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  1. Stu_Tanks


    A little over a week ago I fixed what I thought was a Dino problem. I did a 3 day black out and went through the Dr. Tim’s treatment. Today I come back from a long weekend and my rocks have the same brown stuff growing on them and a little on the sand bed. I don’t think they are Dino’s because...
  2. LxHowler

    Transfering to new tank question

    I have a 15 gallon nano tank that I have had running for a while now but I am starting to get concerned about the condition of the seals. One of the silicone edges has a rather large bubble in it. Because of this I am thinking of buying a fluval Evo tank to transfer into. I have taken all of my...
  3. dimitriost

    Powerhead Placement in first tank

    I've had my 54 litre tank for a few weeks now and introduced a zoa and a gsp. I was wondering whether I've put my powerhead in the right place? (Bottom right in pic - Fluval CP1 1000lph) The zoa is right in its path and closes up sometimes (left on purple rock). Should I swap it around with...
  4. TheBurntNjal

    New Reefer - RSR 170 Set Up

    Hi All, I've been a lurker on R2R for a long time and finally built up the courage (and funds) to pull the trigger on a Red Sea Reefer 170. I have had freshwater planted tanks my entire life, but this is my first attempt at a reef aquarium. I am aiming for mixed reef at first, but ultimately...
  5. Schwab94


    Ive got two little clams in my tank and over night one of the clams appears to have opened up so wide it split in two. My second clam looks just like it did yesterday but im now worried that he may be next for what effected the first. Had both clams for about 3 months now, they're my first clams...
  6. S

    New to saltwater, how to raise ph?

    Hi from the UK! I’ve just gotten into the hobby after a long time of wanting a nano tank. Everything seems to be going smoothly with salinity at 1.026 and ammonia, nitrites, nitrates being 0. One issue: my ph is stubborn at 7.6ish despite alkalinity being between 8-9 as per fritz rpm salt...
  7. RiversideReefer

    My first piece of the ocean! - JBJ RF-45

    Hey guys I'm brand new into the world of reef tanks. I am a few days in so I'll post what I've done so far... Here begins my journey. Quick background information, I bought the JBJ RF-45 w/ matching stand from somebody selling it on offerup. Along with the tank I was given some used crushed...
  8. plankton

    10G Cubey reborn after 5 year hiatus

    Here in CA we are 'shelter in place' and literally are discouraged from leaving our homes or if we do keep social distance (no closer than 6') so on and so forth. Long story short, I cleaned up the nano from the garage, tooth a tooth brush to the LR and setup my beloved nano after more than 5...
  9. Rbell93

    New member & first salt tank ever build (pics)

    Hey everyone new member and with my first salt tank ever. I build the sump,stand, and plumbing. See what you think, pics attached! I cycled for a month and now have 2 clowns, 1 flame angel, 2 nems, gsp, zoa, cleaner shrimp, 4 small hermits, 2 snails!
  10. B

    Aiptasia on my emerald crab?

    So I got home yesterday and noticed a little something extra growing on my emerald crab. Is it aiptasia? Is this normal? Have yall seen this? What should I do? Blake Hamilton
  11. Dj Mars

    Red Sea 425XL

    Hello everyone! This forum helped me a lot on deciding where to start and what to buy!! I’m converting from fresh water to saltwater! Got an awesome deal for a 425XL at a local shop near me. Shout out to Rainbow Aquarium! Everything should arrive this weekend. Need help setting it up Can you...
  12. C

    HELP! I accidently bought an Ornate Leopard Wrasse!!

    Hello, I have a 45 gal bow front tank that has been running for just over 3 months. I have had 2 small clownfish in it for the past 6 weeks. Yesterday my kids and I drove the 1.5 hrs to our local fish store to get our next fish. We spent at least 2 hours at the store talking about the tank...
  13. Jtfortune3

    Help! Mirrored background 29 gallon safe?

    NEED HELP So I’m new to the salty side ( I have 5 freshwater aquariums) So my grandma decided to give me her old 29 gallon bowfront tank and stand. I decided I’d set it up and do my first saltwater tank. I properly cycled the tank (requires way more patience than freshwater lol) and added two...
  14. MarsWulf5

    What is the Best Rock That is Pest Free?

    I am starting a new 125 G tank. I am ready to cure and cycle rock but I dont want any pests. I have decided against any type of dry or wet rock. What is the best rock for a long term pest free tank? Reef saver???
  15. K

    Clown fish with white on fins

    Hello! I’m pretty new here but maybe some of you could help me out. I’ve had my tank for a couple weeks running and I introduced two juvenile clown fish about a little over a week ago. One of them got a little bigger than the other and is doing extremely well is very healthy. However, the other...
  16. Michelesreef

    help me pick some fish....

    So I'm about to set up a new tank, 30 gallon with a 10 gallon sump. I'm using a rock i already have with a TON of mushroom corals covering it and probably some more rocks...definitely more rock. Anyway, i have one clown and one mandarin plus 2 other mushroom corals, a green hammer, & a daisy...
  17. Gcowles

    First build: 68 gal CADlights Mixed Reef

    This summer I purchased a 68 gal CADlights tank with all the equipment for $1100 on Craigslist. I just started the tank up at the beginning of November. My equipment: 68 gal CAD lights tank and stand Trigger Systems 30g ruby pro Various 6 return pump MP40 Bubble Magus Curve 7 protein skimmer...
  18. L

    New Tank - First signs of Algae

    My new Elos tank has now been up and running with fish for 2 weeks now. This morning I found the first signs of hair algae on the rocks. Is this all normal? It seems to be covering most of the rocks. The rocks (started with dry Marco) have been cycled in a Brute can for the past 10 months so...
  19. Nate_Krohn

    29 gallon stocking

    Just got a new 29 gallon tank to move a pair of clownfish into. Its 29 gallon long. Any other stocking ideas? I’m open to adding anything!! Thank you!
  20. TheRedBeardedReefer

    Long time lurker, first time poster (Pics and Live Stream for the community's relaxing pleasure)

    Howdy, As the title indicates I've been browsing the threads here for years, but finally decided to jump in to the discussion. I've been keeping saltwater tanks for years, starting with a predator tank in the 90s housed in a 40 breeder, upgrading to a 90 wave (front panel blew out), and...
  21. Reef-Gang414

    C-Vue 26 AOI set up! New here!

    Hey y’all my name is Luke and I recently set up a cvue 26 all-in-one with a hydra 26 hd. I am currently waiting out the cycle stage and it seems to be taking longer then previous ranks. I have just started getting what look like little brown clusters of I think algae on the rock and sand no...
  22. curiel909


    Hello everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I sure did, I visited Reef-A-palooza and came up with a lot of great products. I am now on week 2 with my 40 gallon tank. And I started getting brown algae all over the tank. My lights are on a schedule. I am running a Current USA orbit...
  23. Austin Lee

    First time testing Calc & Alk. Calc seems high?

    Hi all, I invested in a couple of Hanna checkers for the first time! I have a 25 lagoon that's about 7 months old. It's all LPS right now, and I'd like to add some montis soon, so I tested both Calc & Alk today for the first time and they came in at 518 & 8.1, respectively. I double tested...
  24. Mike Paletta's New Tank is UP and Running

    Reef Spotlight Mike Paletta's New Tank is UP and Running

    New Tank is UP and Running Photos are courtesy of and used with permission from @Mike Paletta, ©2019, All Rights Reserved. It is now six months and counting, and the new tank(s) are coming along nicely. As I noted in my earlier articles, the setting up of my new 500-gallon tank was not just...
  25. D

    White slime?

    I've been battling with this since I started a new 20g. I used Dr.Tim's ammonia to start the cycle and the tank cycled properly, went through the diatom phase and all. I had a bacteria problem with the tank being cloudy that REFUSED to go away with time. Every SINGLE post I found that "solved"...