1. unchaotic

    Crowded Frag Plug

    So I bought a frag of plating sponge at an LFS and it came with some clove polyps and zoas. I especially like the clove polyps and would like them to survive but don't want them bothering the sponge either. Should I remove the other corals and put them in separate spots? If so, any...
  2. Shinobireef92

    EMERGENCY Hot take, does sponges limit corals growth by choking them on the base?

    So I noticed that my zoa garden is not growing as much, when I actually dust the rock off, I saw sponges limiting the zoa growths and actually the zoas are not growing where there’s sponges. What reef expert thinks? Asking for a friend.
  3. MrBubble47

    Plating algaes or Sponges?

    Hello, what are these plating things growing in my Fiji live rock?
  4. F

    ID help? Possibly sponges?

    I found this thing below a section of my rockwork with 0 light, looks like a number of sponges?? Sorry for the photo quality, its a bit far back, so hard to get a good photo.
  5. Gonj

    Sponge on Live rock ?

    Picked up some live rock at lfs noticed this little guy on the rock. Can anyone help me identify what it is?
  6. Ocean_dreamer89

    Help ID hitchhiker on coral

    Hello! I was looking at my corals today and saw this guy on my candy cane. Tried looking online and I’m not sure if it’s a vermetid snail or a type of sponge. Can anyone offer any clarity and advise of what to do? I’m currently in the process of slowly transferring corals to a new tank and...
  7. ssunthar

    Grey sponge?

    Hi Experts, noticed this grey 'sponge' like thingy on LR (about 1.5cm in size) and realized that it is moving (very slowly.. like a cm every 2 - 3 days) and it changes its shape (like stretching) when it is on the move... sorry for the pic quality. Is this a sponge and is it safe? Thanks.
  8. H

    White/Semi-Transparent things growing on live rock/coral frags

    Good afternoon, I am new to the hobby and have a 75-gallon tank with 2 clownfish, 2 gobies (added two days ago after quarantining), 6 coral frags, a skunk shrimp, a porcelain crab (that's been hiding a couple of weeks), and some snails. I noticed some things growing around the coral fragments...
  9. S

    Are these sponges in my sump?

    I think they are but I am second guessing myself. small, white, anchored.
  10. ETH2ETH


    Hoping somebody can give me an ID on these two pictures. Thanks in advance!
  11. M

    Does FM Phos 0,04 remove silicates?

    I'm dosing a product to assist in sponge growth, which also requires some silicates. Will Phos 0,04 remove silicates? Does the resin have a higher affinity for silicates than for phosphates? Does it have a higher affinity for yellowing compounds, tannins than for PO4 and silicates? Thank you!
  12. orion_xix

    Potential Sponge ID needed

    Hey all, I've got a growth growing between my two hammer heads and I'm not quite sure exactly what it is. It could potentially be a sponge, as the coral doesn't seem bothered by it at all. The heads stay open all day, I only found it at night doing a flashlight inspection on the reef. My...
  13. V

    White sponge ID

    i am looking for confirmation on type of sponge as well as what to do about them, I’m not worried as they are in my quarantine system, just curious as to eradicate or propagate lol, see attached below
  14. B

    Good Sponge Bad Sponge

    Hello All, I have notice a few of these pink sponge type things popping up. 1) Are they sponges? 2) Are they good or bad? 3) Should they be removed? Thanks to all you experts!
  15. Nugg's Dad

    Build Thread Frogfish Tank - Nugg's Haus

    Hey all- Been a lurker here for a while, but decided to create a build thread for my latest tank :D When I rebooted this tank my goal was to create a beautiful macroalgae display that would require minimal maintenance. Along the way, I started to notice that most of the things I planned on...
  16. CommanderInReef

    is this sponge?

    I had this orange stuff growing throughout my rock but now it's almost hairy in one spot. Any answers?
  17. Reefing_Engineer

    Red dots on Zoas

    I bought some zoas from my LFS four days ago and one of them had these little red dots on them that I noticed after dipping them. I dipped for 30 minutes and blew water on them every 5 minutes using a pipette to try to knock off anything but these were left, I figured it would be okay since I...
  18. argiBK


    These white, spiky protrusions (to the bottom right of the cleaner shrimp) just appeared overnight in my tank. The closest thing I can identify it as might be a pink sponge, especially with sponge on the underside of the rock. Can anyone confirm? Otherwise, any clue what it could be? Thanks!
  19. killergoby

    Biofilm? Sponge? Tunicates?

    I've had this film/tubey structure encasing this rock for at least a year now, and I'm beginning to get curious of what it is. When I removed the rock from the water when transferring tanks in July, the film felt slimey but did not readily brush off. It seems to be inflated almost like a halo...
  20. Freelamp944

    Where do nutrients go in cryptic zones?

    I've been doing some research on using cryptic zones in place of a skimmer and I'm curious how nutrient export actually happens. Obviously, with a skimmer we physically dump the waste down the drain. With a cryptic zone, sponges and other critters eat the dissolved organics, but nothing is...
  21. Amantijt

    Trying to identify something...

    So have a hammer and it’s always had some “dark spots” figured it was some discoloration of some sort. After tonight looks like it has spread ALOT since I’ve last paid attention to it. Might someone know what or why there is some blue Something growing around my hammer? Got the best pic I could...
  22. D


    Hi reefers I have a problem with spongeall over the rock whats the best way to remove it permanently ive had the sponge for ages keeps coming in no time at allĺ
  23. trasor

    What are your thoughts on this new tank? Novice here, so any recommendations on changes or additions are welcome.

    What would you add/change? 3 month old 20g. The orange sponge has been receding since the beginning and there seems to be some bleaching so I’ve cut the light back from 14 hours a day to 10. Also the light gradually increases to 80 percent and then back to zero except the blue light is left...
  24. Carebearsss.x

    Coraline Algae? Or a Sponge?

    Hey guys just wondering if this is Orange Coraline Algae? Or if it could be a Sponge of some sort?? Thanks!
  25. DxMarinefish

    Sponges in a Bottle

    Hi, I was wondering if fellow reefers can contribute to this question - What Sponge-in-a-Bottle can we buy to increase our sponge variety in a reef rank? I currently use Zeovit Sponge Power and the sponge life has really taken off in my tank. I would like to add to the variety of sponges in...