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Feb 1, 2016
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Hi guys,

I will receive soon 33lbs (15kg) of dry Marco rocks that I'm going to put in a new tank (REEFER 170).

The tank is empty, no water, no equipment, nothing.

So here is the way I plan to cure and seed the rocks and cycle the tank altogether. Tell me guys how you feel about it, I definitely need your insights.

It will be a two-part process.

The First part will consist of Stages 1 to 3, and will take place in a trash can. I think this part will last anywhere from 1 week to 2 weeks at the most.

Stage 1 (when I receive the rocks)
- Fill a trash can with RO/DI water, and salt. Put in it a small powerhead and a heater

- Add the dry rocks and a dead shrimp right from the outset

Stage 2 (when the shrimp start decaying)
- After a couple of days, I'll start to test Ammonia

- When Ammonia is detectable, not too low but before it reaches the spike, I'll add a "bacteria in bottle" solution

- When Ammonia reached its spike (if noticeable) I will replace the dead shrimp by another one

Stage 3 (testing Ammonia and Nitrite)
- After 2 days, I will test ammonia again until it gets down to Zero if detectable

- Likewise with Nitrite

- When Nitrite an Ammonia reach Zero, I will assume that now the rocks are seeded with minimum nitrifying bacterias, then the second part will begin.

The Second part (stages 4 to 6) will take place in the display tank.

Stage 4
- Fill the display tank with RO/DI water, turn on the heater and mix salt in it.

- Turn on the protein skimmer

- Add the "freshly seeded" dry rocks and pour in another dose of bottled bacterias

Stage 5
- Start shadow feeding every other day, and test for ammonia and nitrite every day in the meantime during one week or two depending on the results I get.

Stage 6
- When ammonia and nitrite are no longer detectable, I will add the first inhabitants (one or two fishes, and CUC)

I think, in all, that process will take one full month at the most depending on the quality of the bottled bacteria I get.
Unfortunately, here in France, we have no easy access to well-tried bottled bacteria as Dr. Tim's or Bio-Spira. So I will go for "Prodibio - Biodigest ", a French brand.

I designed that method taking what I judged the best ideas of various other methods I came across online.

I will experiment that method, and see how it works for me. I'll keep you posted every day or every other day.

Any suggestions are welcome.




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Mar 2, 2012
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That is roughly the same method I use.

Dry rock in container, add SW, and flow (do not need a heater here).
Add pellets(food) allow it a day or two to decay
Add directed amount of bacteria in bottle.
Repeat about every other day.

I do not test, just use the smell test. Let the rock run this way for about 2 weeks. Add to display with live sand. I always use media/foam and charcoal from an existing tank.

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