water chemistry

  1. J

    Which parameters do you think need to be or are worth being constantly measured?

    Ive posted here before and Im sorry if im taking too much of your time guys but youve been really helpful. Brief background behind the question is that my bachelor thesis is about designing a smart aquarium. **Some more elaboration on the question:** It doesnt really make sense to have 20...
  2. C

    HW-Marinemix Reefer with nitrites/nitrates?

    Hello - First post in this community and newer (6 months) into reefing. Sorry it’s so long...About three weeks ago I setup my second tank, a 70 gallon tank with a 26 gallon sump. Based on BRS’ recommendation, I decided to set this tank up using HW Marinemix Reefer salt. For some background, my...
  3. I

    Coral Reduction After Water Change

    Hey, I recently had a problem in my tank. It’s about 7 weeks old but it was going really well and I couldn’t really tell what had happened. All my corals were open but after i did a 20% water change they all closed up and none have opened back up since then. I thought it might be that one of...
  4. AlexChef

    Slow to No LPS Growth

    I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on why my LPS and zoas are showing very slow growth. I have a Fluval Evo with an AI prime light. I just got Seifert tests in the mail today to test all my levels. I am currently dosing 2 part 1.25ml of B Ionic 2 part. This tank has been running...
  5. breefrost

    Maximum nitrate levels

    What is the maximum nitrate reading you know of where corals were kept successfully? What is the “breaking point” for the hardiest of corals? What corals are the most tolerant to high nitrates? Please input especially if you have large predatory fish! Thanks!
  6. wgowen13

    Chaeto - Best or Trusted Online Source?

    I'm in need of chaeto for my refugium but all my LFS are out. Trend is consistent with online stores such as LiveAquaria and Algae Barn. However, does anyone know of another online supplier that sells clean/pest free chaeto? What are some other macros algae to consider for my refugium? Its...
  7. Coralqueendom

    Calcium reactor and Kalkwasser reactor/stirrer

    Need help figuring out what to do on my next build and what equipment to run. Currently I mix kalk in a 5 gal pail then transfer it to my ATO. It keeps my Ph, calcium and alkalinity stable. I’ve been considering a calcium reactor but my pH is already low 7.8 and I’ve heard they can lower pH. Can...
  8. Coralqueendom

    Kalkwasser stirrer and Calcium reactor

    Need help figuring out what to do on my next build and what equipment to run. Currently I mix kalk in a 5 gal pail then transfer it to my ATO. It keeps my Ph, calcium and alkalinity stable. I’ve been considering a calcium reactor but my pH is already low 7.8 and I’ve heard they can lower pH. Can...
  9. Vg1

    Water lvls for coral

    Hi I just brought a water test kit to make sure my lvls are right and iv been looking on the internet and it's mixed messages so looking for some advice. I currently have two clown fish and some coral tank has been set up for almost a month and is going through the uglies at the moment. Can...
  10. B

    Stupid kids

    So I went to work at 3.30 and no one told me anyone was throwing a party so I left home and all my medicine by my QT. I came back and a group of children broke my glass lid and let it fall in the tank. All fish were fine but then they dumped my whole bottle of keneplex and left it in the tank So...
  11. Reef Kinetics

    For the first time ever, Iodine can be tested autonomously!

    The Reefbot is now compatible with Giesemann Aquaristic Iodine Test Kit. You can read your Iodine levels between 0 and 0.1 ppm! Don't forget to use coupon code rklovesr2r at checkout for a 50$ discount!
  12. Reef Kinetics

    Christmas offer from Reef Kinetics

    Due to popular demand, we are offering $100 off the ReefBot this Christmas ! Use coupon code: HOHO100 at checkout. . #alliwantforchristmasisyou #reefbot #reefkinetics
  13. Huenemedoe

    Salinity is not rising?

    Hello Everyone! So a week ago I realized my ATC refractometer was calibrated wrong by about .003. No big whoop, instead of being at 1.025 my tank was at 1.021 where it was running stable. I did a PWC of about 30%, brought the water up to 1.022 and figured I would just do some manual saltwater...
  14. D

    First test

    I just cycled my fish tank and getting ready to add my first ever salt water fish this weekend. I picked up a hydrometer and Phosphate, Calcium, and Alkalinity test kits at the saltwater fish store because that's what they recommended. My specific gravity was 1.021, Phosphate levels were 0...
  15. Z

    RODI vs Berkey Ceramic Filter

    Can anyone tell me the difference between an RODI filter and a Black Berkey Ceramic Filter (Click on Extended Description for test results)? We are on municipal water and have used it without filtering for about 8 years, but we want to step up our game a little bit. We don't have huge tanks and...
  16. M

    Trouble with Inverts - Shrimp, Clams, Slugs...you name it

    Hi, I am having a heck of a time with inverts and it's only getting worse. Tank: 70 gallon mixed reef. Kole tang, 2 anthias, bi-colored blenny, and 2 clowns. Several SPS and LPS (SPS grow well in the tank but LPS is hit and miss) and softies (grow really well). I lose cleaner shrimp every...
  17. Reefboy1

    ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis: can't Register a new account

    So I think I need help;Bored I want to start using ATI's Essentials. I ordered the 3 part system and the Professional ICP-OES Water Analysis. I filled all the tubes and then tried to create a account on lab.atiaquaristik.com. I'm sure it is me but for some reason it is not letting me create an...
  18. F

    Low Alkalinity Reef Tank with Calcium Reactor

    Have been experiencing low alkalinity with my sps dominant mixed reef tank. Any suggestions as to what I should do? I was wondering if it is possible the current calcium reactor is too small. The tank is a red sea 525XL (525 Liters) plus about 50 gallons of sump. Current alkalinity is 6.1...
  19. D. Torres

    Water change volume

    I have a standard 75 gallon tank. I was wondering if I need to take into consideration the volume displacement of my live rock and sand when calculating the percent of water to change. For example 20% of 75 is 15 but with 85lbs of live rock my actuall water volume is only 62 gallons and 20% of...
  20. 1

    Fish are dying slowly one by one

    :( Not sure why or how my fish are starting to disappear one by one. So far have 3 fish have "disappeared" all of this started after i did 25-30% water changes for the past 2-3 weeks. I'm positive it's not the salt, my WC procedure is simply adding the RODI, adding salt for 1.026 salinity and...
  21. F

    Ocean Potion Saltwater Mix for SPS

    Anyone have any experience with this salt, I have been running HW Marinemix for years but order it by the pallet from Germany. Anyone have any experience with this salt? Apparently it is supposed to be ionically balanced and even better. Thanks in advance!
  22. 1

    Mixing different salts? (IO & RC)

    Running low on the regular Instant Ocean salt and since I'm planning to switch over to Reef Crystals because I will be converting to reef soon enough. Is it okay for my next water change to mix my left over of IO with the new RC? The way I prep the water is I let the salt mix for at least a...
  23. B

    Low alkalinity high calcium with Reactor

    I currently have slightly low alkalinity between 6.4 and 7 and high calcium (a little over 500). Things in the reef are thriving. I have heard you can set the reactor for the desired alkalinity and the calcium will fall into proper range since it’s all about balance. pH is fine (maybe a...
  24. 1

    Nitrates didn't go down after water change

    Am I doing something wrong or is API test kit being wonky? Did a 20% change and normally I always see the nitrate drop as it should. For the first time after my waterchange today, my nitrate didnt budge a bit. Is it because I didnt siphon the sand enough? Not enough CUC (I only have around ~5...
  25. 1

    Adding IO Bio-Spira to an established tank?

    Going to do 20-30% changes over the course of the next two weeks, I was thinking of adding a full bottle of bio spira at the end of the all the water changes to keeps things balanced. Good idea or bad idea?