Coronus AMAZING seller

Discussion in 'Seller / Trader Feedback' started by sergebmw2, May 23, 2019.

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    Wanted to start off saying the communication was outstanding.

    5/5 Communicated that we should give the frags extra time to heal up, that to me showes true care for coral and the hobby.

    5/5 Shipping Box and the contents of the Box were fantastically package. heat pack was used the temperature of the water was 77.3゚ when arrived at my House. Each frag was individually packaged and arrived great.

    5/5 Very healthy corals and very nice sizes as well.

    Looking forward to the next transaction with the seller. 20190523_114313.jpeg 20190523_120520.jpeg 20190523_135813.jpeg 20190523_135840.jpeg 20190523_135738.jpeg