150g Glass Aquarium W/Overflow $1000


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Feb 9, 2013
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So. Cal, USA
150g Glass Aquarium with overflow boxes and sump. Selling tank, stand, hood, light, and sump only. The skimmer is broken, and I will need the other equipment, rock, sand and animals. Only a few small scratches on the front, only really noticeable up close. Lovely thick glass, and double-paned bottom. Seals are in terrific shape. This one DEFINITELY won't break!! I'm only selling it because I went too big; I'm in poor health and cannot give it proper care.

PM me for video of the setup, taken 1/3/2017.

The white streak on the back is just residue from when I splashed accidentally. I can't reach back there to clean it; we put it too close to the wall.

I'm moving everything out of it, so it will probably be empty when you come to see it. I might leave just the water in to prove it's leak-free.

I will knock up to $50 off the asking price if you don't want the current LED light; the blues often refuse to work, so it's kinda junky.


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