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new tank

  1. Austin Lee

    TANK BUILD: Which is best - IM 25 Lagoon or 40G?

    Hi Guys, It's been a few years since I've posted here because I've been tankless :( But now I'm working on planning my next build! However, I need your help. I'm stuck between the Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon or the 40G Cube(ish). I live in an apartment, and my lease renews in October...
  2. E

    Large Build naaa

    Hi. So a few people have said they want to see the progress new Tank The story. Saturday morning 3 weeks ago October 5 2018 as we do every morning my wife and i were having coffee while checking email and watching the Swimmer Swimmies Swimming happily in there swimmer swimmie swimming place...
  3. Billldg

    What is the Meaning of a Mature Tank?

    The title says is all, what is the meaning of a mature tank. I have read hundreds of threads about fellow reefers loosing frags and the saying the tank isn't seasoned enough, or the tank isn't mature enough comes up a lot, myself included. OK, I get it, but how long then. What is needed to be...
  4. K

    Moving rock

    Hello guys, I have a 55 gallons salt tank.. I moved it and made the mistake of using the same sand bed.. ever since then I’ve had phosphate issues.. I’m in the process of buying a new tank. I’m getting a 90 gallon and moving everything from my 55 gallon into it.. gonna buy new sand and...
  5. MSB123

    MSB’s “Can it be done?”

    As many of you know, we all get the urge to upgrade. And that urge has hit me hard. I have been saving for awhile now, and selling off gear. I now have $4500 for a new tank! I have some ideas about what I want and I have been looking at some options for tanks including Red Sea and custom...
  6. divetoday

    Build Thread Building a 30 Gallon Frag Tank... The Long, Slow, Right way

    Blank Slate by divetoday posted Jun 28, 2018 at 10:56 AMThis is my first-ever tank build thread, but I am setting up a new frag tank and wanted to document the progress. FWIW, I've had lots of FOWLR tanks (since 1976!), but only got into reefing about 6 years ago. Since then, I've suffered from...
  7. Danh Ngo

    Build Thread My 68G build, up in October

    This is some of my little diy project (not the tank) . Waiting for the tank, it is a UNS tank 68G 22x36x22. Everything will be up in October. First time build so the stand does not look so nice :)
  8. X

    new tank questions! 35g deep blue

    Hello everyone. Im finally feeling the need for a new tank and I've decided on a deep blue reef ready 35g 20x20 cube. So far my tanks have all been small (12x12 cubes or a 15g aqueon fowlr). As such i never did sumps, just hang on filters filled with chemipure and purigen + live rock. As such...
  9. DansReef.co.uk

    Advice from the very beginning ..

    There is MASSES of information online about what to do or not do when you start up your first reef aquarium and if were brutally honest it can be quite daunting! Ive begun to put together a multi part series on YouTube documenting setting up your very own saltwater reef tank and each episode...
  10. JSpen

    Sump Hunt

    Im looking for a sump that has a refugium and is capable of handling a 130 gallon tank. I really don't want to break the bank on this. Ive been looking at the ice cap sumps and its really nice these have a ATO built right in. If anyone has any suggestions for a reasonable price id be very...
  11. Hugo Garcia

    What should I add next?

    Ok guys, I’ve set up my innovative marine 30L a few months ago and now I’m looking for more stuff to add to it. I currently have 2 clownfish, 1 Royal Gramma Basslet, 1 Tailspot Blenny and 1 orange parwn Goby. 2 large elctrtic orange hermit crab, 2 eclectic blue, 4 blue leg hermit, 5 Trouchas...
  12. clsbgirl

    Relationships and Tanks

    So I've had a heck of a new year. I broke down my 75 gallon reef tank, which anybody who's done it knows how big a pain that is, but I did it because I didn't have the time for the upkeep. Anyway I stuffed as much as I could into a 10 gallon, and it turned out to be a pretty cute looking tank...
  13. Psylacus

    New 300 Gallon SW Aquarium.

    Hey folks! Posting this here as well as this is both an introduction to me as well as the tank that I am working on, so if you already read this you can skip down to the link below. I attached a GOOGLE SHEET, with what I am thinking about buying and you can comment as well! So new to the forum...
  14. Psylacus

    Hello from Utah:)

    Hey folks! So new to the forum and starting my salt water adventure. Background about me - I work for a gaming computer company and we ship computers all over the world and I manage the chaos :). Anyway, I have a 46 gallon bow front tank that I have had for 6 years with very little hoopla and...
  15. J

    New Tank Coral Recommendations

    Hi all! My boyfriend has had his 30 gallon tank for awhile but I just got my first tank (a 10 gallon Nuvo) last weekend. I know there is a difference between watching someone else do something and doing it for yourself. I cycled the water with salt water from the store we buy from, live sand...
  16. CreatiVe2

    Build Thread 120G (250G) Build Thread - Return after 3 years (Oct '18 Update)

    So 2 years after my new home purchase, I am now getting back into my salt water addiction. This will be my 3rd tank, but really my first "Adult" setup. I finally have enough room for a full size sump, refugium, and an observation tank. This should put the total system volume to just above 245...
  17. Z

    Sudden Algae Problem

    I am new to the saltwater aquarium hobby and havent had any problems until now. Started tank beginning of october 2017, 13.5 gallon fluval. Mid November I upgraded to a 55 gallon using extra cycled media from the small tank, caribsea live sand, and additional dry rock. The first week of the new...
  18. B

    Ammonia spike in transfer tank

    I just took over a tank from a friend. She gave me about 45 pounds of live rock, 2 ocellaris, 1 dottyback, 2 striped damsels, a decorator crab, and 1 cleaner shrimp. She had them all in a 40-gallon breeder with a cheap protein skimmer. I just moved it all to my 50-gallon with a 20-gallon sump...
  19. Hugo Garcia

    Photographer New to the Hobby

    Hey guys, how is t going? I’m a professional photographer based in New York New to the reefing hobby. Here is a shot of my recently upgraded Innivative Marine 30L Shot on a Hasselblad H6Dc 100mp with the 80mm f/2.8
  20. Hugo Garcia

    Build Thread New tank Build, Innovative Marine 30L

    Hey guys, how is it going? I’m here to share my new tank, I’ve upgraded from a DIY 20 gallon petco tank with a HOB to an Innovative Marine 30L. I had to upgrade the pump to a Sicce 2.0 because the pump it came with was broken during shipping. I have a Tunze 9001 Skimmer, that is not working...
  21. Hugo Garcia

    Build Thread I’d like to see picture of Innovative Marine 30L tanks!

    Hello guys, I’ve been thinking about upgrading to an Innovative marine 30L tank for a while now, but I’m still not 100% sure. My fiancée will be mad, but after it’s all set up I’m sure she will love it. So maybe if I see some images of you tanks I’ll convice myself that it’s the right move to...
  22. Rmarget

    Seeding Pods in a new Tank

    I have a 32G Coral Life Biocube it has been up and running for about 2 months. I used 35lbs of Life Rock instead of liverock to limit the introduction of hitch hikers. I have 3 fish, 10 hermit crabs, and 10 Astrea snails currently. I want to add some pods to the tank to get a population...
  23. joshbridges

    Build Thread My first ever tank!!!!!! 33-37g Saltwater Reef

    So i just got bit by the bug a few months ago ,, my tank was setup on September 14th 2017 , i used a bit of cycle dosing stuff , waited a month and added my clean up crew , about 2 or 3 weeks ago I put my first fish( ocellarius clown ) and non hitch hiker inverts( short-spine pincushion urchin)...
  24. Davehla

    Tank Number 4 - 20 Gallon Long Build has Started

    So my four year old came up to me a couple weeks ago and asked when is he getting a tank in his room.... So what is a dad to do except build a tank for him! In all fairness his 9 year old brother has a 28 JBJ in his room and his 7 year old sister has a glow fish tank. (Don't hate on the...
  25. Gator2019

    Can I keep them? Tang police

    I currently have a 90 gallon tank with a Tomini tang, foxface, and a few others, but those two are my main worry. Anyways, where I live, I only really have one place to put my tank and it’s right below my TV. Because of that, I can’t have any hanging lights or it would block my TV. Well a local...
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