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1Link 24v DC to DC converter with 2.5vdc - 20vdc Variable Output


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Apr 28, 2017
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I will be offering the 1Link 24v DC to DC converter with 2.5vdc - 20vdc Variable Output for sale. These will be made to order and there is a 7-10 business days lead time. I do however have a couple on hand that I can ship out immediately for those interested.

This unit adapts the 2 pin 24v 1Link connection into a variable 2.5v to 20v with displaying the output in real time. I have used this with the carbon doser for months without any issues. Running it at 12v. Rather than occupying the Outlets, I have converted this dc output to a more usable port. This will work with many devices that uses 120v adapters. Just look at the 120v outlet adapter output voltage and set the DC to DC converter to match that voltage and thats it! Some examples includes: LED lights, Pumps, Solenoids, Peristaltic pumps, and more.

MAX Watt that the 2 pin 24vdc 1Link can handle is 36watt. DO NOT EXCEED.

MAX Output Voltage 20v
MAX Output Current 3A

Please do not exceed the converter output watt over 36watt since the max output wattage the 1 link can handle is 36watt.

Example: If your adapter is rated @ 12v 1A then the power this adapter draws is 12watts; SAFE. If you have a device that draws 12v 4A, then this device will draw 48watts! NOT SAFE. ALSO if your device is rated at 5v 4A, this device will pull 20watts BUT this device is NOT SAFE since its pulling more than 3A the converter is rated for.

Please be cautious of what devices you are using. I will not be held responsible for improper use of this device. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me and I can provide assistance.

$39.99 Shipped within the USA

International orders please PM me for shipping estimate.



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