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Jan 17, 2020
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Hello everyone! My names Johnnie and I’m located in the Houston/Spring/Woodlands area of Texas. I finally started my first saltwater tank after years of being intimidated! It’s been up and running for about a year now and recently started adding corals. I’m still learning things every day and recently stumbled across R2R Forum. Hope to meet some new people here and hopefully get some pointers. I have a 36 gallon bow front tank at the moment. I already purchased a 90 gallon that I will be upgrading to at the end of the year. It’s just going to take time to purchase the items I want for the tank. My favorite fish so far is my mandarin it does eat frozen food but, I have a hang on the back refugium with copepods and chaetomorph algae just for it of course it helps with nutrients to. I have been checking my water recently to make sure everything is where it should be. Today my test results were:
Salinity 1.025
Temp 78.7f
Alk 8.7
Phosphate .24
Cal 450
Ph 8.0
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0-3
I want to make sure that everything is were it should be. I recently got Hanna checkers and geez they have made my life so much easier. I also was told from fish gallery to use reef fusion 1 and 2 for dosing. I’ve been checking my water and it doesn’t seem to change much from alk or calcium so not sure if I should dose every two days as the bottle states or just wait till it drops. I have recently been crazy for zoanthids but, think it’s time to try some different corals. Any recommendations are appreciated. I just recently fraged some zoas and willing to trade if anyone is near me. Can’t wait to meet some locals in my area!

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Hair Algae in your aquarium. Choose all that apply!

  • I've never had hair algae

    Votes: 25 8.1%
  • I Have had a little but nothing major

    Votes: 76 24.7%
  • I Have had several tough outbreaks

    Votes: 34 11.0%
  • I Have had a major outbreak that I won

    Votes: 97 31.5%
  • Have had a major outbreak that caused me to tear the tank down

    Votes: 14 4.5%
  • I am battling a little hair algae now

    Votes: 77 25.0%
  • I am battling a major outbreak right now

    Votes: 37 12.0%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 1 0.3%

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