water level

  1. Azurenoace

    water level AIO

    hi, i want to ask about water level on AIO aquarium, which is better from the picture below? the A or B?
  2. T

    Return Camber Water Levels

    Good Morning, I have a 90 Gallon reef tank with a Trigger 30 sump. This is my first time having a sump below. My return chamber water levels seem to move up and down. When it drops my Tunze ATO replaces the water which sometimes throws off the salinity. The extra water is pumped into the...
  3. M

    Bio Cube 32 water level

    Hi All, This is my new bio cube 32 gallon and in the 3rd chamber the water level is in the middle (as shown in below image), do i need to add more water in this chamber alone (The water is almost full as you can see in second image)? Also there was a sponge like thing attached in the bottom of...
  4. P

    Skimmer Help - Inconsistent water level in sump

    Happy Friday all, In need of some help with my Cadlights pls-50 Elite Skimmer. I have it running in the second chamber of my Waterbox AIO Cube 20. Back sump chamber consists of: 1st Chamber - Intank media basket with floss, biomax, then Purigen 2nd chamber - GFO Reactor, Skimmer 3rd Chamber -...
  5. ConorE

    Water level in display tank too low

    Hi Guys The water level in my display tank is just under the top acrylic, so I can see a half inch above my water, which isnt great. My sump is also fairly noisy from the drain pipe into it, as the display water level is so low it takes quite a bit of air with it and I get a lot of gargling...
  6. Eggpaul

    Major Sump water level issues for 2 years

    Hello everyone, I posted a thread about this about 2 years ago and I gave up , but now I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 150 gallon tank with a sump below. I have a Hydor ATO system in the sump with a 5 gallon reservoir. I gave up using the ATO system and have been manually...
  7. Lysh87

    New Reefer!

    Hi everyone I am brand new to this hobby! I have had my tank set up for a day and a half and still trying to figure some things out. I have a Fluval Evo Sea 13.5 gallon. The carbon and sponge filter are in the middle compartment how far down is it supposed to be? Is the bag of carbon supposed...
  8. smartwater101

    Skimmer in same chamber as Filter Roller?

    I'm getting a filter roller and skimmer and was planning on putting them into the same chamber.... While designing my sump, I realized the water level shifts (with a filer roller) could be problematic. But I've never used a filter roller so I'm, not sure how drastic it is? I was hoping to...
  9. J

    Display Tank Water Level Slowly Rising - Return Chamber Remains Constant

    Hi Everyone! I've been into SW for about 4 years now, but I've only had All-In-One tanks. I recently set up a 60 gallon marineland cube with a sump system. I've been nervous about doing a sump system for a while, because it felt really complicated. Here are my tank specifications: 60 gallon...
  10. Mike N

    HIGH water level in display

    I've recently installed a sump and HOB overflow to my system and it has been running flawlessly for about 2 months now. Suddenly today, the water level is extremely high in the display. Another 1/4 inch and it will overflow. I havent adjusted the overflow or return pump at all since it was...