1. StudioReef

    POLL: What products do you consider 'essentials'?

    We all know there are tons of additives/treatments/supplements in this hobby... Some have proven their worth and others have been branded 'snake oil'... Using the poll tell us what bottles are considered 'essentials' in your fishroom (pick your top 4). If there's one that's not mentioned in the...
  2. #R_TST

    What additives should I have on hand for fish, soft, sps, lps tank?

    I know I will need to test before doing additives. I don't have a LFS nearby and want to get some supplies in advance. My tank has been cycling and I want to be ready as I stock my tank. What additives should I have on hand for fish, soft, sps, and lps reef tank? I obviously won't have all of...
  3. K

    Reed tank in under a week?

    So I have lived my life setting up tanks the old fashioned way by adding bacteria and waiting for the nitrate spike after a few weeks / months. However recently my parents set their saltwater tank up in less than a few days using “Nano start prodibio vials”. They have used live sand, rock and...
  4. A

    HELP! What the H... is this??? Dinos? Diatoms?

    I have a reef tank that most likely has either brown diatoms or dinoflagellates growing on the gravel/sand. Tank is at least a year old. Tests indicate excellent water quality with the possible exception - API kit shows nitrate @ 0 & phosphate checker shows it @ 0.03 so maybe too low? meaning...
  5. A

    HELP! What the H... Is this stuff? It's driving me crazy and I can't get rid of it!

    I have a reef tank that most likely has either brown diatoms or dinoflagellates growing on the gravel/sand. Tank is at least a year old. Tests indicate excellent water quality with the possible exception - API kit shows nitrate @ 0 & phosphate checker shows it @ 0.03 so maybe too low? meaning...
  6. tom's_tank

    Help! Dinos, algae or bacteria? Id please.

    Does anyone know what is on my sand and rocks? It is covering some of my softie corals at the back of the tank. GSP, Zoas and a toadstool coral. Any ideas what it is?
  7. mpb5717

    Clownfish Sick, Please Help!

    My clownfish has had this crater looking thing on his face the past week. I’ve been treating it was a medication for bacteria infections but I’ve had no success. I’ve piggybacked this with several 25% water changes, no luck. Since this has started, my poor guy has gotten popping eye as well as...
  8. Bepis


    So I bought some aragalive sand and it came today. Problem is that the bags broken and i was planning on storing it and using microbacter start xlm+ quikcycle. What do I do... Add it eventhough it might interfere with the microbacters or just wait for a refund..
  9. nanonøkk

    so i may have did something bad

    ok so i decided to feed a little be more mysis shrimp today like double what i’m used to because my nutrients were low but then my tank is now going through a bacteria bloom could that be the cause because if it is then i’m lost for words and how do i fix this
  10. DanSavesTheDay

    Live Bio-Media in container?

    I just had a friend of mine cycle some of my bio media bricks in his sump for a few weeks and had picked it up today. My question is if I can leave the bio-media in a container for a few days in the same saltwater it was cycled in. Will it require a heater or surface agitation? My reason...
  11. NewNanoTank

    Safety advice for reef tanks

    So I’ve been reading about the potential dangers to caring for a reef tank and i have read about palytoxins and Mycobacterium marinum. These are things I will worry about because I am OCD and can’t help it. If anyone has advice on how to safely care for a tank without having to worry about these...
  12. oneilwiz

    Does cycling an aquarium with Brightwell Start XLM and Caribsea Life Rocks cause any Problems?

    Hello Fellow reefers, Has anyone used the Brightwell Start XLM bacteria to cycle their aquarium while having new Caribsea Life rocks in the aquarium? This aquarium is running with Caribsea dry sand and Caribsea Life rocks. I have been reading the label on the Brightwell Start XLM stating "Dry...
  13. Natedogg1978

    How efficient is your bacteria?

    Specifications: 45 gallon cube/ 14 gallon sump Bare bottom (No sand) Roughly 40 lbs of Caribsea Life Rock Kessil A360x (turned off during this cycling time) Reef Octopus Essence 130 skimmer (also turned off during cycling time) sitting on top of 6x6in acrylic skimmer stand 1 AI Nero 5...
  14. H

    Found these on my glass today

    Found these and there’s a few on my glass, anyone know what they are?
  15. BeltedCoyote

    Setting up a reef tank as a stable ecosystem

    Hey all! I’m not normally one to start up a discussion, but due to current events and changes in life I’ve had to place setting up my display on the back burner. It’ll be my first reef tank (typical story, had a small freshwater tank as a child. In my case saw an antennata lion and thus began...
  16. lazycouch

    bacteria question

    hey guys i recently saw this reefer post that he got a 2 liter bottle of microbacter7. his tank seems pretty big around 150g but i was wondering why some people religiously dose so much bacteria? is it the large water changes? i myself have a 500ml bottle for my 30 gallon tank that i thought i’d...
  17. D

    Some type of growth in 1/5 month aquarium setup

    So today I noticed a white growth in my aquarium, the salinity is still 1.006 I was planning on starting to increase this today when I noticed a bloodworm I just fed stick to something, when I looked closer theres this weird white sludgy thing growing on the side where the bloodworm is and the...
  18. R

    Can I reuse Biological media that has been used in a QT tank with copper power?

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well! I recently treated a couple fish with copper power in my quarantine tank, however, the quarantine tank used to be my main display so I left half of my biological media in that quarantine tank and added copper power to the system (copper levels register at...
  19. Janesreef

    Redoing aquascape after big move

    **ATTACHED PICS** I have a 75gal reef tank with live rock, 3 fish (coral beauty, clown, mandarin goby), 5 coral (three of which are attached to rock) and a clam that is also attached to rock. I did a big move into a new home and because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to hire movers for my tank...
  20. gavinb612

    Upgrading tank question

    I unfortunately made the mistake of settling for a lesser than because it was cheaper, and now I am switching to what I wanted, but my question is, will me moving all my rock, ceramic, marine pure, and possibly some of the water cause a cycle in the new tank? I’m moving from a 24g Aquatop that’s...
  21. T

    Very high salinity

    I have been trying to cure some very fresh very live rock I obtained. I set it up at the right temperature and salinity and prepared for the bad smell. It never happened. Every once a while I topped off the tub with RODI. Several weeks ago, i added a shrimp and did 50% water change. It has...
  22. Curryb15

    Let’s talk RODI

    Simple question, if a TDS meter is reading 0 on output source water , the membrane is 2.5 years old and the other filters are about 8-9 months old can harmful bacteria grow on those filters contaminating the water? Why should you change the filters even if tds is reading 0?
  23. B

    Stupid kids

    So I went to work at 3.30 and no one told me anyone was throwing a party so I left home and all my medicine by my QT. I came back and a group of children broke my glass lid and let it fall in the tank. All fish were fine but then they dumped my whole bottle of keneplex and left it in the tank So...
  24. Z

    Sponge filters in sump

    Hello I was wondering if I could put a couple of sponge filters in my sump so I would have them established for quarantining but was wondering if I would have to have the air stone in them to have water moved through or if I could just place the sponges right in it. Thanks for any responses!
  25. S

    Sick/dead coral

    Hi, quick intro, I’m new to reefing, about 2 months into my nano 10 gallon, everything is going smooth, stable parameters and such. I have purchased a few frags of LPS from a local hobbiest a couple of weeks ago and he threw this Favite (I believe that’s what it’s called) in for free. A few...
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