cycle tank

  1. Reef-Gang414

    C-Vue 26 AOI set up! New here!

    Hey y’all my name is Luke and I recently set up a cvue 26 all-in-one with a hydra 26 hd. I am currently waiting out the cycle stage and it seems to be taking longer then previous ranks. I have just started getting what look like little brown clusters of I think algae on the rock and sand no...
  2. BGrand

    Cycling New Tank

    Please Help! I am starting my fishless cycling tonight using Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride Solution and my plan is to use all three of the following: Dr. Tims One and Only Bacter7 Prodibio Bio Digest I want to get various types of bacteria in there for the cycle and don't mind it taking longer...
  3. shawnriv

    New Cycled Tank - Dead Fish Help!

    Hey Everyone, I recently began cycling my new Red Sea Reefer 350 with live sand, dry rock, bio spira, and did a fishless cycle using Dr. Tim's ammonia. After cycling for about a week and half, my ammonia and nitrite went to zero. I dosed the appropriate amount of ammonia nightly and the after...
  4. Danh Ngo

    Fishless cycling 0-0-0

    It is day 7th into the cycle. I’m doing a fishless cycling, seed with a small piece of lived rock from another tank. I just throw in some pellet food daily. This tank is 65G. Today I just test water it show 0 Amonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate. It is new Salifert testkit expired 2020, and redsea NO3...
  5. WannaBSpaghetti

    Requesting: Detailed Instruction on Curing Dry Rock

    Hello Experienced Reefers, The BRS Channel has done a video on this, and I've seen a few threads touch on it, but there is a knowledge gap for me on how to deal with my Rock in the planning stage of setting up a reef tank. Now, for most walkthroughs and guides one of the first steps after...
  6. Uscanga2311

    Is it necessary to use the heater during the tank cycle?

    Is it necessary to use the heater during the cycle Hi friends, I'll put a 40-gallon tank and my question is whether it affects or not, having the heater on during the cycle. in these times the temperature of my house oscillates by 15-12 degrees Celsius (53-55 degrees fahrenheit) thanks you guys!
  7. Kayzah

    Experiment: Curing Dry Rock & Cycling Tank

    Hi guys, I will receive soon 33lbs (15kg) of dry Marco rocks that I'm going to put in a new tank (REEFER 170). The tank is empty, no water, no equipment, nothing. So here is the way I plan to cure and seed the rocks and cycle the tank altogether. Tell me guys how you feel about it, I...
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