1. J

    Yellow tang in hospital tank, unsure of issue

    Hello, I have made a couple posts and comments about this, but figured I'd give it one last try to see if people can maybe help me pin point the issue my tang is having. Here's a breakdown. About 6 days ago I noticed my YT hiding in the shade and not eating normally. Usually very active...
  2. J

    Yellow tang, please help

    Hello, My yellow tang (I've had for 7 months or more) has recently stopped eating, scratching, and has been hiding under rocks in the shadow areas. I caught it tonight, and put it into qt in 1.00 copper power. I am attaching a video of it in QT, and I'm wondering what the red is in its bottom...
  3. ElderMillennial

    EMERGENCY New Gem Tang…. Is this velvet disease?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading these forums a lot for the past few years… but this is my first post. thank you for the help last and present…. got a New Gem Tang. She has been quarantined for almost 3 weeks while her tank is getting aquascaped… I noticed this on her face yesterday… I can’t...
  4. reefnewb70

    Ich/Velvet ?

    I noticed the three fish has a spotted coating on them last evening that from morning pictures seemed not existent. Sent LFS a message and so we monitored. Woke up this morning found one dead, on later died and one clinging to life. We have this blue tang (dead), Japanese Swallowtail (dead)...
  5. F

    EMERGENCY Infected Porcupine Puffer can anyone help out ?

    I got this Blue Pelagic Porcupine puffer about 2 weeks ago, it came in like this I am assuming it's ich? It's been in a QT the entire time, I have dropped the Salinity Slowy to 1.009 using a Refractometer Assuming it's ich. It's been at 1.009 for 3 days so far doesn't look better at all, it kind...
  6. Gonj

    Hole in Wrasse?!

    I noticed my wrasse had a little hole in hit top fin yesterday, didn’t think much of it dismissed it as probably scuffing himself up while burying himself. Today the hole is considerably larger and he has a white circle in his side. I have 4 other fish none of which show similar symptoms and the...
  7. ChristieM

    Life after velvet.

    So my newest tank had velvet and the very last fish, (there was only 3 but still sad), died. I loathe velvet with every fiber of my being. Now, I’m wondering what to do. I want to change the substrate anyway so I thought I would chick the old and start new, change the filter/media and let it...
  8. D

    Ich survived quarantine so now i need guidance on ich management

    hey everyone, i have been quarantining a hippo tang for more than half a year now that i suspected had ich he has been through 2 rounds of 30 day copper then a transfer to a new tank and hybrid ttm 2x, freshwater dip, and a month or two of observation. never actually looked like he had ich...
  9. gettergejetter

    Detect ich, velvet etc. in healthy looking DT?

    Hi reefers, in an other thread @bboileau92 hinted me to the microbiome test from Aquabiomics which is able to detect pathogens in an aquarium. Now I wonder if there are other ways to know/detect if there are some "dormant" pathogens/parasites like ich, velvet, flukes etc. in a completely...
  10. katiestl

    EMERGENCY Disease identification and treatment help

    One week ago, I added a gem tang, a mandarin and a blenny. Everything was just fine before then. Sunday, the gem tang got stuck to the side of my powerhead and died Monday. Also died Monday, the mandarin. Tuesday, I lost my blue eyed kole tang. so right then I started treating for ich with...
  11. Gonj

    New to Quarantining Help

    I recently started the hobby and lost my pair of clowns due to velvet, I made the mistake of not quarantining and will never make it again. My question is do I have to quarantine incoming fish in a established tank? I just got a quarantine tank and am setting up I intend to treat incoming fish...
  12. KGV

    Quarantine poll

    Most of us believe that quarantining your fish is the best approach to avoid diseases wiping out our entire tank. I think most will agree on that. But ... does it also safe more fish lives overall?
  13. M

    What to do after velvet outbreak

    Hey guys..... After my tank got struck with velvet I lost all of my fish except 2 wrasses and a yellow watchman goby. the last fish died over one month ago. So I think they are save so far.... Now ive got the big problem that some people say that this 3 fish will still remain as hosts. But I...
  14. D

    EMERGENCY Is this Ich or Velvet?

    My tang came down with this about 10 days ago and it spread to my blue jaw trigger, royal gramma, and both clowns. The gramma has since passed. The fish are clearly distressed but still take food.
  15. D

    Torn on hippo tang treatment

    ive been quarantining this hippo tang for 2.5 months now and everything else ive quarantined (in different tanks) that i bought at the same time as the hippo had been fully cured and are now in the DT. sadly i cant say the same thing for the hippo. the hippo has been a pig, eating alot, since...
  16. VanCityReef

    EMERGENCY Help with Unhappy Yellow Tang

    Hey guys, I have a Yellow tang that is in a 20G QT with two small clowns and is very unhappy. She has what looks like ich on her fin and eye, torn dorsal fin, and these . I treated them with Praziquantel for 8 days, they have been treated with "Coper Power" at 2.0ppm for two weeks now. She eats...
  17. D

    EMERGENCY Marine Velvet Fallow period

    If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have velvet wipe your whole tank, can you just cycle out your tank with freshwater for a couple days to kill any parasites in the sand? I’ve seen a lot of post recommending to soak your rocks and other tank objects in freshwater for 48hrs so why not do the...
  18. C

    Velvet qt tank

    Hello, So This is a little big of a long story. I have a quarantine tank up because I have velvet in my display tank. It has been a little over 6 weeks. I have extended by 2 weeks since i have made the mistake of putting my hand from qt to the other to my dt. My hand may have been dry but I was...
  19. livcooley123

    Coral beauty with ich?

    Hi all, I’m in need of some advice. I’ve been in the hobby for only a few months now and I have a 75 gallon fish only tank with two clowns, a damsel, a cardinal, and a coral beauty. Everyone in the tank has been happy and healthy so far (knock on wood). The only major issue I had prior to...
  20. livcooley123

    Advice re: coral beauty in qt

    Hi all, I’m in need of some advice. I’ve been in the hobby for only a few months now and I have a 75 gallon fish only tank with two clowns, a damsel, a cardinal, and a coral beauty. Everyone in the tank has been happy and healthy so far (knock on wood). The only major issue I had prior to these...
  21. Noob_Sam

    QT Invertebrates and green mandarine

    Hello, So I wanted to get a couple more snails and crabs for my reef tank but I don't want the risk of them bringing parasites into my tank. I know ich and velvet cant live on them but I heard that it can live for some time on their shells? Is this true? and I wanted to know how do I QT them...
  22. Ctafesh

    Help please

    Hi all, was hoping you could help me figure out what is going on......posted a video so you could see. Some fish have white spots, but it looks like too many to be Ich and the clowns have a couple black spots They’re still eating, but not as ravenously as usual. They’re in QT and we are trying...
  23. Scape

    TTM FOR VELVET(AND ICH) question, please help!

    Hey guys I was wondering if someone could really help any replies would be highly appreciated! So I'm about to start doing the Ttm for Velvet everythings ready I just had a few questions which if possibly answered could really help me, First question, can I do the the 36 hours any less then 36...
  24. A

    What killed this Flame Angelfish?

    I recently bought a Flame Angelfish that unfortunately passed in less than a day. I was wondering what killed it. I noticed that it was breathing pretty quickly and had white bubbles all over it. Attached is the best picture I could get of it, you might notice some of it on the tail. I brought...
  25. N

    Help with my blue tang - ich, velvet, flukes??

    Hi guys, I got this fish from Liveaquaria about 20 days ago and after 2 days of being in QT we moved it to the my new DT tank. It had a wound on it's side from trying to go under the rock so I treated the entire tank with Seachem Paraguard for 10 days. Things got better after the 4th day of... shop rare & farmed corls