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Feb 1, 2018
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Well, I finally talked my wife into letting me get back into the hobby. On a smaller more manageable scale. It all started back in 2000 when I got the bug. The freshwater phase didn't last long. I started out with a 60 gallon oceanic. Then moved up to a standard 100. Then built a standard 240 "8x2x2"... Then downsized to a 140. And then my first child was born. Well, needless to say the tank came down. After kid number two, I'm finally able to get back into the hobby I love. This is a simple build, nothing fancy, but it's been fun. The tank has been set up since 2017, I've just never got around to posting anything.
Day 1
Tank in living room temporarily to keep it out of the garage.

Next Step. Epoxied the stand and reinforced.
Drilled the tank for overflow and emergency drain. I decided on a Herbie Style set up. It had to be dead silent with it sitting in the living room.
IMG_0283.JPG IMG_0285.JPG IMG_0317.JPG

Now to figure how i want to route the plumbing. This is the last shot with everything plumbed. IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0931.JPG
Temp controller installed. IMG_0907.JPG

I built cabinets for the auto top off and dosing pumps. One sets on the right of the tank and the other on the left Painted to match the stand. Avast auto topoff and Drew's dosers. 5 gallon reservoir. The Coozie is over the diaphragm pump to quieten it down. It never runs very long anyways.LOL
IMG_0941.JPG IMG_0944.JPG VYveqzJQQCS4+awNSPtCVA.jpg IMG_0947.JPG
I finally decided on lights. I went with the Reefbreeders Photon V2. I had to modify things a bit to make it work. The mounting legs wouldn't work with the odd shape of the tank so this is what i came up with. A little acrylic and machine work.
My RO/DI stuff is located in the garage. I built a stand for my reservoir to sit on, with enough room beneath to fit a 20 gallon brute with casters beneath. The RO/DI system itself is in the water heater closet. A shutoff / float valve was installed near the top of the reservoir. I didn't want to worry about flooding. All RO lines are ran through unglued PVC. I wanted a clean look and also wanted to be able to replace the lines if needed. I used a heat gun to make gradual bends in the PVC for the tubing to go through. A regular 90 degree elbow wouldn't work. I even tried two 45's together and that didn't work.

IMG_0503.JPG IMG_0504.JPG IMG_0709.JPG IMG_0761.JPG IMG_0762.JPG IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0684.JPG IMG_0685.JPG IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0752.JPG

Now fast forward 1 1/2 years. fullsizeoutput_108c.jpeg
The tank has actually changed a bit from this picture but its fairly close. I've added a few frags since. The left rock structure is completely different coral wise. The lights were ramping down when these pics were taken.

2 plus years

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Feb 1, 2018
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One, if not the best corner reef I have seen so far.

I actually have a question, since we started with the exact same corner tank. Mine clearly states it is tempered glass... but the sticker in on the bottom panel.... could it be that the sides are not?

The sides are not tempered on mine, just the bottom that has the sticker on it. I made double sure before I drilled mine. I checked mine with a computer monitor and a pair of polarized sunglasses just to make sure!!! Didn’t want a tank exploding on me when I drilled it!!! Lol
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