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Jul 27, 2016
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Discover the new Logbook


What is the GHL Logbook?

The Logbook is our newest feature release for GHL cloud-enabled devices. Here you can keep track of all your aquarium-related events, set reminders, record past and current water parameters and more.


Customizable categories and "Event" tracking
The new Logbook was designed to make aquarium management more organized. Whether you just added a new fish, coral, or just tested your water, you can effortlessly add these records in the form of "categories". As each "event" happens, you will be able to choose from the list of default or custom categories and add any notes, reminders, or test results. Each event is then neatly organized by date and time.


Graph and compare your results
As you begin recording test results, the GHL Logbook will automatically record your data so that you can later view past and current results on a chart. The customizable chart also allows you to change the displayed date-range.

Try the new Logbook today!
The new Logbook feature is now available on the GHL Connect app and myGHL cloud platform. Simply log into your myGHL cloud account or open up the app and enjoy!
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