Coral not opening up like before and sponge problems



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Feb 1, 2022
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My corals have been recently not opening up as big as they did before. Nothing really changed. My GSP has been suffering since sponges are growing on it, but nothing happened to other corals.
I tried manually removing the sponges but they were soft and wouldn’t come off so i was afraid to hurt the coral even more
I noticed something similar to aiptasia growing on rocks.
The sponge problem might be due to bad quality RO water (have to change filter) and i’ll buy 20L of good RO to see it i can solve it with time.

I also have an algae problem but it’s getting better on its own
When i had a lot more algae the corals were opening up just fine so it must be something else

Tests and salinity are fine
Could it be circulation?
I have a 600L/h pump and a 60L aquarium total

My light isn’t that good but i don’t think that’s the problem since they were fine before and they aren’t demanding corals

The now and before pictures: (couldn’t find an old zoa pic but they were bigger too)

1B3848E9-C4A1-432D-9B15-C1FABE272E21.jpeg 217B9240-922A-483C-8736-019228B1C269.jpeg 1E5ABC55-A9EB-461C-ACB2-0573C4B6333C.jpeg 06B80B60-3465-4984-8F1B-C2387B0713C8.jpeg 65142995-4462-4704-84BB-05C785ABA9DB.jpeg

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