wrasse help

  1. M

    Melanurus wrasse hiding for weeks finally found.

    Hello, My melanurus wrasse have been hiding for weeks, I just found it to but it seems weak, breathing heavily, have puffy (almost cloudy) eyes, and I feel it is struggling to bury itself (maybe the substrate is too dense), I am using caribsea dry sand. I moved it to a breeder box with some...
  2. MJV15

    Mouth damage Red Velvet Wrasse

    I was out of town for a few weeks and came home to to my wrasse looking like this. His.. or her mouth looks pretty beat up. There was initially some aggressive dominance issues with my six line wrasse. But it only lasted a few days. The velvet wrasse is the dominant one and they have peacefully...
  3. E

    My purple scale fairy wrasse wont stop bothering my helfrichi firefish

    Hey guys, first post here. New to the hobby and did not start my tank in the traditional method at all. I got my stuff used and some live rock to sort of "jump start" my tank. It has been running for a little over a month now. I started off by adding CUC first, huge fan of the sand sifting...
  4. ReefJCB

    Wrasse comparability and acclimation Box

    I’ve got a Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubeus) that’s been the only wrasse in my tank for almost a year. I purchased a red headed Solon wrasse (Cirrhilabrus solorensis) that arrived almost 2 weeks ago. I made the mistake of putting it directly in the tank and the Ruby lost his mind...
  5. F

    Can I add sand to my existing reef tank

    I want to get a leopard wrasse and I wanted to add some more sand to my tank to give it plenty of space to burrow. Would adding more sand to my reef tank mess anything up?
  6. nanonøkk

    i’m sorry about yesterday and i need some wrasse help

    all i really need is help with my wrasse and you can skip the first paragraph as it’s only an apology about yesterday. ok as some of you know i had a whole incident that almost led to me not being alive lucky a family member stepped in before i cut too deep into myself but i’m not going to...
  7. nanonøkk

    about to quit

    ok so i just had my first coral loss today my sun coral all was ok up to a week ago it wouldn’t open or even respond to food and today it finally died with it fully receding. and then my next problem is my pygmy wrasse which went from glass surfing to hiding and sleeping all day. i thought...
  8. Jordan Wright

    Red-lined Wrasse

    Has anyone had any experience with the red line wrasse? thinking about getting one, just want to know what others think about this wrasse (:
  9. Jordan Wright

    Female Blue Star Leopard Wrasse

    I am thinking about getting a female blue star leopard wrasse from liveaquaria. I have a 55g with about a 2 inch sand bed. On liveaquaria it says that they are expert only, i read that some say that is only because they don’t do well with the shipping process? So if i get one, should i...
  10. jackalexander

    Female Leopard Wrasse

    I was thinking about getting an ornate leopard wrasse for my 55g tank and live aquaria lists them as an EXPERT ONLY fish. Is this true or is there any easy way to get them on frozen meaty foods?
  11. W


    I would love some help. I have this beautiful female leopard wrasse. She has been beaten up by either my yellow tang or my melanurus wrasse. She's been laying on the sand bed struggling to swim and breathing heavily. I can tell she's still holding on so any advice to help her would be greatly...
  12. J

    Need advice on flasher wrasse compatibility

    Hey guys! I’ve been lurking on r2r for awhile now and this is my first time posting here. I was wondering whether or not a McCoskers flasher wrasse would be compatible/fine in a 20 long? I’ve done a lot of research on this topic up to this point as it is my dream fish and I understand that while...
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    Six line wrasse or orchid dottyback

    I’ve got a 32 biocube led. I just lost my engineer goby and my only fish in there is a four stripe damsel. Can I add a six line without him bullying my damsel to death so I can get some color? Or should I go with a different wrasse? I need something that can deal with my four stripe and still...
  14. Zoa_Fanatic


    So I just got some frags today from a seller who has flatworms. Excellent guy, he dipped the frags for me and did a flatworm XIT dip along with his regular coral dip while we talked. I further inspected the frags before adding them to the tank and couldn’t see anything on them (they’re small zoa...
  15. aquarist.lindsey

    EMERGENCY Leopard Wrasse Help!

    My leopard wrasses scales are like peeled up and he’s laying on his side on the sand. I found him like that this morning. The spot was white last night so I was going to look into it this morning to see how he’s doing but it’s gotten much worse. I’ve had him for over a month, maybe closer to...
  16. ItalCanadaReefer

    Coral Pest Eater - Pink Streaked Wrasse or White Banded Possum Wrasse

    Hi all, I am looking for a pest-eating fish species to help keep corals from pest vulnerability. I was originally considering adding a six line wrasse to control some coral eating pests, however, after some more research, I am seeing that this fish, even if added last to the system, can become...
  17. nanonøkk

    new pygmy wrasse has swim bladder issues

    ok so i got a pygmy wrasse last night in the mail i thought it was dead but it wasn’t and it’s condition hasn’t gotten any better besides he’s more aware i found out he had swim bladder issues when i tried to switch him from hiding into a cup and into a pvc pipe while i did that he just kept...
  18. nanonøkk

    EMERGENCY wrasse dead or playing dead

    ok so i know some wrasses play dead when shipped and mine is on it side floating on the top dose that mean it’s dead or just playing dead
  19. NanoRookie

    EMERGENCY Yellow wrasse with red gills and red eyes

    Hi, need some help, my yellow corris wrasse has red gills and red eyes, he has been hiding for a week he came out and its acting very strange bumping into everything and spinning. Took him out. All other fish are doing well. Parameters seem fine. What can i do. I just took him out of the tank.
  20. taymarie

    New six line wrasse

    Hi, I am new to the saltwater hobby. I’ve usually only done freshwater. I got a six line wrasse two days ago and I have no clue if there is something wrong with it or if it’s just weird. I recently learned about his mucus ball which was alarming but I’m glad it’s normal. My wrasse was like...
  21. Fer21

    Need help with treatment for wrasse

    Hello, I have a Red Fin Fairy Wrasse wich was doing very well until this past Monday when I found it laying in the sand with some type of mocus, it was very lethargic and he was not eating. I observe and research what could this be and at night I catch it and gave it a bath in Rally. During...
  22. B

    Advice needed on new fish

    Somewhat of a rescue attempt i guess.. Yesterday I walked into a fish store semi local to me. In one of the tanks they had a blue headed wrasse a fish thats been on my list for a while. The wrasse was in a smallish tank with 2 Bluejaw triggers and a yellow tang. The wrasse looks extremely beat...
  23. alimac122

    New wrasse!

    Hello all! I just got a new wrasse on 8/20. I already have a fairy wrasse and he is full grown. I added a female (about 3”) leopard wrasse in an acclimation box with sand and lots of sea lettuce (covered in pods and just extra hiding) she was in the box on the side of the tank for about a full...
  24. Alyssa.Weber

    Anyone know where to get a pink streaked wrasse?

    My nano tank is just about done cycling and I am looking to add a pinked streaked wrasse in. I can’t find them anywhere and THEY ARE SO CUTE AND PERFECT!
  25. Squeven

    EMERGENCY Tri-color Fairy Wrasse Very Lethargic

    My fairy wrasse (Wanda) was acting normal for the first couple of weeks out of quarantine. This morning she was laying on her side, but breathing normally. After leaving the house for a few hours, I came home to her upside down, but still breathing. There so signs of disease or wounds, other...