AP700 Moonlight Frustration


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Aug 31, 2021
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The Dalles
Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience with their AP700 as I am currently...

I prefer the red Moonlight vs the blue one because the tank is somewhere where it's visible from a bedroom at night and we everyone knows, red is less distracting at night.

The standard 'lunar cycle' program works fine out of the box but is non-editable. Basically I just made a copy of the default and changed the lunar color from blue to red in the options.

What happens is when 9:30 rolls around is this:
  • If moonlight is blue, lunar cycle works perfectly.
  • If moonlight is red, light shuts off completely at lunar start time.
Launching the app and connecting to the fixture without editing any profiles will restore the moonlight until the next evening when it's completely off again.

Tried setting the red channel to 1% at night time instead of using the lunar cycle but for some stupid reason, 1% is about ten times brighter than the lunar cycle mode.

Seems like if there's literally only two options for moonlight, they should both work the same but blue works and red doesn't.

Anyone else/any ideas? I'm on firmware 4.2 already and a reset did nothing.

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