Does your equipment specs measure up with other same size tanks?

Are you satisfied with the equipment you have running on your reef tank now?

  • Yes I'm satisfied

    Votes: 217 42.9%
  • Somewhat satisfied but I want to add more in the future

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May 8, 2006
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Do you ever wonder how your tank stacks up, equipment wise, to same or similar sized tanks? What are you missing? Do you have too much stuff?

So in order to make this work we have to have you tell us about your tank! So do it by answering the following.

What size reef tank do you have and how much total water volume?

Please list all of your equipment:

  • Lighting (brand and how many)
  • Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment
  • Powerheads and water movers
  • Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much)
  • Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater
  • Heater/Chiller
  • RO/DI
  • Reactors(any kind calcium, carbon etc.)
  • Aquarium controllers
  • UV Sterilizers
  • Other?
Don't forget to tell us your tank size!

Super Amazing Tank Build by @Broadfield Check it out here.

90's reefer

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Sep 10, 2018
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Redding CA

Tanks almost 8 months old.
120 BB with 40 breeder no baffle sump.
36" welded stand
Around 130 gallon total factoring rock and equipment.
7" filter sock
Tunze 9410 dc skimmer
Tunze 3171 carx
ADA 2 stage regulator
10lb tank no controller or ph probe
Running Tunze media
Tunze ato with 10 gal bashsea res.
Ehiem 150 watt heater/ winter only
3 liters of ehiem media in a mesh bag in sump
2 tunze 6095
2 jebao ow-25
All 4 on pulse
Ati 6 bulb
Aquatic life 2 bulb
3b+ 3c+ 2 actinic
35ish lbs live rock
35ish caribsea rock
BRS 4 stage ro/di

No water change system
Esv-b salt
Dose by hand:
Esv strontium
DSR Trace
I have an Apex Classic but not hooked up
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Aug 14, 2016
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Decatur, AL
Tank: 187g SCA Aquarium, 60"x30"x24"

Sump: Trigger Sapphire 39
Overflow: Exotic Marine Systems, 30"
Return Pump: Varios - 8
Flow: 4 Maxpect Gyre XF250 - two on each end
Skimmer: Deltec SCA 1660
Swabbie neck cleaner by Avast Marine
Davy Jones Skimmate Locker by Avast Marine
Lighting: 5 Mitras LX7206 LED's.
Kessil H380 over fuge
Controller: Profilux 4

Doser: GHL Doser 2.1
Channel 1 - Kalk - 5g Trigger Sapphire ATO container (20 ml x 70 doses)
Channel 2 - Alk - 3.5L Trigger Saphire dosing container (18ml x 12 doses)
Channel 3 - Calc - 3.5L Trigger Saphire dosing container (18ml x 12 doses)
Channel 4 - Mag - 2.5L Trigger Saphire dosing container (5ml x 12 doses)
Doser: GHL Doser 2.1 for KHDirector
Channel 5 - Tank water sample
Channel 6 - KHDirector reagent
Channel 7 - KHDirector waste pump out
Channel 8 - Chroma by UWC (7ml x 1 dose)

Avast Marine Calcium Reactor

ATO: Tuze 3155 with 10g Trigger Sapphire reservoir.


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Sep 19, 2016
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Lighting (8 1/2" above the water)
  • 3, 48" LET dimmable T5 retrofits on DIY mount
    • 6, 54w ATI T5s (B+, ABS, P+, B+, ABS, B+)
  • 4, Kessil A360 (one X and three WE)
  • Deltec SC1455
  • 2, Vortech MP40QD (NTM, 100%, anti-sync)
Live Rock/Substrate
  • Approx 75lbs; 50/50 Marco and BRS Reef Saver dry rock (50/50 mix of dry and live from my 75g)
  • 120lbs CaribSea (80lbs Special Grade and 40lbs Fiji Pink)
Sea Salt Mix
  • Tropic Marin Pro Reef for the past five months and Instant Ocean the three years prior (seen no difference and will switch back to IO)
  • 3, Ehiem Jager 200w (will be going with 2, 300w BRS at some point)
  • BRS 4 Stage value+ (would like to upgrade to ultra high efficiency to waste less water soon)
  • 2, Avast Marine Works MR-5 DIY (carbon and GFO though only carbon is used currently)
Aquarium controllers
  • GHL Profilux 4
  • 6, BRS 1.1ml dosing pumps
    • Tropic Marin Balling Part A, B, C, Bio-Magnesium, A-, K+
  • 2, Skimz DLC3 Dosing Containers
Return Pump
  • Reeflow Snapper/Dart (Snapper impeller)
Display Tank
  • SCAquariums 150g (5x2x2)
  • Synergy Reef TS44
Mixing Station
  • 2, 55g Ace Roto-Mold tanks
  • 1 Ehiem Jager 100w heater
  • Panworld 100PX
System Water Capacity
  • 150g (estimated using alkalinity dosing)

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May 20, 2017
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Gilbert, Az
What size reef tank do you have and how much total water volume? 150 gallon 3 sided Starfire Eurobrace with custom 24" Exotic Marine ghost Overflow Herbie style drain. Est. 165 gallon total water volume

Please list all of your equipment:

  • Lighting (brand and how many) - DIY Hybrid - Geisemann Infinity with 4 x 54W T5 + 3x Ecotech Radion XR30W3
  • Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment - Bashsea SS48 Signature Series Sump, BubbleMagus Curve 9
  • Powerheads and water movers - 2 Tunze 6105 APEX controlled + 2 Neptune WAV
  • Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much) 125 pounds BRS reefsaver Rock, 120 pounds Fiji Pink sand
  • Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater - Aquaforest Reef Salt mixed to 35PPM Sg.
  • Heater/Chiller - JBJ 1/4 HP Chiller, Aqueon 300 watt heater
  • RO/DI - Spectrapure 90gph with autoshutoff valve, 2x 35 gallon re-purposed food grade barrels w/ Blueline pump water change station
  • Reactors(any kind calcium, carbon etc.) 1x Bashsea 4x12 carbon media reactor, 1x bashsea 4x12 converted Cheato reactor
  • Aquarium controllers - APEX Neptune 2016 with WXM, FMM, Breakout box
  • UV Sterilizers - Coralife 12x Turbotwist
  • Other? Kamoer X4 doser dosing Aquaforest Component 123+ and DIY KNO3/KH2PO4 to maintain nutrients at 5.0ppm and 0.02ppm target. Ecotech Vecra L1 return pump.
For those who care to look my build thread is available on my badges.
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Tony S

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Apr 11, 2017
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Hampton, VA.
220 Gal Marineland Display Tank
75 Gal Marineland (DIY) Sump

  • Lighting
    • (3) Kessil A360W-E's
    • 61" Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid
    • Kessil H380 (refugium)
  • Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment
    • Regal 250 INT
  • Powerheads and water movers
    • (2) Maxspect Gyre XF350
  • Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much)
    • Reef Saver Dry Rock (125 lbs)
    • CaribSea Oolite (100lbs)
    • CaribSea Special Grade (40 lbs)
  • Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater
    • Tropic Marin Pro
  • Heater/Chiller
    • (2) 300W Eheim Jager (pair of BRS ones to swap out)
  • RO/DI
    • BRS 6 Stage 150GPD
  • Reactors(any kind calcium, carbon etc.)
    • (2) Sicce Reactors (GFO, Carbon)
  • Aquarium controllers
    • Apex Controller
  • Items to be installed:
    • Pentair Aquatics Smart UV 40 Watt (still in box)
    • Trident (still in box)
    • Neptune Apex Dos
    • Neptune ATK v2 ATO
    • Neptune Lunar Simulator 5 string LED


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Jan 27, 2020
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  • 14 gallon Innovative Marine nuvo peninsula
  • Lighting-Ai prime 16hd(18in mount) 12 in above water
  • Skimmer- Skimmate ghost by IM
  • Return Pump- Sicce Syncra 1.5 (set at about 375gph)
  • Powerhead- Sicce voyager nano stream 1000 (275gph)
  • Live Rock/Substrate- Petco and Lfs live rock and ultra fine live sand (adding some crushed coral today)
  • Sea Salt Mix- Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
  • Heater- have a colbalt aquatics new in box but don't need it
  • RO/DI - RoDI buddie 50gpd 4 stage
  • UV Sterilizer- Innovative marine 9 watt also used to heat the tank to stable 78F
  • ATO- JBJ Nano ato (so far so good)
  • Custom clear mesh top
  • Flipper nano( Would not recommend to anyone it's pure garbage)
  • Have a ph moniter on the way
  • Use seachem matrix in a bag in my return section.


The fish are staring at me with hungry eyes.
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Apr 11, 2018
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Hurricane, WV
CustomAquarium 240 -96x24x24

and Marineland 75

and a 29 gallon refugium

All connected to a common sump made from stock tanks

  • Lighting - 2x 4foot Hamilton technology Cebu Sun systems 2 250wMH and 4 54wT-5, Reefbreeders Photon V2, Viparspectra BB
  • Skimmer - Reef Octopus SRO5000
  • Powerheads and water movers - Vortech MP10, 2 MP40, MP60, Maxspect xf250 gyres. 2 Jebao DCT-8000 , Sicce 3.0, Maxijet 1200
  • Live Rock/Substrate - 230 pounds live rock, 140 pounds CarribSea Life rock. 80 pounds crushed coral, 40 pounds Caribsea west Caribbean sand. Some bicks and pond foam.
  • Sea Salt Mix - Red Sea blue bucket
  • Heater/Chiller - 2 Eheim Jager 300w, 2 150w on Inkbird
  • RO/DI - BRS 4 stage upgraded with a second membrane and additional di canister
  • Reactors - Reef Octopus BR 140 biopellet reactor
  • Ozone - Poseidon 200 from Ozotech plumbed into skimmer.
  • Other - Water station with 2 100 gallon stock tanks with Magdrive pump. Bubble Magnus T011 doser with slave using gallon vinegar jugs as containers
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Mar 31, 2010
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San Jose, CA
Custom 150 Gal w/ Ghost Overflow
* Lighting: Kessil AP700 (x2) + Aquatic Life T5’s Hybrid v2
* Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment: Lifereef Venturi skimmer vs2-24,
* Powerheads and water movers: Maxspect Gyre 230 (x1), Ecotech Vortech MP40QD (x3); Ecotech Vectra M1 return
* Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much): Mix of Walt Smith 2.0 and Real Reef Rock (110-120lbs) Caribsea Special Grade sand with some crushed coral mixed in (75lbs)
* Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater: TLF AccuraSea Salt
* Heater/Chiller: Finnex 300w titanium (x2)
* RO/DI: 8 Stage RO/DI (2 membranes+ Anion, Cation, Mixed Bed canisters)
* Reactors: BRS GFO reactor
* Aquarium controllers: Neptune Systems Apex (latest version) + EB832 (x2)
* UV Sterilizers: No
* Sump: Trigger Emerald 36 Sump, refugium with charts and grow light. Marine Pure block
ATO: Trigger 10gal reservoir; Tunze 3155
* Dosing: ESV 2Part on Neptune DOS #1; TLF Acropower & KZ Flatworm Stop on DOS #2

Soon to be adding AWC to the system.


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Jul 25, 2017
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I’m satisfied until I’m not, but at the moment very pleased.
75 gallon Glass cages with a shadow overflow, bean animal. Sits on a custom 2x4 and plywood, open style cabinet with led Christmas lights for lighting. Custom removable cabinet top made from an old armoire. All wiring, modules, Apex, ato reservoir, etc craftily wedged in 2-9” compartments on either end of 4’ cabinet
AL t5 hybrid 2 B+ 2 actinic with 2 Xr15s @80% AB+
Custom DIY 30 gal long sump with 2 filter sock holders, rubble-fugium, skimmer chamber and return chamber
Skimz SM167 skimmer
Varios4 return pump at 65%
2 200w Finnex analog heaters
2- mp10s on 80% reef crest
2 part BRS dosing and pumps
ATK with FMM and Walmart 2.5 gallon ato reservoir (I mean since we’re throwing names around.
All controlled by Apex, 2-EB832 energy bars and WXM.
Harry’s Aquatics BoB

Only thing I wished I’d done differently
-120 instead of 75 (stand built for either)
-Wished I’d got a 6 bulb ATI fixture instead of 4. Won the radions so wasn’t expensive to upgrade but still like t5s
-and special grade instead if Fiji pink sand


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Feb 13, 2018
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150 gal (72” x 18” x 28”)
total water 190 gal

Sumps: 2 trigger sapphire 26 connected
Lights: 4 AI hydra 52HDs and 2 Orphek reef light bars 30”
Wavemakers: 2 mp40s and 4 tiny hydors behind rocks
Skimmer: had a skimz pyramid (junk!!) running with no skimmer currently :0
Chiller: arctica 150
Uv: pentair 40 watt
Return pumps: 2 cor20
Rodi: brs 75gpd 5 stage
Controller: apex classic, dos, ffm, wxm, pm1, Ald, feeder too
Salt: Red Sea Blue bucket
Dosing: cal, alk, phos, nitrate, trace

I’m happy with all equipment running now. I like the 28” depth for viewing but hate the 18” width due to no room for corals to grow out and fish to swim around them.
The double return pumps and double sumps are awesome.


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Jul 24, 2019
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Boca Raton
What size reef tank do you have and how much total water volume? 65 gallon tank with trigger 26 sump, guessing about 75 gallons total volume

Please list all of your equipment:

  • Lighting Reefbreeders 24 Proton V2, 2x Sunblaster T5 signle fixtures with ATI Blue+ bulbs
  • Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment Coral Box 300D300+ skimmer, refugium with chaeto and caulerpa
  • Powerheads and water movers 2x Maxspect Gyre 230's in display, 1 small powerhead in refugium to kick up detritus since I removed my filter sock
  • Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much) 60-80 pounds of rock with 50 pounds of sand
  • Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater Fritz RPM salt. Mixing station with 2x 30 gallon barrels powered by a Jebao DCP6500 pump
  • Heater/Chiller Fan over sump for chiller. No heater necessary in South Florida.
  • RO/DI BRS 75 GPD 4 stage with water saver kit.
  • Reactors(any kind calcium, carbon etc.) BRS reactor with carbon.
  • Aquarium controllers APEX system.
  • UV Sterilizers Jebao UV light.
  • Other? Coral Box Wifi Dosing Pump running BRS 2 part, Mag, and AcroPower. Also does Red Sea Trace Colors by hand.


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Apr 21, 2019
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Northwest Indiana
Ok, I'll play:

90 gallon (standard) display tank
  • Lighting (brand and how many) - 2 Viparspectra black boxes, running 25% blue and a mere 3% white.
  • Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment - using an old CPR bakpak skimmer on a proclear freedom 200 reef sump. In the sump I run filter socks, a refugium, carbon.and foam filter blocks before returning to the display.
  • Powerheads and water movers- 1 jaebo SCP 90 wavemaker.
  • Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much)- about 100 lbs of rock (60 lbs of established live, 40 lbs just started dry). Using 80 lbs of argonite as substrate.
  • Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater- instant ocean reef crystals
  • Heater/Chiller- offbrand 400 watt titanium.
  • RO/DI- nope. I know blasphemy!!
  • Reactors(any kind calcium, carbon etc.)- none
  • Aquarium controllers- nope
  • UV Sterilizers- nope
  • Other?

Bob Lauson

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Oct 31, 2017
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Ada, MI
180 Gallon (42 x 42 x 24) display tank from Glasscages
75 gallon DIY acrylic sump
DIY 5 gallon Kalkwasser Stirrer with MityFlex dosing pump (907-101-3014-64) for dosing Kalk
Neptune Apex controller with 3 x EB8 power bar, EB4 power bar, Neptune autofeeder, switch box, one PM1 for addition pH probe, one PM2 module for additional Temp probe
Two WAV pumps
Four x XR30W (two GEN 3 and two GEN 4) Radion lights with Reeflink controls
Coralife 1704P main return pump
Two Eheim 300W heaters
AquaC EV-400 Skimmer
50 gallon fresh saltwater reservoir
Kinetico 3 stage RO K5 water supply
Two Little Fishes 150 reactor with GAC
BRS 1.1ml/min dosing pump for dosing NeoPhos
Pentair UV-40 UV Sterilizer


Oh, that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh I like it
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May 14, 2018
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120 Gal Aqueon tank, 48x24x24, 120 gal total water volume
Trigger Sapphire 34 sump with matching Sapphire 10 gal ATO
Aquatic life hybrid, 2 blue +, 1 Purple +, 1 Coral + T5 bulbs, with 2 Radion XR15 G4 pros
Reef Octopus Regal 150 sss Skimmer
1 Maxspect gyre 350 on left side, 1 Ecotech MP10 and 1 MP40 on the right side
100 lbs Caribsea life rock and 80 pounds Caribsea Special Grade sand
HW Marine Reefer salt
1 Finnex 300 watt Titanium heater and 1 Finnex 200 watt Titanium heater
BRS 5 stage 150 gal RO/DI system
BRS Carbon reactor, about to install a Aquamaxx Sulfur Denitrator
Apex controller, WXM module, FMM Module, DOS, Trident, COR 20, AFS, 2 EB832 Energy Bars

On my upgrade I plan to go with a Crystal Dynamics 72x30x25 225 tank, Bashsea ss-48 sump, I also plan on going with Marco Rocks Shelf rock and also adding 60 to 80 pounds of live rock.
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Nov 24, 2019
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I just recently upgraded from a JBJ45, so tank not mature from that upgrade, but I am happy with the equipment I chose, time will tell, but so far so good.

  • Planet Aquarium Rimless 120G with upgraded front Crystal/ Internal Overflow.
  • Planet Aquarium Elegance Black stand.
  • Sump Trigger systems Emerald 39"
  • Protein Skimmer Red Sea rsk-600
  • Clarisea 3000
  • APEX SYSTEM Already had it.
    • LSM module
    • WM module
    • FMM module
    • COR-20 Return PUMP
    • FS-200
    • Trident (love this thing and with the DOS system).
    • 2 DOS systems for NOPOX/2 PART DOSING/ AMINOS (Already had)
    • Breakout box with some switches and sensors on it.
    • Leak Sensors
  • Kessil H160 as fuge light
  • 2 Kessil 160w
  • 2 Kessil a360we
  • Tunze ATO
  • 2 ECOTECH MP40s
  • Two BRS 300W Ti, with inkibird controller (primary/backup) and Heaters 300W Fluval (final-backup)
  • ATO container 20G
  • BRS 4 stage RO/DI.
  • Original Salt ReefCrystals, switching to Tropic Marine Reef Pro (to match my parameters)



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Jan 29, 2017
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Evans, Ga

Please list all of your equipment:
  • Lighting (brand and how many) 3 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue
  • Skimmers, Filters & Filtration Equipment: Nyos Quantum 160/Trigger Systems Sapphire 36 5gl Trigger ATO
  • Powerheads and water movers:2 Eco-Tech MP40s
  • Live Rock/Substrate (what type and how much) Mixed Liferock & Dry Rock 100lbs Careb-Sea Live Sand/Crushed Coral 6 bags
  • Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater
  • Heater/Chiller: JBJ True Temp 800wt
  • RO/DI
  • Reactors(any kind calcium, carbon etc.) Carbon
  • Aquarium controllers: None
  • UV Sterilizers: Coralife Turbo-Twist 18watt
  • Other? Eco-Tech M1 Return Pump
Don't forget to tell us your tank size! Tsunami 185gl Tank 185gl Not sure about total Volume Maybe 200-225gl
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Jul 4, 2018
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Standard reefer 250
3 prime 16’s
RO 150ss skimmer
RO varios 2 return
Stock ATO res with 3152 ATO
2 Nero 5’s
VCA VFG on return
Couple finnex 250’s in the green rain bird
2 X1 doser dosing reef fusion 1&2 about to switch to all for reef on one dose
25 watt pet co UV whatever it’s called, don’t know if it works but I am afraid to unplug it cause I have had no blooms or Dino or ick water always super clear.

D3F025D0-01E6-46B7-89F4-8AAC628FB853.jpeg 634C1CCE-D041-4161-9340-19027099FCAC.jpeg

Coral Reef Keepers

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Jan 7, 2020
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Oceanic 135 Display
40 breeder Frag tank

3 hydra 26, 2 primes, 2 t5 blue plus

55 gallon sump
Reef Octo regal 200
Jebao UV

jebao dcs 8000 return
2 nero5, 2 MP40, 1 gyre xf230

80 lbs dry rock
Bare bottom

Instant Ocean

4 150w Jagers

BRS water saver 6 stage

3 EB832
2 Dos pumps for AWC and 2 part
B. O. B.





[email protected]

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Oct 25, 2018
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What size reef tank do you have and how much total water volume?
  • 20 gallon high; probably around 15 gallons of total water volume (I just eyeballed it)
Lighting: Wills Aquarium Light (just got it in the mail yesterday!)

Filtration: Marineland Biowheel Penguin 200 (removed wheel, runs carbon sporadically and polyfilter stuffing to trap detritus)

Powerheads: 400 GPH one from Amazon, forgot name

Live Rock/Substrate: random pieces of rock from LFS, giant seashells to hide the fact that I'm too broke to buy more rock, and sand from Bear Lake and Caribsea

Sea Salt Mix: Instant Ocean Reef Crystals

Heater: Cheap one from Petsmart

RO/DI: Distilled water from Walmart (don't judge me, water changes are rare anyway)

So if you couldn't tell by now, it is a very budget nano reef!

Do you think a xenia refugium is an effective method of water filtration?

  • Yes

    Votes: 74 11.5%
  • No

    Votes: 99 15.4%
  • Maybe considering the set up

    Votes: 108 16.8%
  • Never considered it

    Votes: 351 54.7%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 10 1.6%

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