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  1. ajtomase

    Order of adding fish to new tank (after cycle)

    I’m getting Red Sea Reefer 750 (200 gallon) tank in 2 weeks. After my tank is done with Dr. Tim’s fish-less cycle, I’m not sure if this is the right order to add the fish that I want: Right after tank finishes fish-less cycle Clownfish (2) After 2-weeks with just clownfish (each species added...
  2. N

    Algae or bacteria

    Hey everyone. My 65 gallon reef tank is 6 weeks old. to me it looks like hair algae, but I'm told otherwise. Its covering the sand and glass which looks like hair algae but locally, im told to add more sand and bacteria. I’m not sure what to do. A couple of people responded last night, I’m just...
  3. N

    Upgrading Tanks. Help and advice needed and much appreciated!

    Hello folks! Thank you in advance for any help! I currently own a 40 gallon breeder. I've had it for 4 months and everything is good, parameters are perfect, however, the tank is just not big enough for my livestock and coral. I purchased a 57 gallow shallow rimless Fiji Cube and just got...
  4. V

    Cyno, Spirulina or something else?

    I have a 300 litre (DT) that has been running for aprox 6 months now I was battling what appeared to be a dino issue but after manually removing it several times it now seems to be ok. However since the dino’s have gone I have been having issues with black sand. I am unsure if it is actually...
  5. RummynoseToReef

    Build Thread RummynoseToReef's 1st Reef Tank

    Hi all! Welcome to the build thread for my 40B tank, my first foray into the saltwater hobby. I don't plan to really begin the build until mid-January due to a vacation (to Costa Rica, if anyone has any activity suggestions?!) but I thought it would be best to document everything, in the event...
  6. S


    Are these are diatoms or dinos ? it is a new tank however I used some rock from my old tank and most is dry rock. here’s the photos , I also used the towel method. I have a microscope coming tomorrow.
  7. D

    New tank

    I have a brand new tank which was cycled using bottled ammonia, Colony and live sand for a few weeks. A week ago I added 2 clowns and 3 small frags. During cycling, my alk started dropping and has continued- it's now down to six. I've just done a batch of newly mixed saltwater (Fritz RPM) at...
  8. D

    New tank

    I have a brand new tank which was cycled using bottled ammonia, Colony and live sand for a few weeks. A week ago I added 2 clowns and 3 small frags. During cycling, my alk started dropping and has continued- it's now down to six. I've just done a batch of newly mixed saltwater (Fritz RPM) at...
  9. joefeets1

    New tank internal struggle

    So I am looking to get a new tank. I currently have a 20 gallon cube and 60 gallon cube but would like to upgrade to something bigger. I was originally planning on waiting a while to do this but the seams my 60 cube are starting to get questionable. I bought that tank used (for a steal) and...
  10. S

    3 New tanks and new fish room

    Hello together :) At first sorry for my English, but I tried my best :) I am currently planning my new house where several tanks will come. Attached you will find my sketches for this project and following a few explanations and introduction. - Large tank: The tank measures 380 x 120 x 85...
  11. Reeferaddicts

    Build Thread Chris's 36 gallon bowfront reef tank

    Here is the start of my 36 gal reef tank just waiting on sand currently spent some time on rock work. I'm pretty happy with how aqua scape came out. I have an Island for an utter chaos Zoa, Several over hangs and loops and hiding places. 2x hob filters, 2x red sea reef led 50, 2x Jeboa sw-4 wave...
  12. SaltyShel

    ID Moving Brown Specks?

    I have posted a few pics of my tank on here and I’ve gotten a pretty general consensus - it doesn’t look mature and I don’t seem to have enough algae for my pincushion urchin. So I’ve been leaving the white lights on for most of the day, only the blue at night. More algae started growing but...
  13. SaltyShel

    ID My Urchin?

    Hey y’all. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of urchin I have for a week and I can’t seem to get any answers. Google certainly hasn’t helped, but I probably am not looking for the right thing! I really would like to know what type he is so that I can look into the best practices for care...
  14. J

    (30 Gallon) Starting First Saltwater Reef Tank, Need Some advice on what is going on with my tank.

    Hello Reefers, I'm new to this hobby and it is definitely pretty cool to see everyone's setup. Mine is pretty simple so far, here's some insight to my tank for context. I have a 30 Gallon tank, RedSea RL50, Profin Hang on the back filter w/ Protein Skimmer, Nano Skimmer. Starting out I mixed...
  15. Leon Gorani

    Still have algae with low nutrients and how reliable are Hannah phosphate checkers?

    Hi so I have a pretty new tank, only 5 months old about, and I have two things I am questioning. First, I had somewhat high phosphates in July they were about .48, and my nitrates have never been higher than 6ppm on my Red Sea test kit. But I have a lot of green hair algae, which I thought came...
  16. LxHowler

    Tank upgrade. Will I need to cycle again?

    I currently have a 30gallon cube tank with a pair of clown fish, bunch of clean up crew and coral. I am currently in the planning stage of upgrading it to an 80 gallon tank and had a few questions about upgrading. The tank has about 10kg of live rock and about 4kg of bio media (ceramic rings...
  17. O

    EMERGENCY Had Dinos, tried Dr Tim’s and now things are worse....

    Hi all, Long time reefer and big time user of Reef Aquarium Guide forums back in the day. Once I started college my mom sold all my tanks and I’ve only now just gotten back into the hobby. Anyway, started my first tank since 2008 back in January and everything was going fine until I moved and...
  18. FindingCoral


    I spent an hour today picking out Live Rock to get my 2.0 tank started again. I’m so Excited!! Cycling starts tonight! Can I see everyone’s Aquascapes??
  19. FindingCoral


    So my tank took a nose dive last week and EVERYTHING DIED. I know what it was so that’s behind me now. Anyway… Im starting anew and have a question… if I have live rock, do I still add Bio-Spira?
  20. Drew P. Wiener

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 30L

    Welp… it’s been just about a year since I’ve set up my first reef tank, and like many others, I found myself looking to upsize the tank. Through this past year, I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes and certainly felt at times that this maybe wasn’t the hobby for me, but I seriously can’t...
  21. Kyle Soto

    What are Acceptable Nitrate Levels to Acclimate Fish

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea aquarium on Offerup. I currently have a 32 gallon Biocube stocked with 4 fish and I am planning on transferring these fish into the new tank. However, the nitrates in this new tank are fairly higher than my Biocube (40 ppm versus 10 ppm). Is this too big...
  22. C

    New Longnose Hawkfish Not Eating

    Hi all, As a longtime lurker on this forum, this wasn't how I expected to finally make an account, but I'm hoping someone can help me. I've just about finished cycling my tank as of yesterday (0 ppm ammonia, .1 ppm Nitrite, 25 ppm Nitrate, 1.026 sg) and went to an LFS to pick up a fish to...
  23. Nashvegas37128

    Looking to buy a new tank and need some help

    Just like the title, I am starting to save for a new set up and wondering who is best for build quality, customer service and value and why. Thanks!!
  24. Alphawolfxz3

    Upgrade! Ish…

    Back in February of 2020 I started my fish keeping hobby and started out with freshwater. And after having so many small tanks I finally got a 10 gallon fresh tank. All I have to do to this tank is change the water and clean out the pre filter sponge. Everything else works it’s self out! So then...
  25. S

    My very first saltwater tank :)

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Just came out of diatom bloom. Filter polishing pads, ceramic bioballs, purigen, activated charcoal. stock return pump 50w su 1 Fluval cp-1 1- Aqueon 500gph circulation pump Aquaknight 30w 15 lbs live rock 10 lbs Bahamas oolite 1- fire goby 1- emerald crab 1- small...