1. F

    Velvet or Brooklynella? - Help with Diagnosis

    Hi All - Long time lurker, first time poster on R2R. I have a pair of clowns, one of them died. I am not sure if its Brook, or Velvet. I am attaching photos. going to throw the rest of the tank in QT, but don't know if I should take the Copper route if its Brook. Please help!!
  2. SCH14

    Velvet or Ich???

    Hey everyone, Just went 90 days fallow after having velvet. After the 90 days was up I put my Achilles tang in an acclimation box for a few days was all good - has been in tank for 3 weeks no issues. Added a blue hippo, purple and yellow 2 days ago all after 40 days of copper power 2.40+...
  3. static416

    Fish steadily dying in QT. Breathing heavily with no other symptoms

    I had an ich outbreak in my DT about 26 days ago, and yanked all of my fish out of the tank, moved into multiple QT tanks. I have way more fish than tanks, and some would kill each other, so they are split over 7 QT tanks of different sizes. I consistently treated all of the tanks with Copper...
  4. J

    Scopas tang swimming into wavepump and flashing a little

    Ive had this tang for 5 days now. Since the day i got it, it has been doing these 2 things. Along with my other tang and angel but these two not very often. Quite rare to see them doing it now but still happens. I suspected ich or flukes so i started hypo at full 1.009 yesterday evening. They...
  5. R

    Velvet treatment

    Hi, Today, I noticed my male mandarin died. I found him on the bottom of the tank when I woke up. It is a big loose for me, as he was a part of mated pair, which has been spawning several times. On 21.11.2023 I noticed ich breakdown in my tank. I have tried to manage it, and I haven't had any...
  6. burrfishbloatin

    Leaving fish in hyposalinity

    Can leaving fish in hypo salinity (1.009) for more than 30 days be harmful to the fish? I have had baby burrfish in hypo salinity for 30 days. One of them died before I reached hypo salinity from either ich or velvet. I currently have them in their own tank because they are too small still to...
  7. iwnltom

    HELP ASAP.Adding Anemone to tank, Afraid of disease.

    The reason I placed this as an emergency is because I really need answers as soon as possible… my girlfriend ordered me a green king tenticle anemone. Very nice gesture, but the overthinking nut job I am can’t pass the thought that maybe it’s carrying a disease. It is from fragbox, and I really...
  8. B

    I have a question about velvet

    Hello friends I need an advice. I’m new in all of this reefing stuff so: On Friday, I added a new coral to the tank. On Sunday, I noticed the first signs of velvet on clown fish and I didn’t lnow what it was. by Tuesday morning clown was already dead. Subsequently, I found velvet on other...
  9. W

    Flame hawkfish not doing well

    Hello all, I am new to reef2reef. I set up a 20g tank a couple of months ago. It has a yellow tail damsel, clownfish and flame hawk fish. They are all about 1.5-2 inches long and get along pretty well. The damsel gets upset when the clownfish goes near his rocks but everyone generally gets...
  10. N


    Please help !! any expert…. I have a 500 gallon tank alot of my fish white spots not sure if its ich or velvet. I had a couple of lost last one i lost was like a week ago, but no more lost …lost in total like 5 fishes in a period of like a 1 month but still alot of fish with white spots not sure...
  11. R

    Tank Almost Wiped out need Diagnosis

    Tank almost wiped out and not sure if it was Velvet or Ich TLDR at bottom Some context - 2x Clown Fish, Cleaner Shrimp, Yellow Tang, Blue Tang, Royal Gamma, Cherub Angelfish, last one I don't remember look a Blenny or a Jawfish. I recently added the Yellow Tang and a snail that didn't move...
  12. H

    EMERGENCY Clownfish looks sick

    Yesterday I lost a bicolor blenny, and after looking closer at my fish I noticed that my clownfish looks like it may have Brook or Velvet, could someone help me id and have any advice on treatment? His behavior looks ok for now, no itching and swimming around and he’s eating a bit. I hope it’s...
  13. J

    UV for velvet?

    Hey all, PLEASE HELP so I have a 20 gallon long tank and have had a BAD velvet problem. Only one fish surviving. I have dosed with copper but hate adding chemicals to water. Would a UV AA GKM 9watt help eradicate velvet with my copper?? I know this isn’t the greatest UV for parasites, but since...
  14. Saltyreef24

    EMERGENCY Is it Ich? Now what

    I woke up to my clownfish looking terrible this morning, with what appears to be Ich. It is much worse on my male than on my bigger female although neither looks happy. It is also prevalent on my banggai cardinal and firefish. As I haven’t had experience with marine Ich before, I’m not sure if...
  15. R

    Disease trouble

    Can velvet or brooklynella stay dormant in a clownfish for 4 weeks without appearing? I think my clownfish I have had for almost a month is starting to exhibit symptoms of brooklynella.
  16. J

    EMERGENCY What is this on my powder blue tang?

    I’m somewhat new to having saltwater tanks again and my first time having a PBT. I’ve have this guy for about 6 months now. Everything was good till about a month ago. He started to have white cotton like things on his fins and I treated him for that and cleared up. Now for like the past week it...
  17. F

    Seeking advice - Moving forward after Ich / Velvet

    Hi all, I’m hoping for some insight & advice into my next moves here. My scenario: On my newly setup 265G peninsula, I’ve been stocking fish slowly over a few months. Latest addition was a Purple Tang from TSM, and total stock, in order introduced: 2x Blotched Anthias CB multibar angel 2x...
  18. V

    EMERGENCY Is my clownfish sick? Why did my Gramma die??

    I woke up today and I saw my Royal Gramma dead and my clownfish looking like the Gramma did the night before. Please I need some help because I’m so confused, all my parameters are good and I make sure to test that every couple days. Any advise would be appreciated
  19. Freeze 15

    EMERGENCY 2 clownfish/ happened overnight. Any advice?

    2 clownish look this way overnight. They are swimming at the surface. My dog face puffer is scratching on sand and rocks allot. Any thoughts of what this is and what I should do?
  20. A

    EMERGENCY Please Help ID, Ich, Velvet, or Brooke’s

    Hi, This afternoon I lost my favorite, a black ice snowflake clown to an unknown disease. She was breathing very heavy, resting on the sand bed. Before death, she started swimming “possessed” and flying into rocks while doing flips, etc. I thought it was brooks as it looked like mucus coming...
  21. Matt Bravo

    About to treat velvet

    I’ve talked to my LFS I have gotten advice of how to go about it. They recommended removing my sand bed because there might be eggs in there. Is there any advice that anyone could provide? This is my first time and I’m gonna be honest I am feeling extremely nervous and anxious. It is a royal...
  22. R

    Was about to shutdown tank for Marine Velvet then something happened

    I can keep telling my story for days, but long story short. Devastation happened. Everything was going well for about a month since I added a dozen of fish together in my 300 gallons. Then one day back in Nov 2022 I had to jump on a plane after I got the news my Father passed away. While I was...
  23. K

    Scooter Blenny not eating after 3 days in copper

    To say upfront the blenny is now in water with 0ppm copper. 2 different LFS recommended copper treatment in QT due to velvet in DT and I regrettably followed their advice. Current issue - Scooter blenny is not eating and does not look well. Heavy breathing, barely moving (see picture and...
  24. M

    EMERGENCY Chloroquine treatment in DT for Velvet

    Hello everyone, In my previous post, I have been battling what appeared to be ich, but after some progression of the disease, I came to the conclusion that it was velvet. I have been treating the DT with H202, which has slowed down the progression of losses but has not completely eliminated...
  25. R

    Tang open wound treatment

    Hello all, Hoping to get some advice. Just received an order of fish that included an Algae blenny, Tomini tang and a few other smaller fish Everyone has been in a quarantine tank for 3 days so far. Just noticed a wound on the tomini tang and not sure if this could be uronima or a bite from...