Anemone vs Macroalgae



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Jun 10, 2022
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Am plumbing a 29g into my 90g sump and 125g long tank. I want it planted for dual reasons, extra nutrient export, and will probably use it as a breeding tank between my clowns and PJ cardinals. I would love to move my 2 rainbow BTA's over to this tank also. I'm thinking the damage they would cause my macroalgae has to be far less than walking over my corals. They pretty much stay put, but they do seem to like moving around one main rock in the middle of the tank. They are from the same mother, but don't think they like each other much. I cannot find any info on how bad an anemone can damage macroalgae. I plan on ulva, gracillaria, and any other pretties I can find.
I will be using a Nautilous 3200 to return to both tanks, with control valves of course, and will be drilling for an eshopps M overflow. I cannot imagine or begin to guess how badly the macroalgae can be stung by an anemone. Any experience with this anyone?
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