water chemistry

  1. Mike N

    PVC Glue in aquarium

    While the piping above our aquarium was being installed, a drop of PVC glue fell into the empty tank. This wasn't noticed until later, well after the glue had dried. Will this cause problems? What is the best way to clean if so?
  2. A

    Questions on Water Quality and Fish

    Hello, I started a 60 gallon saltwater tank about two months ago. I would like to eventually get corals and such. There's currently one black and white clownfish, some hermit crabs, nassiurus snails, and one peppermint shrimp. I'm having trouble with aiptasia and I am wondering what type of...
  3. 1

    Need Water Change Advice

    Hey everyone, I have a 125gal DT and probably a 10-15 gal sump. I plan on doing a 10 gal water change from the DT but I have a feeling that its too little. It is currently a FOWLR system with 2 snails, 3 shrimps, and 12 fish. Would it be bad if I did 10 gal changes every 2-3 days to get...
  4. landlocked303

    Algae Scrubber Help!

    I bought the Santa Monica Drop 1.4 for my BioCube 29 a few weeks ago. I have been running it for about 6 hours a night the last month and have ZERO growth... I have green hair algae on the rocks and glass, so I know there's nutrients. Any Ideas why I can't get any growth in the scrubber? Should...
  5. dangros

    Impacts of cooking on the aquarium

    The other day, as I arrived home from work, I opened the door to a smell of slightly burned stir fry. It's not uncommon for me, my wife, or the baby sitter to have cooked up something in the kitchen and created an odor which permeates the immidate living space surrounding the kitchen. As the...
  6. landlocked303

    Green Spaghetti Finger Leather Help!!!

    I have had this spaghetti leather for about two months now and it has been doing great until the last week. It has retracted all of its polyps and shrunk to 1/3 its normal size. I have checked the water parameters and everything is on par. All the other corals in the tank have had no changes...
  7. dangros

    Neptune DoS clogged tubing

    I use one of my Neptune Dos's for automatic water changes. The salt line got totally clogged recently. Have you guys experienced this and how do you keep your lines clear? The tubing goes into my salt mixing trash can which also has a power head in there. Both the power head and the bottom of...
  8. MidwestReefer

    cycling confusion

    Hello everyone i've recently started my first reef tank, and it's been going for about 2 1/2 weeks. tank is a 13.5 G all and one, with cured live rock, live sand, seachem Seed as the bacteria booster, and temp at 86 degrees F. the first week I set everything up and let the tank run. all the...
  9. R

    Should I always leave my lights on with corals?

    So I am new to corals and only have one at the moment, a zoanthid. I am only using the stock LED lights that came with my aquarium kit so I was not going to introduce any corals until upgrading my lighting system at all, but it seems I gave in to try out one that was known for not needing much...
  10. R

    What should I do with aquarium now? Any tips for someone new who wants corals?

    So my tank is about a month old and my clownfish seem to be doing great (they have great color and are very active) also my cleaner shrimp has molted once and he seems to be doing great (moves around the tank a decent amount but loves the middle rock the most). The only thing I think I should do...
  11. R

    The people at the lfs screwed me and my clowns :(

    I can't express the anger I am in right now....the people at my lfs basically told me to leave my tank for 3 weeks before adding fish with live rock. They told me absolutely nothing about the Nitrogen Cycle. After reading more and more on these forums I have learned about the Nitrogen Cycle and...
  12. sghera64

    10 PPM Phosphate Levels: No need to panic

    Abstract: A calculation error led to the overdosing of tri sodium phosphate (TSP: Na3PO4) to a 700L (135 gallon display plumbed to two 25 gallon frag tanks) mixed reef system with deep sand bed that has been operating for the past 14 years. The overdose resulted in not the targeted 0.010 ppm...
  13. potatocouch

    NoPox question (or Carbon Dosing)

    Approx. 1.5 years back: No3 level was off the range ... super RED; from memory, it's above 120 ppm :mad: After adding some Siporax media in my sump and NoPox dosing for considerable amount of time, the No3 level has dropped to undetected level (0 ppm). :D Approx. 6 months back: Stopped dosing...
  14. potatocouch

    3 miscellaneous questions about reef aquaria

    Water Chemistry Question: When water evaporates our tank, salt remains, that's why the higher concentration of salt and less water, hence the SG rise. Does this happen with Ca, Alk & Mg when water evaporates? Do these elements stay in the water? Normally we pour some water in to bring the SG...
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