light:AI Prime Heater:Cobalt 100W Temperature Controller: Ink Bird Circulation Pump: Tunze NanoStream 6040 Controllable Pump Return Pump: Tunze Recirculation Pump Silence 1073.008 Skimmer:none Water Change Schedule: 2g...
  24. Wilsonfeliz

    Hydra LEDs replace / upgrade

    Hi folks! I picked up two old AI Hydra 1st Gen recently for cheap because Royal Blue channel doesnt work, so I decided to find out if I could repair it. After several tests, find that the problem is the burned out LED, so I have to replace them. I will need some XT-E Royal Blue LEDs, where...
  25. smartwater101

    is the AquaEuro APEX chiller compatible w/ apex? & what is the difference from the regular chiller?

    Its time to upgrade my chiller and I've been using an AquaEuro for some time. I'm also getting an APEX EL. While shopping I notice AquaEuro has 2 versions of their chillers. The typical chiller and an APEX chiller. The apex chiller seems to be a stronger build but I also assumed it had...
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