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Full Red Sea Reef Care Range


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Nov 23, 2016
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Cheshire Uk

I have used lots of the red sea products in the past and been really happy with the results. When I recently set up my reefer 525xl in September I decided to use ATM hot salt but all other product shave been red sea and I am now transitioning to full red sea programme.
The products I am now using or planning on using are :
Reef foundation A, B and C,
Reef foundation test kit,
Nitrate Pro test kit,
Reef spec Carbon,
Aiptaisia X,
Red sea Refractometer,
Going to use Coral pro salt,
Going to use coral Colours,
Going to use Reef energy.

Has anyone else used the full red sea product range and got any results with it, GOOD OR BAD.

Pictures welcome.
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Rob Lion

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Apr 8, 2016
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Hey James,

Yep, I started my first nano with the RedSea Reef Care Program and it went very well, so when I upgraded to a 90 L and then again to a 250L I used it again and don't think I would change anything if I upgrade again.

I mix Red Sea coral pro salt with Red Sea Blue salt to get my desired parameters.... That way, any volume of water change doesn't affect my tanks parameters.

I dose 3 part, Foundations A,B and C , via dosing pump multiple times a day
Coral Colors ABC and D weekly, They say dose according to Ca uptake if not testing Fe/K/I2 etc, but with weekly water changes I only have to dose half the uptake as the salts add the rest.
NOPOX if NH3 > 0.5
Aptasia-X yes if needed.
Reef Energy A and B if NH3 < 0.2

I still test Iodine with RedSea tester, but have moved to Salifert for everything (dkH,Ca,Mg,NH3,K,Si) else except PO4 which i use a hanna phosphorous ULN checker as i find them all quicker and easier and cheaper to use.

I tried the RedSea GAC, but didn't notice any difference in operation from my normal ROWA Carbon which is cheaper.

I think I will always stay with RedSea main products, I tried the KZ Colors for 3 months like @FishOfHex did and like him I didn't notice any improvements, so went back to RedSea colors. I am tempted to try KZ Zeovit system though or Aquaforest in the future, especially if my next upgrade is for SPS only.

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