Getting a Regal Eating Different Foods


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Oct 31, 2019
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Hello again, I posted a while ago regarding my Regal angelfish who had become sick. He is now on the mend (woohoo) and very healthy looking and colourful. I am continuing to treat him with metroplex and Kanaplex which have been soaked in his food just to be sure his internal parasites and fungal infection on his tail are fully flushed out! So far, he has only eaten clam and oyster, in the shell and chopped, as well as chopped squid (he seems to really enjoy this!). He is super friendly and will even eat directly from my hand or from the water column but only if it's squid or clam. So far I have tried spirulina, LRS reef frenzy (even stuffed it in a clam), tree sponge (living and dried out), Purple and green seaweed (he did show some interest in this), brine shrimp, blood worms, Mysis (may try this one again but I need to get more), krill, masstick mixed with LRS, micro pellets and cheato. I have even tried soaking all of the above in clam juice and amino acids. Still no luck. I've had him for 6 weeks now, 4 of which he has been eating. Should I just keep doing what I'm doing and trying again or find something else I haven't tried yet. If anyone has experience with these fish please advise and if anybody has some ideas or techniques I could try, it would be very, very much appreciated! BTW sorry for the long post and here's a video.


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Jun 26, 2020
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When do you offer the new food items? If you do it earlier in the day, the fish is more likely to try and eat some. Have you also tried mixing in some of the food with the foods the regal will eat? For example, with the squid, you could mix in a tiny amount of LRS until the regal eats that, then start offering more LRS in comparison to squid until you know the regal is eating the LRS for certain.


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May 15, 2020
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Western Australia
you may be familiar with this thread but its the best i can offer,

the thread is strewn with dead Regals from the early days and cyanide capture but read on and you will find some morsels in there to help out but you are on the right path, keep it up, your display still looks young.

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