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new tank

  1. Bruce's Reef

    Large Build Bruce's 220

    well I am ready to show off my tank a bit, DAS custom build 6x30x24 high, 3 radion Xr30 Pros, vextra M1 return, 2x MP40 qd, reef octopus 250 int skimmer, Apex controlled, Tunze Ato, Kessil Fuge LED, DOS dosing pump w/ dual reservoirs and a BRS jumbo reactor running carbon. Few misc snails and...
  2. Z

    Restarting my tank

    So I had my 55g reef tank started an going last year, but due to a super bad algae outbreak that I lost hand over fist to, I had to tear it down. Good news is, now I've got it back up again. Taking a whole different approach this time. I cleaned the entire tank and all equipment very...
  3. Squirrel_reefer

    Income Tax Ballers

    Whaddup fellow Reefers! It's that time of year again, where everyone will be filing their taxes and getting back all the money they loaned the Government this year (interest free btw). I don't know about you but I feel that being responsible is overrated lol, I plan to spend at least a little...
  4. Salty-Sailor

    Hi! Newbie Here. welcoming all advice!

    Just Started my new 55G reef tank 11-28-2016 So far i think im in the right direction but probably should be keeping track of my levels a little better, at least more then just bringing in water samples to the local saltwater aquarium shop and the very nice gentlemen tells me im doing good lol...
  5. audikers

    Build Thread My new to me tank. 33 Gal

    Hello all. Here is my tank. It is a 33 gal with a HOB filter and a powerhead. I got it used from someone, and now I'm just getting it established at my house. It has its problems. Which I will tackle one at a time. Today I will be pulling all the rock out and spraying it all with peroxide...
  6. audikers

    Switching a tank from Freshwater to Saltwater

    Hello! I am new to this hobby, and I will be converting a 150 gallon tank from fresh water to salt water. It is a beautiful clean tank and already drilled for saltwater. First. The tank has black sand in it from Hawaii. Can this sand be utilized for a saltwater set up? What do I need to do to...
  7. lightningreef2690

    75 Gallon Reef Stocking

    Hey everyone, So i recently stumbled upon a Lightning Maroon clown fish at a price so low i couldnt pass it up. So for the meantime i have him in a 5 gallon nano while i set up his new 75 Gallon mixed reef tank. The Lightning Maroon will obviously be the star of the tank, so i need to make sure...
  8. C

    Tank Setup Help

    I used to have a 55 gal Fish only tank with some live rock so not totally new but still a pretty much a newby . Before my aunt passed away she gave me a 130 gal acrylic tank and some other stuff. Problem is I don't really know know if I can utilize what i have from her and stuff from my old...
  9. C

    New to R2R

    Hello everyone. I'm glad I found this forum and hopefully you all can help me get my reef tank on its feet again. About 10 years ago I got the saltwater bug. I had a small 55 gallon tank with the bare minimum I could get away with to get my fix. I was lucky enough to be given a larger tank by my...
  10. D

    looking to buy nuvo 16

    Hey guys im looking to buy a new tank specifically the nuvo 16 I.M if anybody has one let me know
  11. Jay_M

    Crumbling dry rock/ Rock left out in sun.

    Hello All, I am in the process of starting up a reef tank again and have a quick question. I have had a pile (100+ pounds) of live rock sitting outside in the sun for some time now and I'm wondering what kind of negative results this will have on the rock. My first observation is that the...
  12. Dan J

    Almost ready to start putting water in my tank

    Hello all, We are moving slowly with our 60 Gallon cube tank, but I now have all the plumbing set up and have tested with fresh water. I've got lights and am about to start buying tank-ready salt water from our local shop (plug for Quantum Reef in North Virginia). I think my next step will...
  13. Maven

    New 60 cube build

    Tank has been up and running 8 months now. Switched over from a 55 long with a canister. The sump has made life a million times easier. Currently have a sailfin tang, yellow wrasse, 3 bar gobi especially, lawnmower blenny and a mandarin. Adding clown pair this week more pictures to come. Been in...
  14. BRB


    Happy Friday Soo my current tank is bowing in the front and back... Sooo I kind of need to replace it before it blows. Not sure the urgency but I'm thinking sooner than later so no mess happens. Thinking of buying a tank that has an overflow that exits the tank so I can direct it to my sump or...