water parameters

  1. jbonez_

    Nitrite & Nitrate

    Nitrites are reading 1.0ppm and Nitrates 20ppm, would a larger water change help lower or should I do something different? I had the same readings the past two weeks.
  2. jbonez_

    Nitrite & Nitrate

    Nitrites are reading 1.0ppm and Nitrates 20ppm, would a larger water change help lower or should I do something different? I had the same readings the past two weeks.
  3. TheBirdsNest

    Candy Cane Health Issues?

    Hello folks! Hope everyone has had a great weekend! I'm relatively new to the hobby and got my first Red Sea Reefer 250 a couple of months ago.. Last week I added my first corals and all seem to be doing well with the exception of my Candy Cane.. The first 2-3 days it looked happy but now it...
  4. B

    Red cyano, water parameters

    Hey all, Just looking for advice on my parameters and current cyano battles. Tank is about 9 months old, however I took over from a friend and moved the tank about a month ago. He was never able to keep No3 and Po4 in tank and was riddled with dino's Since taking over, the dino's have...
  5. B

    Parameter question

    Hey all, it's been a few years since I kept a saltwater tank - my expertise is definitely in freshwater and turtles. In the past I had 2 thriving reef tanks with fish & LPS but once my ex and I broke up I kept the freshwater and he took the salt tanks (he was definitely the salt expert!) So...
  6. danielm5

    Help with water parameters

    I'm setting up an IM 15 tank, which is about 2 months today. These were today water parameters: Ca 420 ppm, Alk 14 dKH, Sal 34 ppt, PH 7.4, NO3 0 ppm, PO4 0.25 ppm, T 79 F Parameters of newly mixed water were: Ca 420 ppm, Alk 12 dKH, SG 1.026, PH 8.0 I measured the with API and may not be...
  7. sealed

    Need Help. Mysterious PH swing

    40 gal dis. reef w 20 gal sump 2/27 Ph 8.2 DKH 11 3/4 PH 8.3 DKH 10 3/10 PH 8.3 DKH 10 3/14 Ph 8.3 DKH 10 3/14 Added G Bubble tip anemone and small drag of GSP 3/15 Ph 8.6 DKH 10 ( 10 gal water change after 8.6 reading) 3/16 Ph 8.6 DKH 10 Calc has stayed at abt 490 ppm Haven’t done anything...
  8. S

    Skimmer producing clear liquid

    Just recently got my skimmer back up and running. All was looking good and then I added 2 media bags, one with Seachem Phosguard and the other with Seachem Carbon. Now my skimmer is producing clear, hardly skimmed water. Any ideas as to what could be going on?
  9. J

    EMERGENCY **PLEASE HELP ** Water parameters out of whack! Worried about fish.

    I will admit in advance that what I did was kinda stupid :downcast-face-with-sweat: I bought 2 new clown fish about a week ago and my ammonia levels have started to spike from all of the food sinking to the substrate. The water also started to smell a bit foul. When I first cycled my tank I...
  10. G

    Hello Hello - check out my water parameter spreadsheet

    Hello, all! I’m from Central Alabama and recently started my first saltwater fish tanks; the first is 20 gal and has been running since the start of March. The second tank is 75 gal and was started a few weeks ago after I got the hang of water changes, testing the water, and getting used to...
  11. kdtorgy

    ICP Testing and Zoas dying

    I have two questions concerning water parameters. 1. I would like to have my reef tank water ICP tested. I'm colorblind so the regular colorimetric testing kits don't work for me. I've been using the API AquaSpin testing spectrometer but would like to have my water tested to 1) make sure the...
  12. S

    Clownfish resting on substrate, normal or reason for concern !!!

    Hi and Happy Holidays to you all. I'm new to saltwater and never had clownfish. I started the journey 3weeks ago. Set up the tank 13.5gallon evo with live sand, dry rock an seeded with Dr Tims and added the ammonia. 1week later 90% water change and added (2) clowns and biospira. Noticed...
  13. Thawman

    Nitrate swings after months of stability

    How/why would my nitrate swing so much throughout the day? And how to correct it? 100 gallon tank, 4 months old, transfer from 2 year old 40 gallon, mostly softy and LPS, few SPS. I attached pictures of the readings. But at times, I have tested NO3 in the course of a day and it can swing from...
  14. R

    Help with water test

    I am still new to having a reef tank since I started in December 2020 every week i have taken my water to my local fish store to be tested and they would just tell me yes its good or that I need to fix what ever needed fixing but never told me what the test results were i just started to test my...
  15. Kyle Soto

    What are Acceptable Nitrate Levels to Acclimate Fish

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea aquarium on Offerup. I currently have a 32 gallon Biocube stocked with 4 fish and I am planning on transferring these fish into the new tank. However, the nitrates in this new tank are fairly higher than my Biocube (40 ppm versus 10 ppm). Is this too big...
  16. juarec0201

    Help! Lps, sps and softies Irritated/dying

    Hi y’all, I have a mixed reef mainly lps. I had an issue with 0 phosphates that I worked on and caused some issues. After things stabilized I did a water change to lower nitrates. Ever since the water change things have been taking a down trend and I’m losing pieces. Nitrates before water...
  17. QuarantinedCorals

    Dosing experts advice needed

    Hi everyone, I recently installed an apex system on my tank, I have the dosing pump as well it just hasn't been installed yet. I initially set the unit up about a week ago and I got an really low alk reading initially i think the number was 5dkh. I went ahead and started doing some brightwell...
  18. BTimms

    Top Three Parameters

    Today I came across a YouTube video... I know,I know, don’t trust YouTube vids. And that is why I’m here asking. The video claimed you really only need to test Temp, Salinity, and PH. What are your opinions on the top, or most important parameters to test?
  19. jackalexander

    Hanna Checker

    I want to get some Hanna Chekers as I have heard they are quite good, any suggestions on the best ones & other tests that will be better for other tests. Currently using API like a noobie and I absolutely hate it because I can never figure out which color is which.
  20. Clownphish

    Immense Help Needed

    This is going to be a lot to read: My aquarium is suffering horrendously and I'm embarrassed to call it my own. It's probably the ugliest saltwater aquarium I've ever seen and probably one of the worst ones you've seen. I've been holding off on posting but finally thought it was time to share...
  21. Herides

    My very first 1 week old tank. Can ya'll tell me how i'm doing and help out with water parameter problems?

    Hey guys, i'm going to tell you guys about my 1 week old reef tank and some of the concerns that i'm having that I don't know how to solve. The tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a population of just 2 Onyx (Sea Quest Line) Clownfish. It's filtration is an aquatop Forza canister filter (which...
  22. Lord Gold

    Losing euphyllia... HELP!

    Hello all! Hopefully this is I'm the right place... If it is not, please forgive me. I've been seeing a decline in only my euphyllia recently, and I'm at my wit's end as to what could be happening. I've tried everything, and checked all parameters (listed below). Everything else seems to be...
  23. R

    Test kits for Alkalinity

    I’m having a bit of a head scratching moment I’ve tested my alkalinity and with 3 test kits and are all receiving different numbers... I’ve just purchased two new test kits Hanna Alkalinity Checker and it tested 194ppm Which is 10.8 It confuses me since the I just bought a new Salifert...
  24. alishahlakhani

    10g Nano - High Nitrites(NO2) ~5ppm+, No ammonia & minimal Nitrates(NO3) ~<6ppm

    Hey fellow reefers, I've very new to aquarium hobby and I have a (maybe stupid) cycling question. I've had my tank cycling for past 3.5 weeks and now my Nitrites(NO2) are extremely high(full purple) for past 1 week. I have very minimal to low algae growth. Equipment used. - Dry rocks and Dry...
  25. Jeremy Lain

    Can to high of levels of Calcium, DKH, and Magnesium be bad for fish or will it just precipitate out

    Can to high of levels of calcium, DKH, and magnesium be bad for fish or will it just precipitate out of the water?