11th Anniversary 2 Days FlashSale on R2R, Sat & Sun 4/1-4/2 10am - 6pm both days

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Nov 23, 2006
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11th Anniversary 2 Days FlashSale on R2R, Sat & Sun 4/1-4/2 10am - 6pm pst. both days​

Don't miss our biggest sale of the year!​

Unique Corals in California was officially established in 2012. The brand actually started four years prior to that, in the garage of Manhattan Aquariums, in the heart of New York City. Joe thought in 2008 it would be a great time to start selling corals online. Fast forward 15 years, here we are! We've had many challenges over the years, and we are so happy to celebrate our official 11th anniversary with you!​

Anniversary 2 Days FlashSale on R2R, Sat & Sun April 1st and 2nd, 10am - 6pm both days! Over 1600+ corals at up to 80% off including hot aquacultured SPS, LPS, Softies and more! Lot of $5 coral specials and other amazing deals!​

FIRST 10 persons to purchase a shipping module will receive a 30g jar of Reefroids coral food.

**first 50 orders will receive a FREE premium polyp lab glue**​

The items are not yours until you completely checkout. We automatically combine shipping. Please select "Add-On Order" at checkout. You MUST purchase a shipping module in order to participate in the sale. Max three $5 items per person, for every $5 item you must also purchase a non-$5 item.​

All corals will have the UniqueCorals LiveStock guarantee, and earn UC reward points too! (signup on UniqueCorals.com). All FlashSale items are final, no exchanges no refunds.​

Win huge prizes! - Every participant entered into the raffle.

1st) UC Mixed Euphyllia Pack + Swag Bundle - including a tablet bag, koozie, UC hat and sticker.

2nd) UC Mixed Signature Pack ( 1 sps 1 lps 1 softie) + Swag Bundle

3rd) $100 gift card + Swag Bundle

You must purchase a shipping module to participate in the FlashSale, unless you have purchased $225 or more livestock in the main store. (select "Add-On" shipping at checkout) Please pick arrival date. Max two $5 corals per person, for every $5 coral you must also purchase a non-$5 coral.) Robust guarantee. We automatically combine shipping. Sales are final, no substitutions, due to discounted FlashSale pricing. Shipping policy. Guarantee

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