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  1. Stevebhammer

    Build Thread Upgraded tank

    Decided after Christmas break tank was getting too small (or coral were getting too big, or I bought too many!), one of those things! Talked to wife about possibly upgrading, told her we could have more fish (that did the trick). So next day I found a custom 210 gallon tank on Facebook...
  2. nanonøkk

    starting fresh because of hydroids

    ok so i had a hydroid problem and i’m starting fresh with a water box 20 here’s my plan i will keep my old tank up till my new tank hits 8 months so i can keep my black widow anemone but i have a few questions can hydroids spread on shrimp or nassrius snails or cerith snails carry them to my...
  3. TGREGS19

    ClownFish hostility

    Hey guys, I have had two clownfish for roughly 3 months now and my LFS just told me I could get two more the other day. So I got two babies and to no surprise, the older brother (or sister lol) is being very mean to the new two fish, pinning them in a corner behind my protein skimmer. Their...
  4. carterpaules

    Lagoon 25

    Hi I recently got a lagoon 25 form innovative marine Here's my Part list Aquarium NUVO Fusion Lagoon 25 Pro - AIO 25 Gallon Aquarium Bundle - Innovative Marine Stand Eclife Modern 24" Bathroom Vanity Pedestal Cabinet ATO 5 Gallon Plastic Hedpack with ATO Smart ATO Micro Kit...
  5. eamm97


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to show you my progress so far. This my new nano setup, it’s coming up to 4 weeks now. Let me know what you think! Also, what fish do you recommend I add next and how long should I wait to do so?
  6. eamm97


    Hey guys, here is my very first saltwater tank. I’m very excited!!! I’ve wanted to start one for years now and I finally did. Any advice for a new reefer? Especially on how to deal with diatoms? I’m on week 4 now and it’s starting to explode!
  7. H

    New tank - GSP and clove not open - Help

    So I swapped my evo to a waterbox cube 10, straight swap except changed to fresh sand bed. This was about a week ago. My Gsp have not opened at all and neither have my clove. I tried to change flow and have added a reduced % lighting via acclimation mode of my AI HD 16 but they remain shut. Ive...
  8. SurgeonFish

    Build Thread 125 NSA Aqua Scape Reef

    Hello everyone, Im an Air Force Doc and have had small tanks with some success over my education but I came into this 125 from a fellow doc and want to document the build. I will be at this base for 5 years and just purchased a home for the new tank to live at: equiptment: 125 gallon...
  9. Nelliy

    Tank Mate Ideas, need some inspiration!

    Hi guys, I got out one of my old tanks I decommissioned a couple years back and decided to get it up and running again. Previously it primarily inhabited a lionfish, eel and triggerfish. I don’t want to have too many fish for this tank, just some nice show pieces. I was thinking an emperor...
  10. Queenofreef

    Build Thread QOR’s Waterbox 220 Build

    Howdy Reefers! :D Welcome to my first build thread for my third reef tank - the Waterbox 220 Reef Pro. This tank is significantly larger than my previous tanks (Biocube 29g and IM 40g), and I couldn’t be more excited about my options with this bad boy. I’m going to have my first ever SUMP!! And...
  11. Snaizel

    Build Thread Unexpected Upgrade! 24gAIO to 120g RR!

    Uh so this was really not what I planned happening. I joined this forum a couple weeks ago because I've just started my journey in the saltwater hobby! I'm a longtime FW planted tank fan and wanted to make a gentle step into saltwater with this cute 24g aio I got for a good deal It's got...
  12. ricksmithsdca

    Build Thread New to Saltwater...

    So I am new to saltwater. I bought a used setup from OfferUp that needed some work so I have been working on it (stand had water damage, black back needed to be scraped, light connectors corroded, etc.). As of today, the stand is done and the back is scraped. I have the material to fix the...
  13. kiddkobireefs

    Cycling High Nitrites While Ammonia Is Lowering

    I’ve been testing my tank everyday to monitor my cycle. Cycle has been going on for over a month now. My nitrites have continually been high right now for the past 3-4 days at 2-5ppm. My ammonia read 2.0ppm for a few days and has gone to 1ppm as of today but my nitrites are still sitting between...
  14. MummysReefTank

    Advice on order of fish into tank.

    Hi All! This is my first post; I’ve got the tank up and running and it has been cycling for the past 2 weeks, its only resident a now delightfully bloated (dead) prawn.... and some Dr Tim’s. The tank size is 450l and I'd like people’s recommendations on what order to add the below fish in. They...
  15. Canadareefer666

    Build Thread Innovative Marine 75 EXT build thread

    So the deal was with the wife, new condo, new tank. Seemed fair to me. After deliberating between a Red Sea and IM, we went with IM due to stand and availability. I currently have an Aqueon 75 gallon reef ready but the stand casing is falling apart, it is too big for the apartment and I want to...
  16. supernanoguy

    My super nano tank

    Hello everyone. Will be doing some more updates here on this thread over the next 8 months. This is my first tank and I have done some decent research ahead of time. Mistakes have been made already and I will go into that as time progresses. For now I’m looking for some input on my live rock...
  17. Krilla

    Microscope ID: can anyone identify these?

    Hi I took some samples of the brown algae starting to cover my rocks and sand. I found 2 different shapes which both are moving. Can anyone identify these?
  18. Spenc_

    Maxspect R420R Lighting Levels

    I just setup a Nano tank which is a Innovative 10G Cube tank, put live rock in it and dry sand because I couldn't get ahold of live sand in my area. I have a Maxspect R420R 60W-16000k and I need help setting it up with times and light levels, I was told to have it on for 8-10 hours a day and...
  19. SkyDoodles

    New saltwater tank

    Lol, this was out of necessity... Fast and furious! I needed a quaratine tank... Got some fish and they came on the brink of death (I think it got too cold )... 2 died and I salvaged one, he was literally doing death spirals... But now my pigmy angel is beating the snot out of him... Hope this...
  20. C

    Do I need auto for nano tank.

    Do I need an ATO for a 10 gallon nano tank. If so what one should I get. Thank You
  21. Herides

    My very first 1 week old tank. Can ya'll tell me how i'm doing and help out with water parameter problems?

    Hey guys, i'm going to tell you guys about my 1 week old reef tank and some of the concerns that i'm having that I don't know how to solve. The tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a population of just 2 Onyx (Sea Quest Line) Clownfish. It's filtration is an aquatop Forza canister filter (which...
  22. jackalexander

    100% Water Change

    So in my previous thread, I had an ammonia issue that was out of hand. As suggested, I did a 100% WC and now i’m wondering when I should start adding fish back. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!
  23. ajtomase

    As many fish as possible in 56 gallon tank

    Hi everyone! I'm looking at a 56 gallon tank and I want to have as many fish/coal/invertibrates as possible. I'd love to have as much color, variety, and movement in my tank as possible. Is it still the 1" per gallon rule? Thanks! I also plan on adding several invertebrates I'm also...
  24. OllieGreen

    Hello Hi! Anyone Have Advice For My New Nano Tank?

    Hi! I'm new to reefing (but I've been interested in it forever) and am just starting up my first nano tank. I'm really excited and ill be putting everything together in the next few days. I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on my tank and let me know of anything that i'm...
  25. JustKyle

    New to Reefing! Check out my build

    Hello all! New to reefing here, and just wanted to get some opinions on what we’ve got going on here. We got a 32 bio cube and so far everything is running fabulously and all of our lil fishies are doing great. Here’s a pic! What’s in the tank: Fish: - 1 Blue Spotted Jawfish - 2 Clowns - 1...
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